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Above: Lake Geneva, Switzerland. At Montreux.

Fodderize v.t. 1. To break down individual components; to make fungible; to disregard difference; to render one easily substituted for another 2. To impose sub-quality goods or services upon, with little recourse 3. To cap role choices, hinder access to resources regardless of merit, and so avoid competition 4. To manage perception by propaganda-spin techniques, while concealing dispositive facts 5. To manipulate, lure, exploit, deceive


Thursday, December 13, 2018

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Friday, October 26, 2018

How to Think About Trump. Dictatorship process. Prescience of Peter Drexler.

Biography missing for Peter Drexler, whose essay, How To Think About Trump, is helpful for these times. I am searching for the original, the only version I have is one received attached to an email.  Use the internet to find someone for permission for broader use of intellectual property, and if the email is accurate.

Location so far:  That fine essay is presented with some added paragraphing for myself, Germany Road Ways:  The site seemed appropriate because of the focus on the German experience.

Essay Peter Drexler, historian and other pursuits? 2016.  How to Think About Trump. 

Germany: has been there, has done that. 

Who is Peter Drexler?  Mr. Drexler, Dr. Drexler. Where do we find thee?  Do we have your permission to present your work substantially: the dictatorship signs and signals, Trump essay. there. I received a copy of your essay by email, no source attribution.  

1. I see you have published other material on Germany, and at JSTOR, ee JOURNAL ARTICLE, The German Courtroom Film during the Nazi Period: Ideology, Aesthetics, Historical Context,, Peter Drexler, Journal of Law and Society Vol. 28, No. 1, Law and Film (Mar., 2001), pp. 64-78
Published by: Wiley on behalf of Cardiff University

See abstract  at Journal of Law and Society
2.  Do not get distracted by another Drexler, Anton. Or one at CNN, Peggy.  There is a Hans-Peter, a brewmaster.

3.  I have tried searching for the title, "How to Think About Trump," and no results. I can only refer anyone to the Germany Road Ways post, above, part of Europe Road Ways.  If Mr. Drexler gives permission for broader use, excellent, but that one post is all I think I can do.

4.  There is a scientist P. Drexler (Peter Drexler) at a publication site, -- Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz.

5,  Another wth theater interests, see Peter Drexler and Lawrence Guntner, eds. Negotiations with Hal: Multi-Media Perceptions of Henry the Fifth, Braunschweig, 1995. 132 p. ISBN 3-00-000018-6.
Bill Naismith, a collaboration with German researchers, half in German, half English (here, Cambridge Press).  See
Published online: 01 January 2009  [now, this would be a fun read -- fine break from Trump]

Monday, September 24, 2018

Omerta of the wealthy. The shunning. Entitled kids can act in entitled ways for free. Learning supremacism takes practice. it is worth it, to them..

Kavanaugh.  Had enough?  The topics will go on.  Why we do not report? Look at the background.

I.  Entitlements. Open a dialogue, in retrospect, where teen and young adult choices were made. and there was no report, or report late made when some safety was offered.  Does entitlement affect delay.

Q.  Just how entitled am I? Asks the wealthy student, surrounded by the trappings of his class.  What can I get away with, how far can I go to use others without negative consequence to me, the great Me.

A.  Very entitled.  Try us.  Go ahead. Try out the forms as you grow.  We will protect. The cause is good:  You will learn that you can control. The others will learn their subservience.

II.  Kavanaugh.  Follow the concepts.

How is secrecy self-imposed.  From that class protectionism, buttressed by the financial and cultural resources to see all intrusions into power are minimized, kept private, comes Omerta, the rat, the shunning. No wonder so few report, and often well after the event(s).  Alternative? Minimize what the entitled are entitled to get:  Andrew Carnegie and his Gospel of Wealth.  See below.

A.  Omerta of the wealthy.  Omerta'.  From the Italian.  This began as a concept of humility, submitting to the interests of the group, see  It became a watchword for protecting criminal interests, see

B.  You better not squeal.  To squeal, to inform on someone else, was an old Norse word, skvala sound-alike, from the 1300's, sounds like squall,  that emerged in about 1865 with the new meaning, see -- to rat somebody out.

To squeal. Perhaps to rat.  What dreams may come?

C.  You dirty rat No, it wasn't that.  It was, "You yellow-bellied rat,"   Go back to Cagney in 1932.  Either way, who, who will risk that label, defining them ever after, if they want a future.

So, scurry, all who know a truth, or believe you do.  Say nothing.  Hide back in the walls, the cone where silence rules and protects.

To rat:  not just the rodent, but also what the rodent does in adverse circumstances:  the rat abandons the leaky ship, which leads to leaving one's fellows in the lurch, the self-saving traitor. See all this at

D.  The Shunning.  Life-altering. See

What happens to the teen or others not yet fully formed (anyone, really) who breaks omerta, even thinking it a jest to call the police when a drinking party is going on among elites?  Ask one.  Is there a shunning, a heart breaking, a taint imposed, denial of all social normalcy to the one who broke the code.  Apparently so, and we disrsegard it at our own peril in assessing context, see

  • Kava-gnawing. Kavanaughing.  Chew on the facts some more. What is known, uncorroborated, does absence of corroboration mean absence of act? and what if lack of corroboration was part of the plan.  A hundred others later working with this fine person, who never saw an errant act.  Is that enough?  Are the rest of us dark and light at once, and not this one? 
  • Yet we expect women who have been abused, humiliated and devalued particularly in front of others, but more often where there are no witnesses at all, to come out and report, and to whom?  
    • Report to the ones who support the purpose of the abuse, whose interest is in seeing it set aside as an anomaly, not worth following up?
    • Purpose emerges:   To control an identifiable group by race or gender or other stigmata,  that, if given opportunity, could challenge the rulers on merit.
III.  Who gets the consequence (clue: not the perptrator) when:

Examine punishment. None for the perpetrator at the time, unless another breaks the code of silence, cone of silence over years;  even then, the tarring of the rat begins, not the punishment, deterrence, of the actor. Boys will be boys?

IV.  Alternatives, if entitlement entrenchment is the basic issue.  I think it is.

1. .  Opportunity and merit. How can they be allowed to flourish where that challenges the entitled to their entitlements?   The battlefield emerges.  'How to keep the challengers, potential challengers, down.  Opportunnity and merit in theory, 'tis an outcome devoutly to be wished, say those kept out; but reality shows it is dangerous to those who coast on entitlement -- particularly based on gender and patriarchy -- and will be fought to the psychological death.

2.  Pipedream.  Originally, a context with opium.

3.. Is it a mere pipedream to be able to cage the trappings of entitlement, counter the heavy foot of birth, by fostering opportunity and merit in all people.
Tty Andrew Carnegie.  Talk about pipedreams.  
  • Alternative to entitlement:  Andrew Carnegie's idea.  Reduce the inheritance.
    • Idea:  No income taxes, but any property still in the name or control of the named owner at his death, even if that person is incapacitated, shall escheat to the state. No transfers upon death;  death is too late.  Give it away while you can.  His approach was to give just enough to his heirs, but the rest went to philanthropy.
    •  His heirs have managed with their private lives. 
    • Carnegie, though, could have given far more away to his heirs than he did, to satisfy their need for status; and that is one resolution to his bare-bones approach. Just give it away to them while you can.
  •  The other mogul-heirs, not Carnegies, were not faced with the need to be self-sufficient, and still rule the roost.  Is that a good idea? 
    • Can the entitled take it? The patriarchy that has entitled itself by its translations and teachings that self-serve, No. Still, try. 

Sunday, August 26, 2018

John McCain: Hero by the common measure. James Stockdale. Hero by the exceptional measure.

Military Heroism: 
Level 1. Duty and endurance heroism.
Level 2. Duty and endurance, and add altruism, heroism

Issue. Captivity heroism. Heroism in degrees. Trumpeted opinions. What are the facts?

1.  Does a military captive, who endures great hardship while doing his military duty to serve the nation; stand on equal heroic ground with another captive who  a) similarly endures and does his military duty, but also  b) undertakes additional great risk, even sacrifices self, to help others who are enduring with him. The issue is not new, see

Military heroism. Captive heroism.  Heroism by the common measure; heroism by the exceptional measure. Which is John McCain?

2.  Overview.  What facts and analysis apply to the nature of the captivity heroism of Senator John McCain, now that He Who Trumpets Himself has raised the same issues as were raised back in 2008. Do a search for McCain military service.  Why should anyone pillory the Trumpeter? Why not vet facts instead, and only then draw conclusions.
  • Compare to the similarly situated Vice Admiral James Stockdale, now deceased, see  Did either or both move beyond endurance and duty in captivity, to the level of altruism. What choices did each have, or make possible. What choices were chosen, and for whose sake. 
  • Sometimes choices depend on character, personality, and does a person control elements of that.ndurance with limited choice is also heroism, like the heroism of the person battling disease, for example.
  •  It always remains clear, however, that undertaking military service, performing duty under conditions of great hardship and risk, is itself heroic.  
Military heroism: Service and fulfilling duty is heroic as to protecting the nation. Is there additional heroism, however, for assuming further risks, even sacrifice of self, to help others in the immediate context? 
So, who helps whom in times of trouble.  Is only looking out for self "heroic"?
3.  Discussion.  Vet records and define terms, for anyone, any time the concept of heroism becomes the glow that will not be penetrated. Skip opinions at the outset. Look for facts. *

Compare the choices and records of John McCain and the now deceased Vice Admiral James B. Stockdale, for example, both captive, both in Vietnam, same era, both endured great hardship.  See

Vice Admiral James B. Stockdale, however, appears -- absent further McCain facts that may emerge -- to have put self in substantially further harm's way for others that were with him, and over and over again. Is his heroism, for whatever reason, in a different, and in a more worthy, realm. Is a presidential candidate who raises the issue to be vilified for doing so -- even when the issue is not new, just used to be more acceptable (see 2008)  in political back-and-forth..

So far, McCain: McCain is Hero by the common measure. He enlisted, he served, he endured.  Stockdale, however, is Hero by the exceptional measure. He accepted what was on the duty plate, was steadfast in it and lived even with such wounds; but also risked self and survival for the sake of others.

Hero by the exceptional measure.

Choice: Who had what choices, what choices did each see.  What is the role of choice.  
  • This angle does not ascribe blame for not choosing altruism as a choice, because altruism that is not prescribed by military duty is a moral issue.  
  • What if a person is so incapacitated and over years, that no altruistic choices were possible?  
    • Fine. Still, even with limited choices, some do act beyond duty, beyond endurance and steadfastness. Of course endurance and duty heroes also are heroes just because they served, yes, but some rise to a different kind.  X factor heroism..
With that view, is Trump right in his inartful, blustering way, in acknowledging the endurance and Duty Heroism of Senator McCain; but also right in not attributing the X factor of altruistic Heroism to McCain as well. That higher honor goes to people like John Stockdale, see discussion of this same topic several years ago, at

Tentative conclusion:  Clearly, anyone who signs up for the military and serves with honor, doing all that duty requires even under unspeakable conditions, especially if injured in the course, is a hero.

Nonetheless, there are heroes in that group who exceed that criteria.  The heroes with extra credit ares those who risk self for others.  As a proposal for weighing all the opinions in this Trumpeted  debate, explore factual elements on your own before signing on to an enhanced degree of adulation for anyone.

 Did the serviceperson risk self to act to improve conditions for or save lives of companions, others similarly situated.  Did the serviceperson receive special treatment, ameliorating initial harsh conditions.

With that vetting focus, it is even possible to consider and sort views by groups otherwise not in my mainstream, such as the New Totalitarians *. Their research, however, may turn up information helpful to any vetting.

Heroes sort themselves when the ship goes down.

Heroism or not. When the great ship goes down: some self-preserve, others do base-bones duty, others help those in the context as well.

*  See also 

1. John McCain as a POW.  Author:  Gerald L. Atkinson, April 15, 2008.  Note that McCain's father was an admiral, not a general, as I had earlier understood.  This is not to endorse the group sponsoring the post; it instead is to emphasize that facts are to be vetted whoever raises them.
2.  Issues of comparison of forms of heroism first raised in 2008:  as to James Stockdale
and as to another POW, tortured, Elizabeth Choy  Elizabeth Choy?  Vet her as well. To which category of heroism does she belong.  Why is she virtually unknown.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

All Ye with Ears. Hear. Ear marks and Ear Ye, Ear Ye. Ear Analysis, Origin of Earmarks, or Quackery. Spock Ears, Ear Bumps, Lobes and Other Earie Aerie Eeries.

Update:  This began as a mild interest in the little pointy protuberance on one side or the other as to news talkers on the telly; and among friends.  What did that little antenna, or signal mean?  No answers on that, but ears newly in the news for the importance of shape and what is heard from above and below:  "The shape of your ears affects what you hear"  -- see NYT 

We used to be limited to speculations of phrenology, digit ratio, face-reading. Now, expand the observations and await expert opinions:

    •  Of the approximately 7,000 warriors made of terracotta in China, Mausoleum of the first Qin emperor, apparently no two sets of ears are alike.  
    • The conclusion so far is that each warrior is part of a real army.  How many still to check?  13,000 ears.  For them to check.

  • Otioplasty:  Pointy ears. 
    • Update on otioplasty, and cosmetically pointy ears:  we note with regret the death of Leonard Nimoy, and with gratitude, his life that offered thought and entertainment.  Hear ye.
 Past updates:  Ear-reading Update 4/6/2012.  Earily, the topic persists.  Here, a crease in the lobe and heart issues, see

Earlier update, a fashionista approach.  Surgery to achieve the Star Trak Pointy.  April 7, 2011 ABC News.  Surgery for Elfin Ears Newest Trend. Oh? Not newest trend at all.  Been around a long time.  Surgery for the pointies?
What do natural pointy ears say about the holder. 

1.  Background of ears as identifiers. The term apparently originated in 1591 with herdsmen-farmers notching their animals' ears tor identification.  See http:/  

It was later, in the 19th Century, that earmarking came to mean "designate."  In Congress, earmarks used to be commonplace -- attach your notch to other legislation, and if the odd thing is to pass, people had to take the earmark with it.  That has changed somewhat, but if financial earmarks are on the way out (this is a lookback), the technique remains.  What else can be added by earmark to something else, and rammed through?

2.  Here, we note ear shape characteristics and cultural ways of deducing character from ear "marks" and shapes. Bunkum or a grain? Fashion in ear shapes, and surgery to attain the ideal?  Spock ears.

I. Why this interest in ears?

Fear first enters through the ears. Hear that cry. That noise. F(ear)ful.  The head whips around to find the source.  They eyes squint, may even be unseeing at this point.


Here looks like an ideal ear:  A Joe Citizen Slovakian, a real unknown since this possessor of The Ear was in line for the tickets for a festival at Bojnice SK. He is probably unrelated to Joe the Plumber whose ears are small but piggy. Joe the Slovakian was present at a festival event with his small son, whose ears were concealed under a hoodie, so excluded here.Fear enters through the eyes (surpr-eyes-ed at first).  But reliance on eyes means you have to be there.  Fear comes through ears without your being in sight; fear enters by way of 24/7 Fear TV, for example.

Then there is fun.  Fun first enters through the ears. Hear that chuckle, are you drawn to find out what's up? And then the eyes - but the drawback of having to be there to see it. Telling a funny joke about an event is not the same as seeing it -- thus the success of YouTube.  You, too, can see it.

Then think of wonder, and interest, all that makes life a kaleidoscope of changing color, perceptions, all that comes in through the senses. So examine the differences among us. Do the shapes of our external ear equipment make a difference in who we are, what we see, how we react. Just asking.

Structure, Appearance:
What Meaning?
When people have one pointy ear, why is it on their right? Is it?  Start looking.
Mian Xiang.  There is a Chinese field of knowledge and observation about entire face-reading, called Mian Xiang.

Mian Xiang principles enable the practitioner to analyze personality, predict wealth and health, and the kitchen sink, all from facial characteristics.  This article, at ://  It uses as subjects Steve Jobs of Apple Mac, and Bill Gates, of PC-land.

Read the bit on ears:

Fleshy lobes are good, and high placement on the head excellent.

Read PC vs. Mac byJoey Yap and Tee Lin Say.  Mian Xiang: see Joey Yap in a long comment from 2008 at ://  He has a book at ://

Otoplasty.  Ear work.  What would Mian Xiang do with cosmetically created (or even natural) Spock ears. 

Did you know that you can create Spock ears cosmetically? Elfin. Puckish. Spockish. Magic. Surgeons can give you Spock ears, a recent trend - see;

Do it yourself elf-ears.  This is a self-help elf-ear article: Why? Why?

The term is "otoplasty" for ear work. See ://; outpatient basis at this site, India - make it part of your tour - :// FN 2

Libraries report overruns on the computers, with fans of various mythological cultural-origin constructs, seeking resource material on elvish shapes. See:// Visit this site and scroll down to Galadriel in "Lord of the Rings," at ://

Spock? Star Trek.

The Spock shape is seen at Why is that considered a deformity? Because this is a cosmetic surgery site and they are drumming up customers who would otherwise feel just fine about themselves.

History of using body distinctions to clue character.

Body parts analysis.  Not a new idea. Science and folk practitioners and quacks, all three, love or hate to examine what the variations on body part shapes mean. Our society asks: is this random, or can you read a body.

III. Become a Watcher

1. Step one. Life list.

TV. The bus. The movies. You know you have watched too much TV when you begin to focus on the ears of talking heads, not the rabbit ears soon to be extinct.

2. The Perfect Ear

For standards of measurements purposes, see Joe Citizen Slovakian above.  Here is the castle where he was in line.  Talent is everywhere.

3. Cultural Appreciation

Never underestimate the ear.  Friends, Romans, Countrymen.  Lend me your ears. Into the porches of mine ear. In your ear.  Play it by ear.  Wordplays.  See ears quotations at :// and at :// /with/keyword/ears/

Add it to your meditations. This inquiry into ears is particularly theologically supported.
  • You may recall that Peter (of Saint fame, and be mindful of the Square in his honor, Roman branch of interpretation) cut off the ear of Malchus. 
  • See this hack job at the Cathedral of Notre Dame, at Chartres. France. We recall a site with pictures in detail from Chartres, and number 31 was of the ear situation, but cannot locate it now.
4. Uses of Ears

4.1 Ears as Entry Points for Treatment. Massage.

In contemporary times, , the ear is alleged to be a great massage target, with trigger points just as in the more familiar foot massage, see p:// Try itself. Pull your earlobes occasionally? Feel better?

4.2. Ears as Topical Interest Points for Cartoonists.

Sightings. This is March 10, 2009. Comic strip. Funky Winkerbean. Cory. Fourth square in the strip, has a pointy ear!

Note that asymmetrical ears, particularly involving a pointy on the person's right, is also called "A Colbert Ear"! And it is, yes, on his right. Another sighting. Mark it well.

Has anyone ever seen an Elfish Ear on the person's left?

Here, however, we skip the therapy angle and look at the Ear Distraction effect.

4.3. Ears as Distractors.

Once the idea has entered the brain, that ears might be interesting, the attention wanders to them. See yourself view, or hear, a talking head, and let your attention drift to the side appendages. The talk becomes vaguely entertaining again: see those ear shapes - lobes. Little pointy areas on the perimeter, stick out places, tubby lobes, narrow, flatty lobes. Ear studies and character, personality.

The power of the ear, the eye. The ear sends to the brain and carries more persuasion capability than mere rationality once the brain is hit. Is that the point?  HIghjack the ear with rhetoric, spin, slogans, scapegoating, all the techniques at //,  before facts are in.  The ear exceeds the power of the brain, the written word. The power of the ear in taking in persuasion. Persuasion by ear is stronger then persuasion by the written word

Information received through ears multiplies in effect because the hearer has no immediate access to vetting what is heard.  Fox on all day, all night, Fox is watchin' over me, my Lord.  Keep the pretty pictures on, get the sounds right as the lady irons, and she absorbs it all.

A viewer on a computer can do some clicks to a fact check and go check out what is viewed. Not so the listener, barely paying attention.  Remember your last house-interior painter listening to loud people for two hours each day at lunch while they paint your house.  Background ear virus.

It gets to the point where the homeowner can't wait for the guy to Leave! Leave! When will you be done! Once the inflammatory stuff is in there, it stays. Never hire him again.

"In the porches of mine ear" .... bemoans Hamlet's father's ghost.... and the poison did its work. See ://

Ears. We pay too little attention to what gets in there. We try to analyze only the outsides, and that does not get us far. See Aural Structure - Lobes,

5. Become concerned.

Ears as Facilitating Media Ponzi Schemes

Our lack of attention, to the potency of what comes in by ear, helps explain the radio and TV Audio Ponzi Schemers. It explains the vulnerability of at least some of their followers.Get one person to believe, that person repeats to another person, who then believes, and the Ponzi grows.

5.1 Red Ear Blue Ear

Ears, as outward, visible signs of inward spiritual grace or lack of it. Can ears be outward and visible signs of inward political leaning, or other characteristics?

Upon first tallies, there appeared to be no difference between Red Ears and Blue Ears, classified by state of origin; but this is being reassessed with new data.

However, of interest to researchers: do larger, relatively thicker ears, with pendulous fattier lobes, signify conservative viewpoints and financial success?  Step up, Warren Buffett. Give us a look.

For wacky research:  Is fear of the different or new, or fear of loss or challenge, stored in the lobes such that more swingy, fatty round lobes relate to conservatism; while modest-sized thin. even if long, lobes indicate overall tolerance.

You check.

Although Alfred E. Newman was brights-challenged, was he a good listener as indicated by ears sticking out, aiming carefully at the speaker speaking? Obama, with generous sized ears, that tilt toward the speaker.  A good listener.  And he is.

Animals with ears aiming forward are good at catching prey? Is that so? Does that mean that Obama may take his time to listen, but has all the predator instincts we know and love in heads of state when appropriate.

Prey:  Then it follows that prey have ears that swivel back and around, to hear what is coming?
  • Study: Left-wing brain; right-wing brain.
We have heard that tendency to fear or tolerance are hard-wired, see CNN report at :// Next study: tolerance as seen in lobes and whorls. Add this to your voter talking points.

6. Ethnic Eardoms. Variations.

Ears display racial-ethnic differences. Maybe race correlates with shape of lobes more than political leanings. If that is what the research shows so be it.

Caucasians and Japanese have larger lobes generally than India Indians. In India, a study showed lobes growing up to age 15, then being quiet for a while, and increasing in size after age 45. This can be an issue for biometrics, identifying people by ear shape. Less reliably identifiable as they age.

Researchers hope to have some answers by February 2009, so stay tuned. Use our Lobe Hotline to report sightings of interest. There does seem to be a connection in common lore - now for Science.

6. Income Opportunities. Bookies.

Money is also being made as we speak.

7. Birds and Animals

Moving ears.

Bunny ears; disguise coloration

In owls, the tufts are not ears, but are used for communication. Perk up when inquisitive. See Some humans can wiggle ears. Learned or hard-wired? We learned.

8. Asymmetry and Its Meaning
Separate but Unequal.

Aural aficionados also report that there can be a striking lack of balance in the cranial adornment arrangements visible during this voting season, in high def. See also RAPPP, below.

Asymmetric ears are not unusual - one roundy, for example, one pointy, see Figure 11 at this Biometric Identification site - :// See the Comedy Channel.

Point Counter Point. Single Knob Bump.

The RAPPP. The Single Knob Bump. This is a subgroup of elfin or elvin. Observers note a common phenomenon long documented by this researcher: known as the the Right Appendage Perimeter Pointy Place (RAPPP). This is different from an overall elfin shape - it is a distinct point or bump, not as often on the left ear?

This is a little angled, upper outer ear point, and it may signify great intelligence. Wits, as in elves? Or, perhaps, it serves as a tolerance repository, pointing to new directions. Exit pollsters will be at the polls with little cameras to correlate voter statements of candidate voting with ear quirks.

Update. News Flash. November 5, 2008 - President-Elect Obama has a little right ear point, external angling to leadership. Note similarity, but not much, to ear pointy are of Stephen Colbert. Is that so? Then we have Will Smith the Actor - oh, dear, we are addicted. Fox has fatty lobes? Dobbs? Distrust! Distrust!

8. Ear Placement in Cranial Measurement Index.

Also, it has been posited that ear to nose-tip distance and large ear size may indicate that the person has "energy to be alert, inventive, and stick his nose out." See "Face to Face with Facts," a Google book at

Our own ears at this site, for example, are not at all symmetrical, with lobes of different sizes and even angle to the Main Tete, so, when pierced (ultimately abandoned) never looked as though the earrings balanced. One harked east, and the other harked west. This is a common community of the afflicted. Was that the doorbell or the microwave?

Further research at *.


* Auto-Aural Research.

For those interested in developing observational expertise in this esoteric subject, we recommend the following enrichment activities:

1. Habitat. Specimens, for Auro-Watchers: TV Cable or Network people substituting themselves and their opinions for what the candidates themselves directly say, which footage is locked in the vault.

2. Equipment. Get a sketch pad and charcoal from a hobby store and begin your own collection. For use on buses, small pads are best.

3. Camera. Begin a photographic record. Keep near TV and in car.

4. Catalogue shapes, uniqueness in sound receptor areas: Do an Images search for ears.

5. Self-diagnosis. Sketch your own. Get a mirror and view yourself from behind.

6. Home decor. Ink them and press along chair rail areas; or create a stencil.

5. Fine Arts. Chorale: Turn up sound. //

Begin your own photographic collection of talking heads to isolate the most common individuations, with attention focused on the RAPPP. Those do seem to appear on the heads of highly intelligent persons, is that so?

When people pursue ears instead of issues, the real thing you know is that it is time to end the agony.

Voter focus amok.

Noise in the forest. If noone there to hear, was there sound?


FN 1 Lobes and politics.

Query I. Do lobe pendulosity indices, large long lobes on the commentator, correlate with tendency to find socialism under every rock?

Did Marx have big ears? See "McCain Suggests Obama Tax Policies are Socialist," at ://; and unfairly depriving the comfortable of their entitlements and unjust enrichments. See Joy of Equivocating, Tax and Funding.

Is McCain a big lober? Yes, so far. Do an Images search and look at blog,

Query II. On the other hand, if lobes increase in size with age in Caucasions (others?), and if huge lobes signify repositories of change-resistance, and fear; does this mean that the elderly become more fearful and resistant, and thus the tendency of older talking heads to press FUD?

FN 2 Curious - Can Medicare patients choose treatment services, including for ears, that are more than the standard included in Medicare. Just saw this site, from some time ago, when personal payment for additional services from a Dr doing Medicare was not allowed, see ://

Saturday, June 3, 2017

No divine right of Trump. No foundation for blanket immunity or privilege, including conflict of interest, or personal enrichment. All have consequences. Time, place, manner..

Divine right of kings. Originally balanced by a contract with the deity:
Power bestowed, in exchange for the requirement of a just and merciful rule.
Later came kings claiming 'blanket privilege or immunity.'  Autocrats.
And the response?  Revolutions.
Divine right.  Mircea the Old,  Right to rule balanced by contract with the deity for justice and mercy.  Wallachia, Romania.  Follow history: no such blanket right for Trump, or in any democracy.

History of divine right: Who claims that rough equivalent of "divine-like" right based on statistics, not justice or mercy or merit of policy. Who seeks the power of office to shield, get privilege, immunity, even for personal acts. Save privilege and immunity for preservation of legitimate state secrets, state exigent circumstances, and always subject to review: not to be used to condone a power-abuser in using office to self-enrich.

History and divine right.  
1.  Mircea the Old   1330-1352
2.  Kaiser Wilhelm
'3.  Trump.

1.  Mircea the Old, 14th century. Wallachia. Romania now. Ask about the limits of power of a prince. Mircea the Old, Mircea I, Basarab I,  Mircea I Basarab.*

The grandson of Mircea I was was Mircea II, if this first identification is correct;  another king of the House of Basarab, thus the first Mircea is given the elder designation.
  •  The grant of power is by "the grace of God in accordance with a contract, which obligated the prince to be a just and merciful ruler under the will of God who granted him a vicarship over his people." (emphasis supplied). See A Concise History of Romania by Keith Hitchins 2014 at pp.38ff, tracking various rulers and their Byzantine, Orthodox roots. 
Accordingly, you, as a believer, can trust the foundation.  You do not need to see it. Vicarship over his people: a right-thinking interpretation of the meaning of dominion, for those interested in secular as well as culture-religious applications from roots. 

2. Kaiser Wilhelm.  Middle modern times. Regression.
Move to later centuries, and find manipulation of rights of rulers away from association with the obligation to right and just rule; to, in effect, blanket privilege and immunity by virtue of "divine right," but without the countervailing contract idea: The French Revolution, of course, but even afterwards --   Emperor William of Germany in 1910, Wilhelm before WWI.  He claimed to be King of Prussia by divine right, and that was stoutly denied and rejected by the Catholic Church, see, reference dated 1910. 

Kaiser Wilhelm's claim was also rejected at home, for its rejection of roles of other governing bodies:
"*** [T]he restoration under Kaiser Wilhelm II of a genuinely functioning monarchy claiming legitimation by Divine Right one hundred years after the French Revolution was even more forced, artificial, anachronistic [and] grotesque" (than the government of Germany had been under Bismarck.) Rohl proves this by examining not merely the character of the Kaiser and his court, but by analysing the roles of the higher civil service, the armed forces, the diplomatic service and the "kingship mechanism" which held the whole system together." 
See The Kaiser and his Court: Wilhelm II and the Government of GermanyMiddl by John Rohl 2017.

3.  Trump abuse of right of rule.

There is no privilege or immunity except broadly to protect state secrets; none as to personal interests. No modern ruler gets the equivalent of divine-like right to rule and make all decisions based primarily on fact of election.  We have an evolved sense of the foundation of power:  articulation along the lines of Mircea the Old, and old Biblical grant of dominion and "vicarship". Great concept. Vicar. Subject to higher considerations. Accordingly, what remains -- these three. Removal or containment for abuse of office,  a) use of that office for personal enrichment; b)  setting public policy not for the public, the nation's interest long term; but  c) setting policy to benefit one's financial and political friends/   Allow no blanket shield against investigation of abuse of office, as for personal enrichment.

  • Search for absolutism in a presidency: as in "divine right of Trump." Refresh your own recollection about that old divine right, its foundations deeply entrenched in history. Cultural belief in it enabled a ruler based on his position to do and conceal as he wished. Those ancient justifications have no legitimate place here. Media, do your jobs and begin drawing parallels pro and con and address what is left of 'divine right' and its modern applications. Protecting state secrets? May be a legitimate claim for immunity, privilege. Maybe not.  Discuss. What is fair game in this new show in Washington.
The princes said, trust the foundation:  God gave us power, God wants it where it is. Obey. Obey. Elected leader says, trust this new foundation. You elected me, do as I say.  The people say, no. You are accountable for justice and mercy to all.

Conclusion: Oppose absolute exercise of any alleged right. All are subject to time, place and manner restrictions. Expression through possessions, displays, speech. See . Rights to guns, speech, demonstrations, anything.  Time, place and manner overlay. Let investigations of actions that install kleptocracy instead of democracy begin. No divine right to do it. Divine or not, no blanket privilege or right

* Here, Mircea the Old. Mircea I. Mircea Basarab. I think. Is it instead Mircea II? This a drive-by, fast shot in Wallachia, Romania. Vet. Do an Images search. Or, see him directly at Copy text and go to a translator. Find, according to this translation, that Mircea the Old is "Mircea cel Bătrân, Mircea the Great / the old, born 1355, was ruler (vojvod) in Valakia from 1386 until his death in 1418. He was the father of Vlad II Dracul."

Now to the roots of power:  had a solid cultural foundation for his status, however. Trump just has, on a good day, perhaps 1/3 of us out there who like his playing roles for ratings. Not enough to Trump common sense.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Mar-a-Lago. The ghost of Marjorie Merriwether Post. History of uses.

Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago was once the US Mar-a-Lago.
It was a gift to be used as a Winter White House. None of them did; so it was sold.
Economy of use of public money, more important. Sold under President Carter.

Update: See the NYT article, on contemporary issues, members on list, other presidents with seasonal-use alternate White Houses.  NYT, however, omits the history. See Find that history here, 

Mar-a-Lago. Between sea and lake -- or inland waterway.
Also between ethical and unethical: 
What enriching, business-enhancing, and other connections, does this place offer?
Worth it to the nation?

Study Mar-a-Lago, the Florida estate and private club belonging to President Trump.  It has with high entry fees and much luxe, on some 17 acres on an elongated 16 mile island at Palm Beach. Mar-a-Lago is greatly altered from its prior privacy-oriented uses, as is allowed for private owners.

Ask -- What are its pitfalls for conflicts of interest, now that we have us a President: emoluments, etc. It gets little attention in that regard. Could he use it as outlined? How to prepare, respond. Moscow in the photo, see text below, relates only to an unexplored business opportunity for Mr. Trump there, related to his ownership of Mar-a-Lago.  Combining presidential residence with commercial club-resort offers multiple opportunities for just happening to bump up with persons otherwise required to sign in, please.

Meanwhile, enjoy the history. Visionary: Marjorie Merriwether Post.

Background. History.  The location is the name:  Mar-a-Lago, from sea to lake, from the Atlantic Ocean to the IntraCoastal Waterway. See map.  Read its 2016 social history.  And wonder at and admire the philanthropy, dignity, of its originator, Marjorie Merriwether Post.
Trump bought Mar-a-Lago long after the fact of earlier-owner glories and dreams -- Marjorie Merriwether Post and family, see timeline below.  He has no obligation to honor tradition, its creation by others, in any way. It's his. In summary, Marjorie Merriwether Post left it by will in 1973 to the United States Government for a winter White House, but it was costly to maintain and was not used for that. President Jimmy Carter saw that it reverted to the heirs, including Post's daughter Dina Merrill, see below, and the property was put on the market,   Trump bought it in 1985, all legal.

1.  Did he "save" it by buying it? Hardly. He kept up bricks and mortar; but to "save" it would be to preserve it for its intended government private use. Trump does plans to use a wing as a southern White house, as he also intends to continue using his NYC residence and the DC White House, but the point is not that partial use.

Instead of preserving, which is an integral part of "saving" (and he had absolutely no obligation to preserve anything). he had the choice and people's choices define them. No philanthropist, he has transformed it into a lucrative commercial venture. He converted it for his own aggrandizement, but did not "save" it.  Just use the wording that conveys the reality, is all.

So, no, he did not "save" it.  Instead, he worsened it in terms of its original use. Anybody care? Not as long as the money flows and all the soft little hands outstretched get refilled, and refilled. The DeVos rule, to add to the Greene 48.

2.  Emoluments?  All so far is legal?  money-making?. Who cares?  People in this country value money first. That's what they do.  Nonetheless, inquiry is appropriate. Is there a tangle of emoluments here? Should parameters be set? Somebody explore.

3.  Now: secret proposal to Mr. T.  Preparation for four more years; How about yet another, and hereby patented, business opportunity. Can I do that?  Either way, Mr. Trump, if and when you all do this, think of me. In case I haz any rightz here, do whatz right. Not just what is legal.

3.1  Secret business opportunity:  Mr. Trump has an "in" with Russia in ways yet unexplored. The Russian Art Collection. See  Said there to be the most comprehensive Russian collection outside Russia. If you like Catherine the Great, do you like the Orlov service? see

3.2  Secret details
  • Mar-a-Lago is the brainchild-dream of Marjorie Merriwether Post,  who accrued a vast Russian art collection, in the Stalin years, now at her museum-home at Hillwood, outside Washington DC.  
  • Mr. Trump has a business opportunity here:  Sell an arts and access package. Did you know your predecessor had such an art collection? Now you do. 
    • Have people stay at the Trump hotel in DC, 
    • \Whiz them (helicopter would be nice. Does the hotel have a pad?) over for a private showing and glitz meal with the butlers and butlesses at the Hillwood Museum, and see the Russian art (all apparently with provenance aceptable)/

Mar-a-Lago business opportunity. Tie in Russian Art Collection of Marjorie Merriwether Post at Hillwood with a stay at the Trump place in DC, then flap down to Palm Beach, Russia, and see where the Collection's originator lived.
 Make money. Ads in Russia. See their art in the US with access opportunities.

4.  Credit roll.

No-one has to give credit where credit is due, see that at Law 7 and other admonitions in Robert Greene's Rules of Power. Noone legally has to honor a predecessor whose vision and love of place made it possible for another to leapfrog into higher status, even if not acceptance by those who came before, see  This is not a required "attribution" of source, no plagiarism of real estate. Would a truly great person extend credits instead of simply self-promote? This is the Post estate, not the Trump's in vision.

5.  Timeline excerpts

1920 -- Marriage of Marjorie Merriwether Post, who inherited the fortune accrued by her parents in Post cereals, evolve to General Mills I think; and E. F. Hutton, founder of the Wall Street stock firm -- when it talks, people listen, etc.

In all, she was married four times, just go to Wiki, issues not relevant here.  E. F. Hutton: later fell on hard times, now working to get up off the mat again, see

1923 -- Birth of daughter of Marjorie Merriwether Post and E. F. Hutton, Dina Merrill: actress, philanthropist, businesswoman, socialite. See site for biography, husbands and their resources. I see no obituary, do a search for other life details not relevant here. She dealt with Mar-a-Lago and other issues upon the death of her mother.

  • A moderate Republican.  
  • Surely she could be remembered at Mar-a-Lago. Which bedroom was hers? 
    • Dina Merrill grew into many roles, including that of a moderate in Republican circles, and advocate for issues in women's health, supporting the Republican Pro-Choice Coalition, see Pro Choice Republicans Condemn Platform (opposing abortion, campaign era of George W. Bush 1996)

1924-1927 -- Heiress and socialite, bright person and visionary, this Marjorie Merriwether Post found the site for and had built this magnificent ocean-front estate, some 128 acres at the time? at Palm Beach, Florida.  See  It has 128 rooms.

1930's -- Acquisition of Russia Art Collection, see Hillwood at Washington DC, above.  Explore. There are 384 pages like this one, see  For a less formal look, see

1973 -- Death of Marjorie Merriwether Post.  By will, she left the property to the United States Government (now the untied states government), see Palm Beach Post,  for use as a retreat, like a winter White House, for presidents. See  None used the property.  Maintenance costs were about a million dollars a year.

1985 -- Trump and wife Ivana bought the property. Purchase price:  Ten million. See

This site says five million. See

And from then on, it was fight, fight. See

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Legitimacy of a presidency. Support special commission. Determine legitimacy of FBI processes. Partisan or not?

Progress appears. Traction emerging. Appoint special counsel, independent commission, special commission, to investigate the processes of the 2016 election:  Foreign intervention and agency partisanship.

Learn the process: see  See  See Legitimacy of a presidency is a greater issue than liking a president or not.  Legitimacy in achieving office is not a matter of opinion, floating on who got which votes.  Legitimacy depends on process, whether the law was followed, no matter what the topic.  Illegitimacy: in elections:  did a government agency act or omit to act with the intent of fostering one candidacy over another. Legitimacy is like Robert's Rules of Order in elections.
The means are available. An independent commission. People also can help:  Read George Washington's Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior: at page 31 -- "When another speaks be attentive yourself, and disturb not the audience. If any hesitate in his words, help him not, nor prompt him without being desired; interrupt him not, nor answer him, till his speech be ended.‎"

Support an independent commission. Trump's election legitimacy depends on it; and with it, whether he can serve in a positive way, without that distraction. Why should anyone pay attention to someone in office thanks to foreign intervention and partisan misdeeds in a government agency. No reason. Give us a break, Trump.  Put this issue to rest. People, do not be quiet about the issue that John Lewis has properly raised, even though Morning Joe just advocated that people just be quiet. 

Legitimacy is a foundational issue. Explore the FBI. Don't be quiet. Accountability counts.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Trevor Noah for Secretary of Education. Reject Betsy DeVos. Unregulated capitalism exploits.

1.  Choose Trevor Noah.

This is a wise, seasoned man, with black mother, white father, raised in South Africa, who now is running interference on late night TV.  He knows legions about the broad aspirations and barriers to accomplishment that people of color experience. That is a universal issue.  He also has the perspective, humor, and articulation skills to have figured out what is needed in criminal justice and to make education work (both fields blend). He lays out the problems, and solution ideas, better than any proposal for progress that nominee Trump has come up with to date.

Hey, Trump. Why not. Education and Justice under Trevor Noah and the United States may begin to grow its democracy again, if that is indeed your goal.  As it is, we see your current nominees fostering the demise of democracy -- even its failure, in favor of entrenching the elite. Meanwhile, the autocrats, oligarchs, kleptocrats,  those whose control we used to deride in Russia, succeed here as well. Our people (your people) are taking a page out of the Russian playbook.  Can we get back to our own roots.
  • No! comes the voice from offstage right. Your so-called roots don't count. You didn't get your turn at bat before because we hid the bat; but now we get it all, so sit down.

Did we say the issues of Trevor Noah's life are universals?

Yet he can deal with them without making enemies.  Begin reading his memoir, Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood, Find a brilliant organization:   a) A serious overview, in one form of typeface throughout; that  b) precedes each chapter's memoir section related to it, and in another typeface throughout.

To read the history-informational-philosophy sections first:
  • The contents list the chapter headings, so go to the immediately preceding pages for the short course in issues first. The overview may offers history, differences between ethnic and racial groups in South Africa; or the differing townships, and who lives there; or insights into a parent's reasons for behavior, as in how the child is raised; and why actions are taken to instill what life-lessons.
  • For your own short course, go to the the introduction to the jail episode: what jail is like, that precedes Chapter 17 -- the chapter about Trevor Noah ending up there, and why, and what happened and what he learned. Hooked, go on to Chapter 18, about his mother's life.
2.  Reject Betsy DeVos.

Betsy DeVos. Did we say no loudly enough? That Trevor-Noah perspective of experience, wisdom, ability to articulate, all foster a working-together ability to see many sides to issues. This is lacking in the billionaire-blinders-wearing ideological candidate for Education Secretary now: a Betsy DeVos.

DeVos?  Of Vos?  From Vos? Why the capital V?  De Vos is middle Dutch for "the fox" -- a nickname, say, for someone with red hair; or a "crafty man." See Everyman's experts at hammed that up but good.  Apt.

This fox's adulation of unregulated capitalism, totally free market, is a ticket to ongoing exploitation. As Trevor Noah says, it's fine to say we'll teach people to fish, but not if we withhold access to the poles. 

3.  Why? America -- is it failing as a democracy, while Russia's unmitigated oligarch succeed?  That kind of observation about Russia and the United States is by Karen Dawisha, author of Putin's Kleptocracy: Who Owns Russia (2014), library copy on request, see review at

Dawisha sees an authoritarian government there in process of succeeding, and a democratic one here in process of failing. Is that so.

  • Learn about the larger issue: undue influence unrestrained, patterns. See a documentary Putin biographical video 2016 with stated agenda of concern, and basic information:  This is the government Trump and his nominees want to perpetuate: Average Russian is poorer than the average (India) Indian. So there is deprivation, for those not at the top. Who is at the top? Only 110 people own 35% of the wealth. What does that kind of disparity breed: more resentment, more need for force?  See
These choices are important to whether we pursue exploitation as the goal; or a mutual prosperity. No, say the voices. If people live sustainable lives, they may compete with us.  Can't have that, is that so? 

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Trump status. Time to call off the marriage. Betrothal is only a contract. Break it any time.

Break this contract. Please, pleads the bride-to-be.
Betrothal to the electorate:  Leave it.

Russia would agree that the present pre-political-marriage status of This Mr. T to the US electorate is not sacramentally complete, and unconsummated, of course.  There has only been a betrothal contract that can be broken off.  Historically, such an arrangement, as interim, can be cancelled.  Make the injured party whole again, and money u$ually work$ to $alve hurt feeling$.  See "Modern Customs and Ancient Laws of Russia," The State of the Modern Russian Family, and Particularly that of the Joint or Household Community of Great Russia (modern as 1891, at, This is Lecture II by historian Maxime Kovalevsky at, see bio.

This business of breaking (or unilaterally modifying contracts) can be a way to get rich, so there should be little resistance. See Contents at How to Get Rich, by Donald Trump and Meredith McIver, 2004. Just say, Donald, we tried, we really did, but you are the wrong man for this marriage. As you say in the book:  Big mistake is to marry the wrong person. And, don't equivocate.

The people have long had their say in how to manage these long-term relationship matters, often in addition to the rule-makers, usually a church whose approval has long not been needed for common or other types of civil marriage. Let the people speak and either call this one quits, or renegotiate the contract more to their advantage. This Mr. T who generates so much enthusiasm has already violated the Logan Act, see also; and there must be punishment.  Of course.  So, this Mr. T must do what is required to walk those missteps back; and otherwise MHOB until oath is over, if he persuades the regretting electorate to stick with him. Why the premature and off-base request for how women are faring in the rights department, see Women's lives matter.

Best course for the long term: Let the people break off this ill-entered-into engagement to Mr. Trump before he fully ripens. Reconvene the Electors, unshackled. Or just write in the runner-up. After all, this is only a contract and contracts are made to be broken to get a better deal, and there will be someone else, fear not those who muddy waters, etc.

We know that, dear. Go ahead. Find another life. You'll forget him. This Mr. T hasn't even earned a title yet. He is just the presumptuous Mr. Trump.