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Above: Lake Geneva, Switzerland. At Montreux.

Fodderize v.t. 1. To break down individual components; to make fungible; to disregard difference; to render one easily substituted for another 2. To impose sub-quality goods or services upon, with little recourse 3. To cap role choices, hinder access to resources regardless of merit, and so avoid competition 4. To manage perception by propaganda-spin techniques, while concealing dispositive facts 5. To manipulate, lure, exploit, deceive


Friday, April 25, 2008

The Right to Commons: Metacomet's Lament. Ridgeline Development.

1There is a time when even recreational hikers turn back, disgusted. This is ours. We even reduce ourselves to doggerel at the end. Skip that if you prefer the classics. There is also a time for that, but not here.

Try it. Go out, in your own area, expecting a nice longish amateur hike across paths that used to be through woods, from one reservoir area 'way over to another, in years gone by, and find -- what we found, toxic growths hogging our heritage landscape.

This is a natural one, perhaps with an interesting past. But scroll down and see what other distorted growths have taken over. In your area as well?


A. Reference notes; then,

B. A Song without Words. Finally,

C. Words. In doggerel with serious intent - a bemoan for cancerous zoning.


A. Reference Notes

1. Metacomet Trail, Metacomet - King Philip.
Metacomet was the son of Massasoit, at the time of the Pilgrims, Plymouth, MA. His English name was King Philip.

King Philip led wars against the actions of the Pilgrims and other settlers in pushing back Indians in New England in the 17th Century. There is an old Indian Trail known as the Metacomet Trail here, the part referenced is at West Hartford CT, at the Avon line. King Philip's "cave" is near, where legend says he surveyed the Valley, from high at the ridge at Simsbury.

For more on King Philip's War, and the reality behind our misrepresentations of our history, see King Philip's War - Metacomet.

2. The Right to Commons. A public interest concept dating from medieval England, see ://


The idea: Land that remained uncultivated by the Lord of the Manor could be scavenged for firewood, or used as pasture by the people. Leftovers after harvest could be gleaned. The Lord of the Manor was obliged to leave enough for that use.

See ://; and reference to Commons idea at Op-Ed by Hartford Courant contributor Robert M. Thorson 4/24/08, "Taking a Dim View of Ridgeline Development," re: area of Hill-Stead Museum, Farmington CT.

The people also had a right to use waste on the common land. See ://

3. Nacht und nebel. The Night and Fog Decree. See :// In Nazi Germany, many resistors were designated for "Nacht und Nebel," night and fog, the phrase used where the person was to disappear without a trace. The Resistor's punishment. See obituary, death of Germaine Tillion, French intellectual, Ravensbruck concentration camp survivor WWII, anthropologist, organizer and member of French Resistance. NYT Friday 4/25/08 at B7.


B. The Song Without Words












and probably elsewhere.

I. Good folks with rockers on the porch,

Once could take a walk,

Into vast woods; New England's pride.

Hear Metacomet talk.

II. Go see the green hill far away,

King Philip's ridgeline high.

Now viral, strutting castles spawn there,

Hail, private propert-y.

III. The timeless trails, the woodland bogs,

Banged down, clear cut, for a few.

Trails that pass, are squeezed by chain-link.

Trashy, dump-rumps, view.

III. "Bow down, you Ancient Metacomet!"

Say they, flaunt cash to buy.

"It's nacht und nebel for the Rebels!"

"No!" the Rebels cry.

IV. "On each acre, plant eight hardwoods.

"Sell us out no more.

"Preserve the Right to Commons," say we.

"Halt the slashing boors."

V. Uh-oh. The gods of Me and Mine

Have heard the Rebel's song,

They're buying up the rest of it.

Those queens and kings of Kong.

(Heard in the distance: Owee-oh, we-oh-h-h oh...)


VI. Must all with power turn Goliaths,

And force us off ridge tops.

Our gratitude for good deeds done,

After the ruin, stops.

Versicle: Quel domage.

Response: Pas d'hommage. Non plus.


VII. So, Hartford folk, gath'r up your sheep.

Valley folk, your goats, gnus, llamas.

We meet at midnight, at the Reservoir.

March, reclaim our Commons.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ecology 101. We broke our food chain. No bugs.

Ecology 101
The Last Butterflies

Food chain. Link broken. Windshields clear, even wandering the rural roads of old battlefields.  This is what a little butterfly looks like. We found one. Once. What do bats eat now? How long will it take to move on up to the big time.


Bugs really scarce.There one sits. Put it in a bug museum?  Bugs gone. Lawns fake green. Will birds be far behind. Then what. Only a coupla bees, bumbles in our yard. First notice. Small road trip.  Revolutionary War places. New England. We were there.

Where were the bugs. Not on the windshield. Not in the fields. Not even at the forts, Lake Champlain. Acre after acre, empty sun. We used to have to scrape them off radiators and headlights at the gas stations every stop. Unclog the radiator grille in the front. Jokes about grinning motorcyclists with buggy teeth. Now: Just a few songbirds in the yard. A robin or two. Once were dozens.

Why the holocaust of Zappers. Noisy electric indiscriminate killing. Grass sprayed, but empty. Quiet out there. Faster than a speeding temperature rise. Faster than SARS or the bird flu die the bugs. SARS we couldn't help.  Bugs we can.

Near Le Sars, France

Global warming takes time. This was fast. Think ourselves
More important than Bugs. Chain, chain, chain. Chain of fools.

Kudowa Chapel, Poland.  Bringing our own plague down on ourselves. Won't even learn from the skulls.

Skulls, Kudowa Chapel, Poland

A hedge against rationing: honey. World War II. Lots of recipes saved the day.
A uniter of divided peoples and cultures: share honey information, as an antibiotic, medicinal uses, and well-rounded food. See :// The demise of our honeybees, our pollinating bees. See ://

Friday, April 4, 2008

Fact Check on Incendiary Words. "Tirade" NT for News Tilt. Red-faced tirade meme.

 A "Red-faced Tirade" by Another Name
is a Simple Tirade by Someone with Rosacea

Then go back to vet whether the articulation was really a tirade, 
or just a strong statement of position that the reporter disagreed with 

News can tilt by use of a pejorative.  Someone engaged in a red-faced tirade, for example.  That has been leveled at Former President Bill Clinton.  Go back to the use of news ratings.  This usage would qualify for a rating of IP, Incitement Push, or NT, News Tilt.  See Joy of Equivocating, Fact News Ratings: Incitement Push.

A neutral fact source, if immediately available to the public upon being exposed to "tirade" could go to the computer in every home and find this article. A red face is not necessarily temper.

Read about flushed faces, other symptoms that those with rosacea endure. See also :// And this turns out to be old information - see ://; and :// it unassailable?  No, but it is a start and readily available (Wikipedia).

Start your vetting here.  Wikipedia, bless it, says that Former President Clinton joins the ranks of J.P. Morgan, Princess Diana, Rembrandt and W.C. Fields; with a medical condition called "rosacea." See ://

Other examples of IP,  or NT.

Any talkies repeating or originating the red-faced tirade, would also get a NT or IP rating.
Recall irresponsible talkies imitating the spasmodic movements of Michael J. Fox with his medical condition, as "fakery". See ://
An Incitement Push, not news. Surely we are beyond that.

Vetting can stop the Meme.

The red face has become a meme. See :// The meme is a cultural idea that spreads brain to brain, leaping over space, otherwise like a virus - see Joy of Equivocating, Meme - Contagious Idea. That particular meme reference in the post is not about rosacea or medical conditions, but relates to why we accept lying in sales talk. Cheating. So?  Change the meme. Change the expectation for truth.

The meme here,** that the former President is out of control (recall that this is in an electioneering setting so sensible people would have little expectation of truth), has no place out there if the main evidence is a red face that turns out to be a disease.

Perpetuating a known false meme is propaganda.

It is propaganda by Swiftboating. See :// Misattributing. Taking one idea, provable or not, and pushing it until somebody - or an entire population - believes it. Swiftboat by symptom. Swiftboat by flush here. Propaganda. See Hello Fodder, Propaganda Study.

* Ratings of fact in news products. For any who did not check out the medical condition, we offer poor news ratings for media reporting on "a red-faced Bill Clinton." Or more simply, "red-faced Bill Clinton." We give them NT for News Tilt. See Joy of Equivocating, News Fact Ratings - News Tilt.


** The Bill Clinton Red Face Tirade. Already out there. See ://; or at; or at ://; or at ://; even at a post (not the main part of the website) at ://

It has even reached the United Kingdom, with a photo - at ://

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

"Inform the people, pursue the truth." Fund a comprehensive, fiduciary to the people news source.

"Inform the People; Pursue the Truth" *
Challenge the News Tilt Osmosis Machine (the TV)
1.  Enable multiple resource checking.  Wire the country;  or better, wireless the country. Broadband, cable and internet out to the country, and computers in every home.  . 

TV:  The News Tilt Osmosis Machine

2.  Require a fact rating system for news products, including talk shows, panels, "magazines". See Joy of Equivocating, News Fact Rating System,

3.  Fund a neutral, full news resource available simultaneous with the breaking or coverage of any news event, so opinion can be checked against fact immediately -- before emotional commitment kicks in.   This news source shall be designated a fiduciary to the general consumer, and shall put all personal and other interests in persuasion secondary to fully informing the public.

4.  Stop the public fleecing, see Hello Fodder, FCC Fleecing Us Sheep


May 5, 1990, speech of Barack Obama to news glitterati.