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Friday, May 8, 2009

Global "Wisdom Party" Selects Leaders; Endorsements and Pan-outs

The Global Wisdom Party Sets Criteria:

There is a Universal "Wisdom Standard"

Applied to World and National Leaders,
Political, Religious

Trompe News Services.  Voter movements, that require Wisdom in leaders and candidates, are gaining momentum worldwide.

Pollsters suspend activities pending reworking of their questionnaires to include Wisdom ratings.

Public figures and institutional authorities, remain wedded to the customary "win-lose" processes that exclude any consideration of wisdom, and hope to bar Wisdom from any voter consideration.

No room on the leadership bus for a little Wisdom?

The voter movement apparently blossomed upon publication of the universal "wisdom standard" reported at Science Daily, Is There A Seat of Wisdom In The Brain, at :// - April 2009.

In response, the growing worldwide Wisdom Party (WP) has accelerated its process of selecting leaders to endorse around the world.

The Seat of Wisdom idea at Science Daily lays out these attributes as those which most cultures recognize most widely as Wise: The Big Four.

The Universal Wisdom Standard. 

  • empathy,
  • compassion or altruism,
  • emotional stability,
  • pro-social attitudes, including a tolerance for others' values."
Fair use quotation:
    "Examples of leaders with these attributes are often found in the Founders of the world's great religions, but seldom in followers beyond a generation or two," noted a Wisdom Party member. "Then, apparently, the System or Ideology takes over the Idea and morphs it into turf, greed, one-upsmanship and other delights extending into and aggrandized in the modern day."
    So says the Science Daily Universal Wisdom Standard site.

    Status report on candidate search:

    Wisdom Party Watches World Leaders in Action,
    Looking for a Candidate to Support.

    The Wisdom party is in process of applying the Big Four Wisdom qualities to various worldwide candidates, nominees, and probable wannabes.

    The WP so far has excluded from any recommendation the following groups or individuals for lack of Wisdom qualities in action:

    Vetted and Panned and Out So Far: Unwise, as determined by application of the Universal Wisdom Standard.

    1. John Boehner- loses on three of the four

    2. The elements of the Christian Right that set up a required affirmation of faith to conservative values before people could participate in the so-called "World" Day of Prayer. Lose on three out of the four.

    That affirmation includes, according to Susan Campbell, Hartford Courant Columnist, at://,0,6336640.column/ (trying to find an online copy of the full original):,
    "I believe that the Holy Bible is the inerrant Word of the Living God. I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the only One by which I can obtain salvation and have on ongoing relationship with God. I believe that the Holy Bible is the inerrant Word of The Living God. I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the only One by which I can obtain salvation and have an ongoing relationship with God. I believe in the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ, his virgin birth, his sinless life, his miracles, the atoning work of his shed blood, his resurrection and ascension, his intercession and his coming return to power and glory. I believe that those who follow Jesus are family and there should be unity among all who claim his name."
    A Wisdom Party spokesperson noted that those "affirmations" were designed to exclude any people not of the dogma persuasion mechanism espoused by the Far Right, and as such, not being like Jesus - an assured Wisdom person - at all. See it and you decide at Let Us Pray for Respect for All Beliefs, at ://,0,6336640.column/, thus were unwise and intolerant.

    3. Vladimir Putin and any political leader suppressing publication of all views, including opponents'.  Loses on three of the four.  Note that many of the Unwise here so seem to have emotional stability, but lose out on the other counts.

    4. The Pope, and any religious leader of any religion or subgroup that teaches that its Way is The Way, and as it itself teaches and expounds upon and interprets its texts. Remember this is using the Universal Wisdom standard. Loses out on the first two, because of the focus on four.  These leaders may be sincere, bright, effective with followers, and still "unwise" according to the definition used here, focusing especially on tolerance for others' values.

    5. Sarah Palin. Seems to lose out on three as well as one, two and four.

    Are people surprised? Then recall that tolerance for others' values is weighted heavily in the Wisdom list. The more dogmatic the dogma or ideology, the less Wisdom, by definition. The person may be influential because of traditional power powers, but remain Unwise for lack of the required altruism and tolerance. World survival depends on a high degree of universal altruism and tolerance, believes the WP.

    This list is evolving. Submit comments freely, please, remembering that we are only applying universal wisdom standards here, not talent in obstructionism, spin, la-la land and self-service, those being politically effective in revving up a base, but hardly wisdom:

    Included in the Wisdom list as defined, so far:

    1. President Obama, Great Mensch of the Age so far, but a ways still to go with lots of choices still to be made. Ranks high on the Volumator Correlation. FN 1

    2. Jesus,

    3. Mohammed, and other major Founders of religions, except as to any revelation promoting male-supremacism, as that violates the Wisdom elements of empathy, altruism, and tolerance for other values;

    4. Confucius and probably other oriental religion founders but we are just starting to learn here.

    5. Mahatma Gandhi,

    6. Schweitzer yes or no?

    7. Now, which of the Jewish patriarchs was not male-supremacist. Need research here. Just starting. Need to vet when that started. *

    *Remember, commitment to any self-seeking or dogmatic ideology over altruism removes a person from the worldwide Wisdom list. Is altruism just another dogma? If so, it has flexibility in having also to be tolerant, thus removing it from the earlier intolerant dogma-like state.

    So: submit entries and comments, but remember that we are only applying the worldwide Wisdom Standard. No additions to that list, as it is already global. Repeat as you go out into the field: Wisdom is, essentially, empathy, altruism, emotional stability, and pro-social attitudes including that tolerance thing that eludes so many.


    FN 1   The Volumator Correlation

    The more insistent the voice, the less the Wisdom.  
    The calmer the words, the Wiser the speaker.