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Above: Lake Geneva, Switzerland. At Montreux.

Fodderize v.t. 1. To break down individual components; to make fungible; to disregard difference; to render one easily substituted for another 2. To impose sub-quality goods or services upon, with little recourse 3. To cap role choices, hinder access to resources regardless of merit, and so avoid competition 4. To manage perception by propaganda-spin techniques, while concealing dispositive facts 5. To manipulate, lure, exploit, deceive


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Political MIschief in Redistricting. Nefarious Gerrymander. Census: Stealth Democrats in South and West

Political Mischief in Redistricting -- On and On

Redistricting Voters Out of Existence
Stealth Democrats Defend Against Nefarious Gerrymander

TROMPE NEWS FLASH. DNC Prime to the Square Root. The new census shows a shift in population from traditionally Democratic areas in the Northeast and East, to the nation's South and West. Any Democrat who has so relocated is encouraged to join the nearest Stealth Democrats Association, and refrain from firm identification of their political affiliation to any third parties not also certified members of the Association.  Upon arrival, many such relocatees report that they are inundated with requests for personal political affiliation information under the guise of  "polls"  by groups refusing to disclose their funding.

Research into the names provided for the groups strongly suggests a connection to partisan political machines, not a new phenomenon, see ://  The intent appears to be to provide gerrymander recommendations to the resident majority in those states undergoing district boundary changes. The goal of such gerrymander is to fragment the Democratic population so that they cannot form a majority in their districts.

Preliminary calculations suggest that such stealth Democrats may sway the opposing political party's turnout in areas in unsuspected ways, providing great fun in the next election. They may have moved but their allegiances remain ideologically strong:  access to the tools needed for productivity for every resident in the country. These tools for productivity include healthcare, education and facts, mobility, sustenance, and freedom from fear.

Or, as recent article suggests, add more representatives -- re-enfranchise voters. See :// 

Sunday, December 12, 2010

No frontier. Three Strikes against Immigrants. Immigrants Lose the Geographic Game

Immigrants Lose the Geographic Game

Strike 1. No frontier and its consequences.

Immigrants here have always, until now, had a frontier.  Go there, start on your own. 

People in our borders now have no place to go but to stay where they are; or if they are elsewhere, to come to where they may be welcomed. If we boot them out from whence they came, they will have to come back.  So what to do? 
  • Spend our money in a combination of limiting who comes in, to weed out malfeasors, if possible; then integrate those here. They are staying. No way to deport millions. Carve out Arizona and give it to Mexico.
  • Perhaps initiate a Bump system of employment. Employers can hire anybody who applies; but if someone with papers applies the employer must bump the undocumented. 
Strike 2. Internal dissing and its consequences.

The Democratic system has dissed those it earlier welcomed, to death.   Bush v. Gore. 

Let power speak its will, and the court will follow. If economics and power determine judicial outcomes, what chance has the immigrant.

Respect for Court ran out right then.

The highest Court in that case became overtly political, and the tenuous balance of power, so carefully outlined,  has never recovered.  The judicial branch dissed the electoral system, then the legislative branch began to diss the executive; and we are waiting and hoping it does not happen full circle, that the executive finds both the judicial and the legislative more lacking than they already have.

This is like cussing out your parents. At our house, we never would even think of it, never even knew the words. Now? Ha!

Strike 3.  Against the Immigrant is the Roman heritage.  There find the Militaristic Authoritarian Hierarchy Approach, and its consequences.

All is stacked against the immigrant now. See how the old welcoming America absorbs, and how much, the old Roman militarism, hierarchy and empire, the whole approach morphed itself when the empire died, into the religion that was brewing at the time.

Take it over! 

Shall we continue to employ the unemployed?  No.  We, in power, must set directions!  Regardless of the religious Founder's precepts, no compassion.

Think back:  Once the Church moved to Rome, the Christians from tolerant Jerusalem and the East, it was all over.

What happened to James when Paul took over. Give us back James. Thomas. Nestorians.

This was 'way back, but watch this:

Enter deadly western religious concepts to demonize others, like blasphemy, Evil-doers, Inquisitions and heretic. Our religious traditions have never recovered. To be fair, Nestorians also counted heretics, so that idea was something Rome already put in the wind. Rome, founded by wee abandoned babes nursed by the Wolf, the milk of wolfness absorbed and spewed out thereafter. Wolf in the clothing of the lamb. Is that so, or an exaggeration? Do other countries see us as the wolf or the lamb? WWII -- reluctant saviors. Now -- greed 'n grab Inc.

I guess that's it. This usually verbose person is signing off in a fit of pessimism. Only the 2% need rejoice this season.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Piggle-Wiggle Congress Cure: Let Consequences Happen

Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle Goes to Congress
The do-nothing Congress approach to legislation
The Radish Cure At Work
Let Consequences Happen
From a fine children's book.
The Revenge of the Radish
What to do, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle. Fair use of name, registered trademark copyright certified brilliance in books. * The children will not do as they are told by the people who put them there; their approach is to let consequences of bad policy simply happen.  Can that be flipped?  Can the do-nothing approach actually accomplish steps for the common good? 

More important, can we afford to wait for the do-nothing consequences to happen, to let the radishes grow in the country's ears, before our legislature takes some action against the accumulating dirt?  As an update, Occupy Wall Street is already proof of the radish cure.  Do nothing and people rise up.  The accumulating "dirt" is fertile soil for the World's Radishes.
Here is what our children are doing.In Washington DC, this Branch opposes that Branch undercuts the Other Branch. Finally, the one exhausted by efforts to reason, use compromise, gives up.  Or is he using different timing, letting consequences happen as the policy-makers have chosen?

Says Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle, from the book (skip the TV mimic fools -- even Maureen Stapleton should have known better), try the Radish Cure. The real Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle was consulted by distraught parents whose child would not wash.  Fine, said Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle.  Plant radishes in the dirt. On arms, in ears, wherever. Let the radishes grow.

The child then decided it was time to wash. Responsibility, accountability. Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle says, You want it? You get it. If talk and reason do not work, let the consequences happen. For those who want no spending for the public good, that may interfere with personal wealth accumulation?  Skip repairing the henhouse. Let the chickens walk in the mall, and people can gather their own eggs.

Will that change anything?  No, because those insulated in their gated communities need not go downtown.

Is persuasion a matter of who prevails in PsyOps, or has facts and a strong correlation with truth? Edward Bernays, see, super salesman, would say that persuasion is its own entity, and need not connect with fact. Create the facts you need.

Run your own facts up your own flagpole and see who salutes.

How to vet the facts up the pole? If the seller owns the media, you have little chance.

Mrs. Piggle Wiggle is considering other options, while the radishes grow. Even as we speak. This is a difficult one. Trust her. Two percent petulence. Let it be. It speaks. By way of update, the 2% is now aimed at the 1%, on Occupy Wall Street around the world, but that is better than not aiming at any percent to pay a fair share.  If sense can't be talked into people, let the radishes grow. Revenge of the radish.

* Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, by Betty MacDonald, from 1947,

** Also, as you get your own book, try the won't-pick-up-the-toys cure. Let them clutter until the dear kid can't even get out of his or her own room, then send up dinner on a pole, and ultimately he or she will clean up the room just to get a life. Do that in Congress.

Then ask: Negotiated agreements. Always best? No. What is the Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA); and the Worst Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement (WATNA). Sometimes a negotiated agreement is not best. See Getting to Yes, Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In, Roger Fisher and William Ury at :// Let everything expire, use reconciliation, do or don't do, turn off the TV OFF OFF because all we get is slant and opinion except for PBS. Propaganda to the right of us, propaganda to the left of us, volley etc. Edward Bernays would be proud. Look him up.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Insurance Game: Elitist v. Peon. The Boehner Bop.

The Teams in the Health Insurance Game.

Elitists v Peons.
Insurance Elitists Already Have Government Health Insurance
Like Congress; and the FEHP

Insurance Peons are The Restuvus; and our little hard-won no-public-option
Affordable Healthcare Act.

The Game.
Watch for The Boehner Bop
on the Head of the Peon.

Can the Peon Rally? What's the score? Who plays fair?
Who cares, says Boehner, as long as we win. Har Har.

We do.

Peons seek the Paeon
Further Plays on Words Below

Bottom line here: New Rule of the Insurance Elitist-Insurance Peon Game.

Congress shall not repeal or reduce the Affordable Healthcare Act unless they first repeal the Federal Employees' Health Benefit enabling legislation by which Federal Employees and Congress get their healthcare. And no replacing it. Then, and only then, shall anyone consider repeal or reduction of what the rest of us get.
I. The Game of Insurance Elitists v. Insurance Peons.

Insurance Elite coverage.

Congress and Federal Employees enjoy healthcare through the FEHB. Subsidies, etc.

Peon coverage. The Rest of Us get what we get through the Affordable Healthcare Act, and only since March 2010, with all provisions not to be implemented until some time after 2014. It is good, better then before overall, but not the public option many of us sought. Ok. That's the Game.
  • FEHB - Federal Employees' Health Benefit. See it at the US Office of Personnel Management at :// Congress enjoys it, see ://
  • Our healthcare, the Rest of Us Paeons -- the Affordable Care Act as passed in March 2010, some parts deferred. See the portal Health Reform and now the Act's website at ://
In favor, by way of refresher. See Wall Street Journal published opinion by David Cutler, J. Bradford Delong, and Ann Marie Marciarille, at ://; and others in support at ://; and ://

Those who opposed lost at the time, so their arguments are not repeated here because they were considered back then and found Wanting. Nonetheless, they are looking for a second bite at ours, while keeping their own Insurance Elitist coverage. And, we hear, some even complain that their Fancy Fed coverage has a teeny waiting period, like a month. Oh, dear. The inconvenience. So they keep theirs, while we are to lose ours.

II. New Rule.

Accordingly, the great benevolent dictator in the sky who looks with favor on the lesser beings, says, He Who Enjoys Federal Healthcare (the Insurance Elitists) Shall Take No Step Toward Repeal or Revision of Benefits Downward as to Insurance Peons.

Got that?

(Voice waits a minute, then repeats, from a distance:

No-o-o-o re-pe-e-e-eal or redu-u-u-u-uction of Affo-o-o-o-ordable Hea-a-a-a-althcare unless Co-o-o-o-o-ngress first repe-e-e-e-e-als the E-e-e-e-eF E-e-e-e-e-Ai-i-i-itcH B-e-e-e and does no-o-o-o-ot repla-a-a-a-ace it.

That means if FEHB is repealed first, without reinstatement, then everybody gets what we, the peons, get.

Wait a minute. Maybe we should get that. Watch our coverage go up then, if they have to get it, too. Or, nobody gets any affordable healthcare. Try that. And keep asking during the debate: If we need productivity here, are sick people more productive, more independent, more able to take on such jobs as may by magic appear down the road, despite the Nay-Saying to even little steps in that direction?

Off with their heads! Block them all!

III. Nomenclature: PAEON FOR THE PEONS. Roots of concepts.


Peon. A low-ranking person, see the Urban Dictionary at; and note the easy way to remember -- it is ok to pee on a peon. Don't blame me. That's on the Internet.

In "Spanish America", a peon is a day laborer, unskilled farm worker (also in India). A peon is a peasant, drudge (Drudge Report? Say not so!). Or perhaps a galley slave.


Now watch the fun. Add an "a" and you get PAEON.

PAEON. Also spelled Paean, Paieon, Paion.

This gets into classical education, and education is another area in need of reform upwards for our kids. Otherwise, look what they miss. Liberal arts for mental health and balance, technical courses for an earnings setting in which to enjoy your liberal arts mind.

Paeon. Paeon was the physician to the Greek gods. Look in the Iliad. Paean heals wounds for Ares and Hades. Hades! Strong medicine. The name became the surname of one Asclepius, the Healer, the one with the staff and the snake wound around. Look in the Aeneid, and all of it summarized at :// Find that Pindarus extended the name Asclepius, the Healer, to include the deliverer from evil, from calamity. Avert from pain, etc. Paeon knows the remedies for all things. Read the cited paragraph references.

So: Peons. Write this down. Your Patron Saintly One Regardless of Any Religious Orientation is Paeon -- the Healer.

Peons for Peaon.
  • Get Armey to pay for all the buses and placards and weeks on the road for fun and socializing, and spread the word. Just don't tell him what side you're on and why, just as he never told all those nice tea folks who he was and who would really benefit from the bus-tedness.
  • Get Mitch to unpurse those humorless lips he must have in there, and maybe smile at doing the right thing and not the politically dastardly for ideology's sake. Mitch. Mitch. Why worship the Ideology. Why bow to the Great Theos of the Uncreative Boxed Ones, when you have Paeon the Healer.
Then again, don't ask Mitch. He can't see beyond the cage. He thinks: Educate those tinted, sneaky folks who came across the borders that we left wide open for them for years, a real invite there, let them have healthcare they can afford, get them openly in the workforce paying social security taxes, and they might help the social security bottom line, but also that would mean competing for status with US. Can't have that.


Peons on the March! Get going. Repeal both or none!

Rules of this Game: There shall be no efforts to repeal the healthcare passed for all of us, until Congress first repeals in full all the healthcare available to all federal employees and Congress.

And Remember: The Theoi at ://

Monday, November 1, 2010

Fodder Site Duff-Sitter Show Awards. Worst: A R-A. Best: Mystery Cheeks Rider

 The Species Included this Show:  Duff-Sitters Only

And now, the judging is complete. The crowd is hushed, the duff-sitters nervously twitch, the microphone pops:  And now, ladies and gentlemen, this year's Duff-Sitter Award will name only the 1. worst in show; and  2. best in show.  Those in between we wish well, and hope they choose their role models wisely.

1. The Fodder Site Duff-Sitter Show Award


Meet A R-A here.
How about a hug.
Wrote a letter to the Times (NYT) 11/1/2010.
Complains of joblessness, despair, loneliness,
Despite heartfelt letters and resumes.
Trips to the post office!

A R-A. Pronounced Ay AR-Ay,
Minneapolis, be proud.
Your A R-A is a duff-sitter
Even though she has a law degree.
A law degree. Real tools.

Alas for this lass,
Unemployment addict, do we see?  Moaner?
Complainer to the Times. She is unemployed!
Sends out heartfelt letters and resumes,
Waits in "loneliness, worthlessness and desperation."

She's mad. So sad.
Has the tools. But
Keeps 'em in a bag.

Hey, A R-A.
Locked in unproductive Be-Ha-Viors.
Rent a room.
Get out and do it. 
Volunteer. Or good service at low rates.

Rent a copier. Get a phone!
Just start!
Someone seeking a non-vegetative state lawyer might even show up.
You, however, are too enthroned to (whisper) GET OUT THERE.

At least, it looks like that from here.

2.  'The Fodder Site Duff-Sitter Show Awards


This coveted award goes to ....
Mystery Rider!
Some on their Duffs still get places.
Make use of the Duff-time.

Like this guy.
A Life-Master whose Spirit Overcomes the Back View.
See him get out and ride!
Doesn't matter what it looks like.
Image all his own.
Deserves a full page spread!

3.  Duff-Sitters in the middle - What Might Await

The banquet, silly.

Plates for self-starters

Then again, maybe not.

Veg anyway?  A R-A: Vegger Supreme.

A R-A.
Letter complainer to the Times.
Little sympathy in these times.

* Man Meets the Sea, Esbjerg, Denmark; also facetiously captioned, white man meets the sea of color, but that is another story

** Rider, either in Roskilde, Denmark, or Hamburg, Germany; we can't figure out Picasa's placement

***  The Mongolian Barbecue, Silkeborg, Denmark

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Day in the Life of Nate Rudy Asclater. Cheryl Asclater. And update.

 Living with Nate Rudy Asclater

Cheryl Asclater has just seen the interview that her husband, Nate Rudy Asclater, gave at Equivocating Magazine Channel.  A reporter for her home town newspaper and TV channel, the Fodder News Channel,  stops her at a mall and asks if he can talk with her about it on the tape. He had her comments transcribed, and she reviewed it and gave permission for this publication and use on the Air.  

Cheryl's addendum:  I put in an update at the end here. I'll keep putting in updates because nothing stays the same. You can publish them or not, as you like.  Then that's it for me. Enough of this gun culture. It's addictive. And it may do me in. Do us in. Thanks for reading, listening, whatever. Anybody else out there feel like I do? NRA - Not Really Altruistic, that's what I say.  But Nate Rudy, he goes his own way. I see this whole business as getting like church for him - religious fervor he has, for his guns.  Armsism.  There you go. There we go.

Signed, Cheryl.

Nate Rudy's Day
For Him and the Rest of Us

Thank heavens he's not the sort of guy to ever act out what he thinks.
To actually do all the things to people 
and stuff, that he spends his day thinking about.  Not my Nate Rudy!

I am the wife of Nate Rudy Asclater, and I just read the interview he gave over at Equivocating magazine. His full name is Nathaniel Rudolph Asclater, as he pointed out, and he is proud of the people that that name means.
He should have given his interview here, though, because the title here, Fodder, is closer to what I think he feels and reacts to things.  Read his first, to get an idea, at Nate Rudy, Everyman.

So:  He told you some things.  But I'm going to tell you another angle:  how much time out of his day he spends in his head, because it is starting to affect me. Real scenes he puts himself in. All these rehearsals in his head.

He doesn't watch western movies any more, but he likes the face-off. He'll turn the channels to get a big confrontation.

He dares you to question him, like in the picture. Even if people are watching, he'll push it.

He watches from inside. People don't know they are being watched. He thinks about what they would do if they did, or if he actually did something. It's been a while since he had a steady job. But he has looked.

One of his favorites is when people don't know he is there. He will not risk getting hurt himself, but he has scenes in his head where suddenly he pops somebody. He isn't serious, I'm sure.

My worry is that he'll forget the difference between thinking about something and doing it; and when he spends so much time in his head imagining what he will do, he'll find himself really doing it just to see what it is like.  Is the real thing as good as it was in his head. All those rehearsals, who will do and say what, what he will do and say, have to come out sometime.

There he is!

He's right. Who would have suspected he was in there, or that he could do that from there.

Pop that bottle, Nate! Bam!

Home?  Not that bad with him. He wears his gun (used to be a security guard and was in the army once).  Here is an exaggeration, because it doesn't happen all that much, but when it does, even the kids can't wait to get out of there: Pound the table, shout about something, that usually is an excuse to be loud. I go: Oh, Lord, won'tcha buy me, a Mercedes Benz, like old dead Janis Joplin, I think to myself. Hear/see at ://  Let it run while you go on here.

Uh-oh.  He's out in the parking lot now. Got out of the wagon. Changes position. Spots cover.

Yes, he tells me all this: He'll tell you what is in his head, instead of acting it out, so this is all harmless, I'm sure. He wouldn't do any of this.

He'll just tell you what he really would like to do, or what he plans to do, and that, believe me, can be scary.  He seems to like that, seeing people's reactions. He'll act out more to be sure he gets all the reaction he can.

He doesn't like rules that stop him from doing what he wants, when he thinks he should be able to do it.

He gets creative with his gun. Feels strong.  No end to what he can think up.

Home again.

 Lost another paper deliverer. Last seen on the lam!  

He never reads papers. Once had a computer for the kids, but it's so slow and bad now.  Never uses the thing.

Gets what he needs to know through his ears and eyes, the TV and the radio.  Keeps on the same stations, mostly, people's opinions and HGTV where he resents what other people have, and laughs at other ones. On and on, over and over.

Where is he now.

What do you mean, the bathroom's "dated"? It's builder-standard and that's fine.  It all works. Nate Rudy, I don't care!

Nate! You leave those towels alone! They're your initials, Nate Rudy Asclater - NRA - don't you try one of your ricochet shots and get them, too.  I'll get different colors if you want.  Nate Rudy!

Don't those come out sometimes inconvenient?  Yes, like I said, he has guns in the house, and wears them when he wants. We're used to it, mostly. Inception. Hunh. See ://  What is real, what is not real, how do you know, and how do you act. 

You tell me where he got his ideas.  I say turn off the TV and the radio, get everybody a good computer, and get people to fact check.

Asclater.  Sure.  Ask Later.  Shoot first, ask later.  Someday, someday. Everyman?  That was an old play, see :// about what really counts. 

Nate Rudy.  Read it. 

Forgot. You don't read. You do "media."


It's me again. That Day in the Life of Nate Rudy Asclater started something. This is Nate's wife Cheryl Asclater here, and this is a few weeks later.  I have an update: Nate Rudy has gone and joined the NRA. Find somebody selling something, even to be afraid, and he'll buy.  Newest trendy product. He keeps getting these guns. What can he buy next, he asks me, to defend himself.  Ha. Defend himself against something that is sold by the people who tell him now he has to defend himself against the other people who bought it.  See what I just found, at - something called, Consuming Terrorism. Just market it. Nate Rudy got himself marketed.

The NRA is not my cup of Tea, but it's his life. And here's the reason I'm writing. He's keeping a journal of his "progress" in getting educated and trained by the NRA. He really has swallowed the whole pitch. Read all about it --  Nate Rudy Joins the NRA and Keeps a Journal.  Read and weep, I say.  It has that old fear theory written all over it.  He really got going there. It's like he's rigged up with strings.

Ha again.

Not funny, McGee, as my mother would say. What scares me is other people looking at Rudy, who don't realize he's just a guy who really likes going along, and having a group to go along with. Add a dose of be-afraid of something, and he loves it. Add a gun-skill and he eats it up. Armsism?  He loves it. More adventure.  A big role play. But I told him I'm not going to start in on a back and forth here on his life. He can go ahead and write his journal all he likes, but I'm out of it. He knows how I feel.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

FDR's Four Freedoms, Applied to the States. FDR's Four Human Freedoms, Updated

Franklin D. Roosevelt's Four Freedoms Address to Congress,
January 6, 1941 - Updated. 

FDR's objectives include for all inhabitants of the world
1) a "good society"; and
2) a "healthy peacetime life" 
(FDR's terms)

We update to include those objectives for our nation.

Note:  FDR defines the Four Freedoms as essential human freedoms. *
 Thus, for example, Freedom of Speech does not include, by FDR's terms, 
organizational or corporate freedom of speech.

Shall citizens re-unite?

I.  The Address of  President Roosevelt-Updated

President Roosevelt, will you take the podium:
President Roosevelt:  Thank you (ahem).

In the future days, which we seek to make secure, we look forward to a NATION founded upon four essential human * freedoms.
1.  The first is freedom of speech and expression -- everywhere in the NATION.

2.  The second is freedom of every person to worship God in his own way -- everywhere in the NATION.

3.  The third is freedom from want -- which, translated into NATIONAL terms, means economic understandings which will secure to every STATE a healthy peacetime life for its inhabitants -- everywhere in the NATION.

4.  The fourth is freedom from fear -- which, translated into NATIONAL terms, means a NATION-wide reduction of FIREARMS to such a point and in such a thorough fashion that no INHABITANT will be in a position to commit an act of physical aggression against any neighbor-- anywhere in the NATION.

That is no vision of a distant millennium.

It is a definite basis for a kind of NATION attainable in our own time and generation.


To that new order we oppose the greater conception -- the moral order. A good society, SERVING THE COMMON GOOD,  is able to face schemes of NATIONAL AND GLOBAL ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL domination and foreign revolutions alike without fear.

Since the beginning of our American history, we have been engaged in change -- in a perpetual peaceful revolution -- a revolution which goes on steadily, quietly adjusting itself to changing conditions -- without the concentration camp or the quick-lime in the ditch;

The NATIONAL order which we seek is the cooperation of ALL STATES, working together in a friendly, civilized society.

This nation has placed its destiny in the hands and heads and hearts of its millions of free men and women; and its faith in freedom under the guidance of EACH ONE'S God.

Freedom means the supremacy of human rights everywhere.

Our support goes to those who struggle to gain those rights or keep them.

Our strength is our unity of purpose.

To that high concept there can be no end save victory.

As adjusted, shown by capitals, from Congressional Record, 1941, Vol. 87, Pt. I.

II.  Presidents' addresses to Congress 

Presidents address Congress periodically.  Those become part of the Congressional Record. Some are called the State of the Union.

On January 6, 1941 - eleven months before Pearl Harbor, but when World War II was already proceeding in Europe - President Franklin D. Roosevelt offered a speech to Congress, part of it known as the "Four Freedoms".   For this portion, the Four Freedoms address, see Congressional Record Vol. 87, pt 1,  at ://,  Find it in a larger timeline at ://
  • The entire speech was much longer, addressing many national policy, military and domestic preparedness issues. For its extract, click on the link to it at ibiblio 4101, or go to this page 410106, at ://
By its terms, the "Four Freedoms" lays out aspirations for the world's nations. We apply it to the States.
  • Here, we number the freedoms, to highlight them, and tweak the address to apply specifically to our own States.  Our substitutions for state or nation, instead of world, and reference to domestic use of firearms, not global use of military bombs, and phrasing the dangers we face them today (in 1941, the dangers included specific mention of concentration camps and lime pits), are shown by capitals and boldface.
  • Note that, by FDR's own terms, the Four Freedoms are "essential human freedoms", thus not referenced for non-humans. *
The Four Freedoms are featured at Hyde Park, the Roosevelt home called Springwood, on the Hudson, NY.  The freedoms are individually listed on the base of the cutout sculpture made from fragments of the old Berlin Wall.  Also present:  Winston Churchill. The human shapes:  generic man and woman, or FDR and Eleanor? Cutouts by a descendant of Winston Churchill.  Who is the other bust?  FDR?  cannot recall or find.


* By the stated definition of the Four Freedoms as essential human freedoms, freedom of speech, and therefore freedom to spend to support political candidates or their causes as a kind of free speech, would not extend to corporations, non-humans.  Organizations must speak through identified, accountable individuals, not in the name of the organization, anonymously.  Is that so, according to FDR?  The gallery cheers.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

BP Laws. Flaws Squelch Equity. Sue in Mississippi?

Laws for Corporations.  
Heavy on the Nit-Pick Legal; Light on Equity.

Sue in Mississippi.

The People vs. BP
Get Some Recourse for the Busted Pelican

There are too many escape hatches in law.  The wording, which judge interprets, spin in legislative intent, and money, money buying the ability to stay the course, wear out the little guy.

We used to separate "law" and "equity" -- the fairness side -- in Western systems.  Someone aggrieved by a cruel result in law, could still apply in equity for consideration of softer issues of fairness, clean hands, laches, remedies tailored to meet a need, not just counted in money damages.

Combining the two led to law taking over, and nobody even knows equity any more.

So:  Where to sue?  An answer is counter-intuitive.  Yet, states with historically disastrous insensitivities to the common good (that is, weighing in for the individual in a commercial activity as opposed to the public interest) may hold a key to forcing our latest incarnation of disastrous insensivities -- BP -- to heel.

Sue in a state that has maintained a separate identity for equity.

Look at Delaware - a border state that, we think, was the last to free its slaves - is that so? and South Carolina and Mississippi,* with their slavery traditions; and New Jersey, with its corruption traditions (sorry); meet Big Oil, through BP of Busted Pelican fame. All heavy in economic implication. Yet, those states have technically separate equity courts, a mindset that draws a distinction. 

Of those, bring the BP cases in Mississippi. The BP matter is appropriate for hearing in a state valuing fairness. It involves as much equity as it does law. We see that BP is already making waiver of future claims a condition of receiving that first $5,000 to fisherfolk on the Gulf. Is that equitable? Like the mortgage fine print?

What is equity?  See an overview of the parameters of equity at Puttin' On The Writs: Equity.  Then ask, can or should we restore equity in contracts law, in anything, including statutory construction.  Now equity gets short shrift.  Yet, reforms are moving to put equity back in human matters, even contract, in banking, mortgages, fair dealing to people, and that is Good. How, though, to get equity for the voiceless - the Busted Pelicans of the world. To kill a pelican.  No matter. Is that so?

Suggestion:  Bring the lawsuits where equity will be heard on a par with law. That may mean Mississippi, with the consult of New Jersey, South Carolina, and - yes - Delaware.  If Mississippi's corporate law framework is amenable (experts, this is your area - look that up at://, sue BP in Mississippi.  Promote equity jurisdiction. Corporate malfeasance requires it.

I.  Mississippi as a forum of choice

Sue BP in Mississippi.  That forum would invoke more clearly the equitable issues at stake here, and we all know that outside counsel will run whatever cases are brought where. They need not be limited to Mississippi-ans. We need far more for these cases than just which laws were broken; Mississippi can use the income that these cases would bring; so let's get the suits out of their comfort zone, back with natural American pop-u-lism as a counterweight to corporate greed.

Mississippi has separate equity jurisdiction that probably would not incorporate the issues here totally, but the fact of two ideas out there and one being equity, counts.  At the Mississippi courtreference site, see all the court systems there, including Chancery Court.

See the headlines: To kill a pelican. Equity jurisdiction for corporate malfeasance.

In that, equity matters. conservatives can't miss the crucifixion-recollecting outline of a goo-coated victim, wings outspread, beak wide, side view. That was on Rachel Maddow. And now lots of such.

We have found four states so far that still retain separate equity courts, at least useful as educational support for the people who are used to the idea of "fairness" as a legitimate inquiry, even if it does not work.

This means stay out of Texas. Out. No cases.  Not one. Keep BP cases out of Texas.

A.  Mississippi is one of Equity's Hot Quartet

1.  Mississippi.  Why Mississippi? It sounds odd as a choice, but it is already making the acquaintance, getting a first-goo look-taste-revulsion experience. Mississippi.  M-i-crookaletter-crookaletter-i-humpback-humpback-i. Deep South. 

2.  Delaware not so much, but Delaware knows corporations. Little Delaware. Border South.  It was among the last states to free its slaves.*

3.  South Carolina knows sleaze, and so does

4.  New Jersey, so put them on the pro hac vice list. Ha.  Pro hac vice here means for this vice.
B.  Mississippi would be a fresh place to start for the Need to Legitimize Equity - literally, make it legitimate, more a part of Law.

Get out of Texas.  Equity gets nowhere there.  Texas is winner take all. It is time to beef back on the equity ideas.

Back in 1938, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure combined law and equity in one system, one judge or jury to hear all issues.  Most states followed suit, a pun upon it. And, in the process, the emphasis went on Law, not fairness.  That is the essential difference, and each has equal stature - or should - if we are talking justice and not robo-jailings.

Retaining equity jurisdiction:  Chancery courts separately hearing some things. Can those be made to work well with corporate malfeasance.  Delaware and Mississippi have stubbornness in their favor.  They are true to their entrenchednesses, which also makes them very lovable, and we mean that.  Delaware's states-rights beliefs led to its wealth in corporation matters.  They wooed and got corporations to incorporate there, by giving nice laws to them.  It knows the ropes. 

Benefit to suing in an equity state:  The people learned the difference, probably.  Since the words are familiar - Chancery Court in Delaware, for example - people are used to thinking of law and equity as separate matters.  Divorce, wills, trusts, corporate sometimes, they have strong equity jurisdiction and may well even be separate physically from the law courts (that also do hear equity in their matters, but it isn't given the same Naming, so slides under as damages, or sentencing stage.  Equity has regard in Delaware, and probably in Mississippi. Unless Jim Crow gets in the way. Or corporate or megamillionaires. You find out. In theory, equity is supposed to get respect. Is that so?

C.  Offer Mississippi its opportunity to be at the forefront of modern thinking.

An equity focus has broad reach?

In states that do not keep the equity words in the forefront, all people know is "law".  Make them obey the law!  They are illegal!  This zygote supersedes the hostess, and don't let her forget it. So give her child support. Laws without equity are like _____________ without __________.

Law never in itself ends the matter.  There remain others responsible.

Law without equity as equal focus is wrong. In our tradition, law may come up with a terrible result but still be legal - and that is why equity arose with the ability to correct the course.  See://  Have we lost that flexibility just by letting words fall away since 1938.  Illegal immigrants may have come in because we condoned it for years, estoppel? with doors open, using the labor, we waited too long to fuss - laches. No clean hands. Etc.

Think of Law as the chopping off of the hand for theft of an apple.  Do the deed? Pay the price.

This is what we have lost:  Equity in our tradition comes in and says, yes, but:  Yes, to the theft.  But look at circumstances both sides, clean hands, laches, estoppel, in extremis, etc;  to feed a starving brother:  He keeps the hand but works for the shopkeeper squaring away the fruit at the stand (no whippings) for two months.

Theoretically, we blend law and equity appropriately by using law to prove what was done, and who did it, and what law was broken thereby.  The trial.  The sentencing (think criminal), or damages (think civil) is supposed to come after the deed, the doer and the law are identified and match. But on the rise are automatic sentences - limits on liability, three strikes, mandatory this and that.

We lose.

D.  Mississippi is on site.  And in situ.

Its people have the idea already, because there are Chancery Courts already: that equity is important and different.  What do the combined mindsets of Mississippi, New Jersey, South Carolina and Delawarecontribute to pending BP litigation.  They say, do equity.  Not just law.  We are looking at colonizers here, "">Big Oil as colonizer", and that extreme view is close to target.

Bring your case in Mississippi. Sue BP in Mississippi. Equity jurisdiction is familiar in Chancery states. Fairness. Can it be made to count?  How to restore lives, literally; lifestyles; value the pelican with the only life it had, also. For some of us, that counts.

And Mississippi is 50th of the 50 states in median income *.  These cases bring money in.  Where they are held does not matter to media or anything else.  Just don't go to Crawford, Texas.  Even media would be happier in Mississippi.


Stop!  We have not done the needed research on Mississippi, and have doubts as to its experience in these matters.  Still, Federal law would bow to Mississippi only in some areas, and any case will bring in experts and specialists to litigate etc, as needed or just to run up the bills.  This is just an idea from folks who believe human progress results from law and equity both; never law on its own. If we must choose, choose equity.  Or is Mississippi also in the mire? Of its own making. Pro Hac Vice.  For this vice.  Excellent.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Education Entitlements, and HGTV Rule. Empty the Room First.

I. Reforms in Education.  First, Empty the Room. The HGTV Rule of Redecorating.  

To redo the room, empty the room.  Three boxes for the resources, including human ones:
1) Keep and use, or
2) Give away, or
3) Dumpster.

Read that again. Set the budget.  Then empty the room.  Let all the contracts expire.  Everybody fired.  Then start over on how to allocate the budget, with the kids first, not job security or benefits for the adults.  What do kids need most in education.  Fund the teaching and assets to do that.  Weigh carefully current issues such as the child's family and cultural and economic environment as dispositive of many work ethic issues.  More money to fixed institutions may not be the answer. Look at virtual education, for example, see ://

Price what first is needed.  Put it and only it back in the room.  What do the kids need next?  Price it and place it.  And so on. 
  • Put that 15% for salaries and benefits.  Period. 
  • School year-round.  Kids go 3/4 of each year, but not the same 3/4 for everyone. 
  • Keep the high salaries, but make it an annual amount, paid weekly, for each week worked, with two weeks' vacation.  During school holidays, teachers work.  They are being paid $95,000 per year here, excluding retirement benefits. 
 Budget again.  Apply that 15% cap on funding to be used for any and all salaries and benefits for adults. Need more?  Do a specific wish list for all desired expenditures, and let the community decide whether to increase the budget and how:  including consideration that property taxes * may need to be increased to do specifically listed additional things; and/or that more money may not be the answer at all.  Here, locally:  salaries plus benefits, excluding retirement, for experienced teachers at some $90,000 per year, full listing has been distributed to the town).  Does that correlate with student benefit?  Wouldn't most of these privileged kids do well anyway? And, in our area, home values are dropping or holding, while the grand list has no growth left, and unemployment is at 6-7% unemployment.

If the health insurance companies have to provide $85 of every $100 to patient benefit, why not school systems.  That means the overhead, buildings, computers, athletic fields, books, all that, and then the $15 goes to salaries and benefits for teachers and administrators.

II.  Facts before Marches

School proposed budgets are to be produced with parallel amounts to be given or cut in other town government needs. No isolated requests. **

III.  The Role of the Students' and Cultural Work Ethic

Families, cultural groups, step up.The real problem is here, not with money taking the rap entirely.

There is no shortage of remedies proposed in the media for education shortfalls in performance. But in all these, culture seems most important.
  • Superior achievements of Asian-group children, for example. 
  • Reconfigured high school design and curriculum at see :// 
  • Sense of entitlement on the part of kids; educators; and the parents.  Schools and entitlements; and work ethic. Look at the schools. See :// 
Even USA Today notes the issue, see ://  Religious groups speak out against the effect of entitlements on kids' work ethic, even at their religious schools, see ://

So how to get that across?

IV.  Control what we can - Quantify and Identify
  • The NEETs -- and their experience.   In Britain, they count NEET's, who are (to the Brits) young people Not in Employment, Education or Training, ages 16-18).  They may well say that they have not felt successful at anything since fourth grade.  And their numbers are rising.  See :// 

Monday, February 15, 2010

Rename Filibuster as the Lawjack. Suggest the Danger if Process is Abused.

 Second Thought - 
Filibuster as the LAWJACK
Renaming - Upgrade

Look at its roots - it fits.
The old useful hoist idea turns to heist.

Rename filibuster. Rachel Maddow, TV person, asks for it.  You get a sweat-shirt and a mug if you win. See ://

We propose the rename to Lawjack. Its roots, conjuring the old hoist turning into heist, make sense.
  • Freeboot got our early vote, with its piracy and privateering roots.  But that needs an upgrade. Pirates are adventuresome, autonomous, there is a side that admires the derring-do. The self-serving opportunism has been sold in costume. See it in theaters.  Not good for a rename of a serious legislative issue, with a nation's progress on the merits of issues at stake, on second thought.
  • Use the term lawjack instead of dull filibuster.  Get at the force side, the self-serving, the opportunism side that taints the reality.  Retain a form of it, but rename and contain it.
Look at the jackroots.

1. The jack as a noun. The common person. Fungible. Replaceable by even a jakke.

Jack as a noun comes from the late 1300's and meant a mechanical device, a "jakke".  Jakke was an old spelling for Jack and that was a name for any "common fellow".  A Jack was any nobody.

The jakke by 1570 was a thing, a device, any number of mechanical contraptions that could replace servants, see Online Etymology Dictionary at ://  Think of jack-of-all-trades. Go on to find jackdaw, jackass, Union Jack, jack s___t from the 1970's (meaning "nothing at all", says the site), Jack Frost, and the Jack in the deck of cards, and that Jack was a peasant. Jack-in-the-box, jack-knife, Jack Sprat, Jack be Nimble, Jack and the Beanstalk, Jack-o-lantern, etc. Jackdaw. Jackanape.  The hoist jakke would be a kind of thing that would replace laborers like Jack. A jakke.

2.  To jack as a verb.  Watch the evolution.

Jack moved from noun to verb. It began meaning to abandon, or give up something, then came to mean to increase or hoist, as in jack up. Think of the jack in your car trunk;  then it moved on to other meanings as laid out at ://

Meanings became violent. A wrongfulness. A taking not just up, but from.

Think modern uses of jack in nouns - the highjack, the carjack.  There is fear in the concept now; someone threatens to take over from you what is rightfully yours and by force, disregarding you. It needs limits, containment.  Something for nothing, and at a high cost to the targets - fear, deprivation, danger, even death so that the pirate gets his free booty.  That is a danger - exciting when remote and singular, frightening when immediate and uncontrolled plural.

The helpful hoist becomes the heist.

How to determine hoist from heist.  When is the motivation bona fide, for a common good; or merely power-mongering.  We know that not all piracy was outlawed.  The old pirates became privateers when they operated under the consent of the monarch, in boarding enemy ships during wartime. If we think of a filibuster as a form of piracy, when does a lawjack piracy stay legitimate, bona fide; and when does it become mere piracy.  Motivation counts.

3.  What, us worry?

Worry about the names we give things because labels count. Labels teach, shape thought, instill fear, uncertainty, doubt, hope, inspiration. Labels are powerful. Naming is powerful, in any culture. Name this child. The name "Filibuster", as Rachel Maddow points out, has become boring and off-point. No-one pays attention to its deeper meanings as our collective noses slide below the water line and we sleep. Rachel, Rachel, she's been thinking .

4.  Toss the filibuster-lawjack?  No.

The lawjack or filibuster is not in itself an abusive process.  As a process, it has its place, as protection for a minority that bona fide a) feels it has not had an adequate airing of its proposals through no fault of its own (clean hands); and,  b) believes so strongly that its view best serves the country and that disaster for the country ensues by failing to heed the minority cry, then it is a last hope. Last clear chance.

Any party can be a minority sometime.

Bona fides.

Always difficult.  But the filibuster is no longer a way merely to permit a minority more air time for its substantive proposals, the merits of a debate;  or for the occasional permission for a minority to stop the presses when it feels strongly enough. It has become license to abuse.  It has become a heist:  full-stop blockage and a self-serving taking that endangers the entire governmental process. That old filibuster protection, that giving an extra weapon to delay, force change, even stop a process, only flies so long as people are convinced the minority is acting for the common good.  What if the minority itself has made the fog around what it is proposing, if anything; and the merits of its criticism of the majority.

Let's say a party has been so disruptive and propaganda-oriented in any efforts to conduct a civil exploration of issues, that it is counterproductive for the majority to include it in discussions. What if the Supreme Court adopted such a rule? Filibuster among the Supremes? Make every decision 6 in favor 3 against? Six to stop debate?

How to discern bona fides.  Discernment.  How to contain the renamed lawjack so its merits as a hoist, a booster, a heavy-lifter needed under some circumstances, are preserved while its abuses as a heist, a wrongful taking, are barred.  Rachel? 

Continue the speeches of merit and substance to add to a debate.  But there has to be a vote built in, after reasonable time.

Go to lawjacking.  The lawjack.

Jack it up, for tach it up. Buddy, gonna shut you down. Look up the Beachboys and Shut Down.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The American Pale. Economically Disposable People, Ghetto-ed by the Market Mindset. Value of a Human

The Pale in America
Uses of Pales in Population, Social Controls

"Jukin' the stats" - manipulating studies and polls so nothing will change

1. Range of apps.

The Pale is an area marked by a ruling group either a) to allow a minority - or majority - to live outside it, as an indulgence, while the ruling group lived inside; or b) to force the disfavored ones are forced to live inside, while the rulers live outside. Beyond the Pale: A phrase meaning outside the acceptable, from the perspective of the accepted. Pale. Geographic Pale. Technological Pale. A Dividing Line.

Privilege can reside on either side of a Pale: same term. The point is the divider,  It can be subtle: watch us proliferate gated communities in America, protecting those with and within from the barbarians without.  The gap between richer and poorer. Enforced.  Are charter schools enhancing that, taking away from melting and mixing pots of children, we are the in and you are the out. The public vs. the privileged. See FN 1.

Watch for undertones of skin color, is that so? The term takes on a nuance.  Is it the paler who create most  new Pales.  Skin color; as a boundary, with social regard, mobility, access to goods and services following closely. Why the apparently global preoccupation.

A  pale is also a pole.  Think "impaled". Or don't.

2. Process: 

Criteria, economic or ethnic or some such, define some people as inside the pale or outside. It can take statistics to justify a Pale.  Public schools are so bad that we need Charter Schools. Maybe they are and we do.  But watch the use of statistics - what is really being done. Watch stats justify funding for this and not for that, where change might result. Poor schools juke the stats to pretend progress where it was not - teach to the test.  Watch statistics get manipulated to ensure that no real change takes place.  Fudge them. Juke the stats.

3. The American Pale.  Author-Journalist David Simon Investigates.

The Drug Pale.  The Gang Pale.  Policing our Pales. Learn more. Go to your TV or YouTube and find Bill Moyers' Journal with guest David Simon (author, journalist, TV writer-producer) from April 29, 2009.  There is a discussion of how the relationship of economic need and creation of a Pale.
The people in our Pales are caught in intransigent webs:  a) the drug trade, b) incarceration of the poor more and more for less and less serious offenses,  c) police inability to do other than move people around, and  d) no-one cares because those people are not "needed" by the mainstream economy. And e) they are and can be contained. So who cares.

At YouTube, visit ://

The program is a full feature, in two parts.  Do a search for him and find other videos, books, The Wire.

4. Reassess legally imposed Pales

Once sufficiently appalled, ask how to dissolve the Pale boundaries where Wall Street has no interest in them, and people without lobbyists have no power in Washington.  Ask seriously if our Pales endanger our society more than addressing the problems would.   Ask David Simon:  He would say, we think, that we should decriminalize drugs and put the money spent on all that, and the enforcement and incarceration of petty drug pawns, into education and healthcare and hope. FC. Fat chance?

5. Who could facilitate:

Edward Bernays - father of our modern PR, specific ideas around for over a century. Do a search for him. How to muster those techniques for social problem solving, not just sales of products and politicians.

6. Who will get in the way. As in all of history, special interests. We are not altruistic, or are we.
  • Explore the Federalist Society (its big website has become more and more opaque - its White Papers used to be openly listed.  Its Board and flagship figures.  Look up its tilted use of our national treasure, the Federalist Papers. Here we cite Wikipedia because it is so hard to figure who is funding all the sites out there on the Federalist Papers. So, see ://
  • The point is that groups are actively creating and enforcing the American Pale, and there is no way to change course without change of heart, and FC for that.
Conclusion:  The New American Pale.  A Technological matter, favoring the wireless apps; and geographic in the cities and suburbs, and immigrant areas.  David Simon says that the society up there does not need the poor down there any more.  It makes plenty of profit without them, so why help them up.

Ignoring human need because special interest controllers do not need them for profit, not needed by the economy of the whites, the Pale?  See how the attitude makes a lie of education and medical policy, all aspects of our society mouthing the American Dream while "jukin' the stats" - manipulating statistics to look like progress is made while none is.

7.  How entrenched is the idea of a Pale.  History. 

Pales have long been part of our history.  Examples:

  • Jews in Russia in the time of Catherine the Great were forced to live outside a Pale, 1791, and others;
  • Catholic indigenous Irish were forced to live beyond certain boundaries in Dublin and other counties ruled by the English invaders, including counties of Dublin, Louth, Meath, Kildare see :// and ://  See also Dublin Castle and the illustration of the early boundaries for English invader-victors at h://
  • There is a printed reference to the term in 1657:  the moral there, in that poem, is that if there is a Pale and you are supposed to stay in it, do, or die.  
  • See also the Pale of Calais, France, 1347-1558. The English were victorious in this place across the Channel, the French resisted so long that the English king ordered six prominent citizens to be brought to him as prisoners, to be killed; but his Queen intervened, and he compromised by allowing the French to live outside the Pale; while he settled the area with English.  The area?  From a place called Gravelines in northern France, at the east; to a place called Wissant, in the west.  "Guines, Marck" - is that the origin of Guinness of Stout fame??  Some 6-9 miles deep, going inland. See ://  See also ://
  • Think ghettos, when the disfavored are forced to live within boundaries.  Think the ultimate "Pale" - ghettos in World War II with the subsequent systematic slaughter.  
We can't do away with the idea, the process, the intransigence; but we can take steps in that direction, is that so.