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Above: Lake Geneva, Switzerland. At Montreux.

Fodderize v.t. 1. To break down individual components; to make fungible; to disregard difference; to render one easily substituted for another 2. To impose sub-quality goods or services upon, with little recourse 3. To cap role choices, hinder access to resources regardless of merit, and so avoid competition 4. To manage perception by propaganda-spin techniques, while concealing dispositive facts 5. To manipulate, lure, exploit, deceive


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The American Pale. Economically Disposable People, Ghetto-ed by the Market Mindset. Value of a Human

The Pale in America
Uses of Pales in Population, Social Controls

"Jukin' the stats" - manipulating studies and polls so nothing will change

1. Range of apps.

The Pale is an area marked by a ruling group either a) to allow a minority - or majority - to live outside it, as an indulgence, while the ruling group lived inside; or b) to force the disfavored ones are forced to live inside, while the rulers live outside. Beyond the Pale: A phrase meaning outside the acceptable, from the perspective of the accepted. Pale. Geographic Pale. Technological Pale. A Dividing Line.

Privilege can reside on either side of a Pale: same term. The point is the divider,  It can be subtle: watch us proliferate gated communities in America, protecting those with and within from the barbarians without.  The gap between richer and poorer. Enforced.  Are charter schools enhancing that, taking away from melting and mixing pots of children, we are the in and you are the out. The public vs. the privileged. See FN 1.

Watch for undertones of skin color, is that so? The term takes on a nuance.  Is it the paler who create most  new Pales.  Skin color; as a boundary, with social regard, mobility, access to goods and services following closely. Why the apparently global preoccupation.

A  pale is also a pole.  Think "impaled". Or don't.

2. Process: 

Criteria, economic or ethnic or some such, define some people as inside the pale or outside. It can take statistics to justify a Pale.  Public schools are so bad that we need Charter Schools. Maybe they are and we do.  But watch the use of statistics - what is really being done. Watch stats justify funding for this and not for that, where change might result. Poor schools juke the stats to pretend progress where it was not - teach to the test.  Watch statistics get manipulated to ensure that no real change takes place.  Fudge them. Juke the stats.

3. The American Pale.  Author-Journalist David Simon Investigates.

The Drug Pale.  The Gang Pale.  Policing our Pales. Learn more. Go to your TV or YouTube and find Bill Moyers' Journal with guest David Simon (author, journalist, TV writer-producer) from April 29, 2009.  There is a discussion of how the relationship of economic need and creation of a Pale.
The people in our Pales are caught in intransigent webs:  a) the drug trade, b) incarceration of the poor more and more for less and less serious offenses,  c) police inability to do other than move people around, and  d) no-one cares because those people are not "needed" by the mainstream economy. And e) they are and can be contained. So who cares.

At YouTube, visit ://

The program is a full feature, in two parts.  Do a search for him and find other videos, books, The Wire.

4. Reassess legally imposed Pales

Once sufficiently appalled, ask how to dissolve the Pale boundaries where Wall Street has no interest in them, and people without lobbyists have no power in Washington.  Ask seriously if our Pales endanger our society more than addressing the problems would.   Ask David Simon:  He would say, we think, that we should decriminalize drugs and put the money spent on all that, and the enforcement and incarceration of petty drug pawns, into education and healthcare and hope. FC. Fat chance?

5. Who could facilitate:

Edward Bernays - father of our modern PR, specific ideas around for over a century. Do a search for him. How to muster those techniques for social problem solving, not just sales of products and politicians.

6. Who will get in the way. As in all of history, special interests. We are not altruistic, or are we.
  • Explore the Federalist Society (its big website has become more and more opaque - its White Papers used to be openly listed.  Its Board and flagship figures.  Look up its tilted use of our national treasure, the Federalist Papers. Here we cite Wikipedia because it is so hard to figure who is funding all the sites out there on the Federalist Papers. So, see ://
  • The point is that groups are actively creating and enforcing the American Pale, and there is no way to change course without change of heart, and FC for that.
Conclusion:  The New American Pale.  A Technological matter, favoring the wireless apps; and geographic in the cities and suburbs, and immigrant areas.  David Simon says that the society up there does not need the poor down there any more.  It makes plenty of profit without them, so why help them up.

Ignoring human need because special interest controllers do not need them for profit, not needed by the economy of the whites, the Pale?  See how the attitude makes a lie of education and medical policy, all aspects of our society mouthing the American Dream while "jukin' the stats" - manipulating statistics to look like progress is made while none is.

7.  How entrenched is the idea of a Pale.  History. 

Pales have long been part of our history.  Examples:

  • Jews in Russia in the time of Catherine the Great were forced to live outside a Pale, 1791, and others;
  • Catholic indigenous Irish were forced to live beyond certain boundaries in Dublin and other counties ruled by the English invaders, including counties of Dublin, Louth, Meath, Kildare see :// and ://  See also Dublin Castle and the illustration of the early boundaries for English invader-victors at h://
  • There is a printed reference to the term in 1657:  the moral there, in that poem, is that if there is a Pale and you are supposed to stay in it, do, or die.  
  • See also the Pale of Calais, France, 1347-1558. The English were victorious in this place across the Channel, the French resisted so long that the English king ordered six prominent citizens to be brought to him as prisoners, to be killed; but his Queen intervened, and he compromised by allowing the French to live outside the Pale; while he settled the area with English.  The area?  From a place called Gravelines in northern France, at the east; to a place called Wissant, in the west.  "Guines, Marck" - is that the origin of Guinness of Stout fame??  Some 6-9 miles deep, going inland. See ://  See also ://
  • Think ghettos, when the disfavored are forced to live within boundaries.  Think the ultimate "Pale" - ghettos in World War II with the subsequent systematic slaughter.  
We can't do away with the idea, the process, the intransigence; but we can take steps in that direction, is that so.