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Above: Lake Geneva, Switzerland. At Montreux.

Fodderize v.t. 1. To break down individual components; to make fungible; to disregard difference; to render one easily substituted for another 2. To impose sub-quality goods or services upon, with little recourse 3. To cap role choices, hinder access to resources regardless of merit, and so avoid competition 4. To manage perception by propaganda-spin techniques, while concealing dispositive facts 5. To manipulate, lure, exploit, deceive


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Insurance Game: Elitist v. Peon. The Boehner Bop.

The Teams in the Health Insurance Game.

Elitists v Peons.
Insurance Elitists Already Have Government Health Insurance
Like Congress; and the FEHP

Insurance Peons are The Restuvus; and our little hard-won no-public-option
Affordable Healthcare Act.

The Game.
Watch for The Boehner Bop
on the Head of the Peon.

Can the Peon Rally? What's the score? Who plays fair?
Who cares, says Boehner, as long as we win. Har Har.

We do.

Peons seek the Paeon
Further Plays on Words Below

Bottom line here: New Rule of the Insurance Elitist-Insurance Peon Game.

Congress shall not repeal or reduce the Affordable Healthcare Act unless they first repeal the Federal Employees' Health Benefit enabling legislation by which Federal Employees and Congress get their healthcare. And no replacing it. Then, and only then, shall anyone consider repeal or reduction of what the rest of us get.
I. The Game of Insurance Elitists v. Insurance Peons.

Insurance Elite coverage.

Congress and Federal Employees enjoy healthcare through the FEHB. Subsidies, etc.

Peon coverage. The Rest of Us get what we get through the Affordable Healthcare Act, and only since March 2010, with all provisions not to be implemented until some time after 2014. It is good, better then before overall, but not the public option many of us sought. Ok. That's the Game.
  • FEHB - Federal Employees' Health Benefit. See it at the US Office of Personnel Management at :// Congress enjoys it, see ://
  • Our healthcare, the Rest of Us Paeons -- the Affordable Care Act as passed in March 2010, some parts deferred. See the portal Health Reform and now the Act's website at ://
In favor, by way of refresher. See Wall Street Journal published opinion by David Cutler, J. Bradford Delong, and Ann Marie Marciarille, at ://; and others in support at ://; and ://

Those who opposed lost at the time, so their arguments are not repeated here because they were considered back then and found Wanting. Nonetheless, they are looking for a second bite at ours, while keeping their own Insurance Elitist coverage. And, we hear, some even complain that their Fancy Fed coverage has a teeny waiting period, like a month. Oh, dear. The inconvenience. So they keep theirs, while we are to lose ours.

II. New Rule.

Accordingly, the great benevolent dictator in the sky who looks with favor on the lesser beings, says, He Who Enjoys Federal Healthcare (the Insurance Elitists) Shall Take No Step Toward Repeal or Revision of Benefits Downward as to Insurance Peons.

Got that?

(Voice waits a minute, then repeats, from a distance:

No-o-o-o re-pe-e-e-eal or redu-u-u-u-uction of Affo-o-o-o-ordable Hea-a-a-a-althcare unless Co-o-o-o-o-ngress first repe-e-e-e-e-als the E-e-e-e-eF E-e-e-e-e-Ai-i-i-itcH B-e-e-e and does no-o-o-o-ot repla-a-a-a-ace it.

That means if FEHB is repealed first, without reinstatement, then everybody gets what we, the peons, get.

Wait a minute. Maybe we should get that. Watch our coverage go up then, if they have to get it, too. Or, nobody gets any affordable healthcare. Try that. And keep asking during the debate: If we need productivity here, are sick people more productive, more independent, more able to take on such jobs as may by magic appear down the road, despite the Nay-Saying to even little steps in that direction?

Off with their heads! Block them all!

III. Nomenclature: PAEON FOR THE PEONS. Roots of concepts.


Peon. A low-ranking person, see the Urban Dictionary at; and note the easy way to remember -- it is ok to pee on a peon. Don't blame me. That's on the Internet.

In "Spanish America", a peon is a day laborer, unskilled farm worker (also in India). A peon is a peasant, drudge (Drudge Report? Say not so!). Or perhaps a galley slave.


Now watch the fun. Add an "a" and you get PAEON.

PAEON. Also spelled Paean, Paieon, Paion.

This gets into classical education, and education is another area in need of reform upwards for our kids. Otherwise, look what they miss. Liberal arts for mental health and balance, technical courses for an earnings setting in which to enjoy your liberal arts mind.

Paeon. Paeon was the physician to the Greek gods. Look in the Iliad. Paean heals wounds for Ares and Hades. Hades! Strong medicine. The name became the surname of one Asclepius, the Healer, the one with the staff and the snake wound around. Look in the Aeneid, and all of it summarized at :// Find that Pindarus extended the name Asclepius, the Healer, to include the deliverer from evil, from calamity. Avert from pain, etc. Paeon knows the remedies for all things. Read the cited paragraph references.

So: Peons. Write this down. Your Patron Saintly One Regardless of Any Religious Orientation is Paeon -- the Healer.

Peons for Peaon.
  • Get Armey to pay for all the buses and placards and weeks on the road for fun and socializing, and spread the word. Just don't tell him what side you're on and why, just as he never told all those nice tea folks who he was and who would really benefit from the bus-tedness.
  • Get Mitch to unpurse those humorless lips he must have in there, and maybe smile at doing the right thing and not the politically dastardly for ideology's sake. Mitch. Mitch. Why worship the Ideology. Why bow to the Great Theos of the Uncreative Boxed Ones, when you have Paeon the Healer.
Then again, don't ask Mitch. He can't see beyond the cage. He thinks: Educate those tinted, sneaky folks who came across the borders that we left wide open for them for years, a real invite there, let them have healthcare they can afford, get them openly in the workforce paying social security taxes, and they might help the social security bottom line, but also that would mean competing for status with US. Can't have that.


Peons on the March! Get going. Repeal both or none!

Rules of this Game: There shall be no efforts to repeal the healthcare passed for all of us, until Congress first repeals in full all the healthcare available to all federal employees and Congress.

And Remember: The Theoi at ://

Monday, November 1, 2010

Fodder Site Duff-Sitter Show Awards. Worst: A R-A. Best: Mystery Cheeks Rider

 The Species Included this Show:  Duff-Sitters Only

And now, the judging is complete. The crowd is hushed, the duff-sitters nervously twitch, the microphone pops:  And now, ladies and gentlemen, this year's Duff-Sitter Award will name only the 1. worst in show; and  2. best in show.  Those in between we wish well, and hope they choose their role models wisely.

1. The Fodder Site Duff-Sitter Show Award


Meet A R-A here.
How about a hug.
Wrote a letter to the Times (NYT) 11/1/2010.
Complains of joblessness, despair, loneliness,
Despite heartfelt letters and resumes.
Trips to the post office!

A R-A. Pronounced Ay AR-Ay,
Minneapolis, be proud.
Your A R-A is a duff-sitter
Even though she has a law degree.
A law degree. Real tools.

Alas for this lass,
Unemployment addict, do we see?  Moaner?
Complainer to the Times. She is unemployed!
Sends out heartfelt letters and resumes,
Waits in "loneliness, worthlessness and desperation."

She's mad. So sad.
Has the tools. But
Keeps 'em in a bag.

Hey, A R-A.
Locked in unproductive Be-Ha-Viors.
Rent a room.
Get out and do it. 
Volunteer. Or good service at low rates.

Rent a copier. Get a phone!
Just start!
Someone seeking a non-vegetative state lawyer might even show up.
You, however, are too enthroned to (whisper) GET OUT THERE.

At least, it looks like that from here.

2.  'The Fodder Site Duff-Sitter Show Awards


This coveted award goes to ....
Mystery Rider!
Some on their Duffs still get places.
Make use of the Duff-time.

Like this guy.
A Life-Master whose Spirit Overcomes the Back View.
See him get out and ride!
Doesn't matter what it looks like.
Image all his own.
Deserves a full page spread!

3.  Duff-Sitters in the middle - What Might Await

The banquet, silly.

Plates for self-starters

Then again, maybe not.

Veg anyway?  A R-A: Vegger Supreme.

A R-A.
Letter complainer to the Times.
Little sympathy in these times.

* Man Meets the Sea, Esbjerg, Denmark; also facetiously captioned, white man meets the sea of color, but that is another story

** Rider, either in Roskilde, Denmark, or Hamburg, Germany; we can't figure out Picasa's placement

***  The Mongolian Barbecue, Silkeborg, Denmark