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Above: Lake Geneva, Switzerland. At Montreux.

Fodderize v.t. 1. To break down individual components; to make fungible; to disregard difference; to render one easily substituted for another 2. To impose sub-quality goods or services upon, with little recourse 3. To cap role choices, hinder access to resources regardless of merit, and so avoid competition 4. To manage perception by propaganda-spin techniques, while concealing dispositive facts 5. To manipulate, lure, exploit, deceive


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Candidates and Minority Roots. Mormonism, Roma, Not

Minority Matters. Religious, Ethnic.
Any Minority.
Romany, Romney, Roma. Assimilation.
Ongoing:  Opportunity Issues for the Non-Assimilated
The beginning is a question: Where a candidate has a possibly Roma name, and an actual Mormon religious affiliation, was there or is there a tie between Roma (vernacular "Gypsy"), and converts to Mormonism, in Europe (especially England) and here.  Does where we came from, and who made it possible, stay with us. When speculating leads to a deeper interest in ethnic groups and history, is speculation worthwhile. See!
Evidence is ambiguous, as always.  Words change, people blend. Find Saxon roots in Rumenea, now Romney, in Kent, England. See!/2012/01/steered-by-navels-and-surnames-what-if.html.  An interest is in how many converted from Roma to Mormon, in England and here.  No information on that other than a reference to gypsies out west, see But we do see connections by surname, to that ethnic group, see the Romany Marsh, Romney Marsh now, located in Kent, see!/2012/01/cumbria-sheffield-immigration-19th-c-to.htm.  Then again, there are other roots of the sound of that word, including the Saxon, above.
But, if Romany assimilated long ago, we would not.  We find a specific connection to the name Romney to the Romney Marshes of Kent, where the site also identifies the area as Romany Marshes.  And -- as is also true of many of our forebears, a smuggler's haven.  See this fair use reference:
The Romany Marshes:
With some of the closest towns and villages to France, on the coast and with miles of isolated beaches and fields, the Romany Marshes made an ideal base from which smugglers operated.
Read more:
There were such converts from Romani to Mormonism, and some completely assimilated, others adopted this practice or belief or that, or not at all (contact with non-Roma is penalized), as with any other group in contact with another, see the Other Religions section at
In particular, there were Mormon missionaries in England in the mid 19th Century, so the pathway was there.  Look to the past. What were Mormons,  before they became Mormon. Study Mormonism. And study the religions of the Roma, Romani, Travelers.  Overview of religion, customs, history, at  Christian Romany are many, but not in the fixed church buildings. The concepts are there. Romani first encountered Christianity in Anatolia, as they moved out of the way of the Ottomans -- see site.  In 1568, however, Pope Pius banished them. Nonetheless, Romani are found in the predominant religion of any area. Specific families? No way to know, so far.
For an overview of Travelers or Roma in England, see the BBC at Language: Romany, Romanes. With poor conditions for working people, Mormon missionaries offered a new way of life, convert and come to America, see, and continue to the specific Mormon references in pages following. Did Roma or Travelers also become attracted to the Mormons. How to find records of that?  As to any connection, only the name Romney, now prominent Mormon, is a surface similarity to Roma, Romany, Rom'nie.
Or is the name merely Welsh. But Travelers also were, and are,  throughout Wales. See; see also
There also is a Romney Marsh, a place beloved by smugglers, see; and a breed of sheep that do well there, despite the wet.
  • So far, no proof of Romney as Romany, but interesting to look.  Whatever the origin of the name, it is unlikely that a known gypsy or traveler family would have been welcomed into mainstream Christian circles, see the history of rejection, persecution, and being forbidden to participate in church activities in much of Europe.
  • Would Mormons, themselves under attack, treat them differently, more welcoming as the large numbers of immigrants were eased over to America as Mormons,
  • Christian rejection -- see
1. Ancestry dabbling.  Yes, there was a substantial Traveler community at Cumbria, where Miles Romney born 1806 was from. So, things are indeed possible but not firmed up. Door is open, but no reason to keep it open for much longer.
So far, we track the Mitt Romney ancestry to England, where Miles Romney lived (from Dalton-in-Furness or Futness? 1806)  That is in Cumbria, the old Dalton or Daltune from medieval days. He and his wife Elizabeth Gaskell heard a Mormon missionary in 1837 and converted and came to America, see
Converted from what? What ethnic, religious background? There is just statement of "middle class." No idea, and that middle class reference conflicts with other BBC site statistics that largely poor and working class converted. So still open is any connection of that Romney family with any minority or other-class group. Just the name, sounding Romanichal, Rom'nie.  Miles had a son, Miles Park Romney, etc. and all that is online.
Go back. Look up traveler community at Dalton, Daltune? Cumbria? Try both.  Find Romany families mentioned, Their term. There is something:  Cumbria has been home since 1685 to a roma-gypsy horse fair, now famous, see There was, then, a gypsy or traveler population there.  This site takes the Romney name back, still this Dalton connection, further: George Romney born 1781, another George Romney born 1738, and Thomas Romney born 1709.

So, surely somebody would have noted where the name came from if it were Romany, but did people have to register by that group identification, or just be in churches like anybody else.  England? Help out here?  Wikipedia starts with Miles here, little information. When did Travelers first get to England? 1500's? Yes, see Church Network for Gypsies and Travelers, Go, England. Turn back the gears.

  • Romany Fair.  That large fair is known as the Appleby Horse Fair, and is an event of the traveling community.  It attracted 40,000 people last year. Gypsy travelers came from around the world. See "Romany" families, and Romany is their word, sounds like Romney doesnt it? at  Romany Romney.

Now comes a kind of mother-lode.  Site for American Romanichals - Spend time there, especially with the old newspaper and photo galleries. But if Romney born 1806 converted prior to passage to the US, he would not be listed? And did I see Miles Ronney and not Romney?  Need birth records, marriage records then, that might show if any Romany is part of our Romney.  I'm done. Somebody else do that.
2.  Finding a link may inform our immigration issues, that loom these days.  If a candidate derives, even from long ago, from a disadvantaged group where some prospered, but many were left out, we would like to know.  If religious beliefs were part of a background, we want to know.  Our own are also as iffy, for those who are consistent in analysis. The name of the candidate, Romney, is examined elsewhere, and reviewed here, see  

3.  American Gypsies

What was life like, even if our particular Romneys were not ever, or eariler converted from Romanichal, in England. Many emigrated, and from oppressive conditions, see

Minorities enrich us.  Research turned up early sources, including "American Gypsy" from 1917, and now online.  
Welcome the idea of researching the past in connection with present people. What did we find. Explore roots of ethnic minorities with our current prominent Mormons, here Mitt Romney. Recognizing Immigrant Pasts. Do they shape our present. Roma, Gypsy, Romani, Rom'nie, Romanichal, Rom. Is Romney "gypsy?" We hope so. Time to highlight a group too often forked, ignored.  There is no census box for Roma.
Some Roma we already know and love: Charlie Chaplin, Elvis Presley.
America is enriched by a strong tradition of highly successful Roma. Gypsy populations are here in many forms, discernible from surnames, cultural groups, practices, and range from earlier nomadic groups, to the well-settled and highly prosperous. See .
Celebrate their contributions, and look to reinstalling the rungs back in the ladders that helped any earlier minority group to climb as it would. Romney as a Roma, Romnichel, Gypsy President? Roma, Romanichal, Rom'nie, Rom, that be our first? Somebody go research. Would people dare to use that, if it is so, to say that he is un-American? Many of our ancestors passed from one group to another, more favorably situated. The American Way.
 First, information needed. Much more information. We will ask Joseph Smith chroniclers, and the stories behind the Book of Abraham, for example. Mormon.

I.  Information about American Gypsies (Roma)
     A.  Sources
     B.  Roma Successes (find economic prosperity in many areas including New England, and in New York State where Mormonism began; and Charlie Chaplin, and Elvis). Note many groupings, Sinti, Romnichal, etc.
     C.  Arrival - from the start of our nation
     D. Would Mormonism be connected? see Joseph Smith, texts, stories, language
        1.  The word "Mormon" - origins, etymology
        2.  Belief system - recently, rituals women found offensive were removed -- as late as 1990.  I am not sure of the status of prohibition on blacks who can't be priests (just as women are treated in mainstream some religions, ain't allowed to be priests, ah, interpretation after the fact). Do they so believe? Why? Ask Mitt.
        3.  Original texts that Joseph Smith is said to have translated. None survived. We are left with "interpretation" and one "translation".  How to vet? What might support validity for The Book of Abraham, for example, despite some saying it was Joseph Smith's imagination. Parts maybe yes, parts maybe no. Evidence gone. There are references to Ogham language/letter symbols, like runes? What supports Joseph Smith? We find things.
II.  Welcoming immigration information; would some doors open wider?
I. Information about American Gypsies.
A.  Sources.
A new one to us is the 1917 volume by a first-hand researcher who described American Gypsies and their cultures. See online book American Gypsies, by Albert Thomas Sinclair.
This old book offers a glimpse back in time. Come away with a new appreciation for our fellow immigrants, language, how they lived, and their economic prosperity in many areas.  FN 1. 
See also">>
  This is a longer online book, but gives a wealth of information on language, background.
The prosperity of those New England - New York groups, however, is in contrast to others in this country in their virtually invisible poverty; and the poverty and persecution of those abroad, visible every day.  See

Minority assimilation. If minorities anywhere remain economically disadvantaged, is that their fault as flawed humans; or have vital rungs been put out of reach, the ladder distorted.
B.  Successes - Roma in New England, New York State, Louisiana, coastal south, nomadic groups elsewhere.  Information:  Patrin,
For individual success stories, find Elvis Presley, Charlie Chaplin,  Here, we look at other American Gypsies, and the book of that name from 1917, online, see American Gypsies, by Albert Thomas Sinclair.  Find many examples of the success of the gypsy (we now would say "Roma" or "Traveler", probably) population in New England and New York especially. 
That is a possible connection, because Upstate New York, Palmyra, was where Mormonism began, see  And Palmyra NY was where a 177-year old edition of the Book of Mormon was found and auctioned off in 2007.  Joseph Smith was from Palmyra, NY, see  And on to the midwest and west.  And Canada. And elsewhere. Other names include Romnichal, Rom'nie, Rom, Roma, Romani, Romanichal.
Some Roma did well, it appears, in New England. Read this excerpt, fair use concerning the prosperity of some gypsies (modern term would be Roma) from chapter 13 of American Gypsies: .
" ***** Many have accumulated handsome properties. In Boston,
Somerville, Fall River, Providence, Worcester, Hartford, New Haven, Spring- field, in New England, and in many other cities of the Union, Gypsies own real estate, free and clear, worth from twenty to a hundred thousand dollars. Many have thousands of dollars in ready money, and some are money-lenders. I have full details of such cases. The very large proportion are temperate, much more so than formerly, I think. They are nearly always on good terms with every-one who comes in contact with them, and the old prejudice against their race has largely disappeared. *****"
C.  Arrival
How did they get here?  On their own, or see chapter 17, in American Gypsy, history of "Egyptians" conscripted as labor from the Caribbean and British Isles, settler groups in Louisiana, etc. Find an overview of origins.  Also go back to the Gutenberg book, The English Gipsies and their Language, Chapter X, Gipsies in Egypt. See  Not so far fetched.
Note that the US does not categorize people by ethnicity, but by country of origin, and so there is no "Gypsy" category at all.  Very easy to forget uncounted people. See an outdated 1981 site, we find more on prosperous gypsies than are represented there:
D.  Would Mormonism be connected, see Joseph Smith, texts, stories, locations. Would this be a "fit" for Roma, as other aspects of Christianity had been and probably remained.
1.   "Mormon"
We are still researching the name "Mormon" in ways other than the transposition of letters as was customary in secret languages, including our own pig latin.  The Book of Mormon, Mormon being the name of the prophet in question, see
Is it more? We look at language, customs, see this site for British Travelers, Do a search there for "secret writing" and find the practice of simply transposing letters. That topic is in many sources. Mormon - Mor - Rom, ah the imagination does enjoy its own frolic.
Where else the name Mormon? Keep looking. Etymology: Joseph Smith himself coined the name from English "more" and the Egyptian (?) "mon", meaning "good.". See that at That makes little sense.  More good?  More persuasive is the common custom of word reversal, Rom to Mor, and add the Mon for Mor Mon.  Gypsy Good.  Sherlock, here we go.

2.  Belief system.  Everybody's has rocky parts.
We know that Joseph Smith had his visions in about 1821. His background is patchwork, and sites go to extremes each way in which episodes to stress, as with any prominent founder of any system. See;
As to the Roma belief system itself, there is no "one".  Roma have their own imprimatur on Christianity, and other belief systems. See St. Mary's in Gdansk, Poland and the Gypsy tradition of Sara la Kali, see!/2007/09/gdansk-church-of-saint-mary-black.html.  Mainstream religious idea origins have been part of Roma or gypsies, including Roman Catholicism, and often with to varying extents and customs, as with any other group.
Did they adopt Mormon beliefs?
That takes more work here. Beyond me. Need to go back to Palmyra NY records where Joseph Smith started Mormnism, and document the gypsy population and then who converted, if any.
At least, Mormonism's basic theological ground, apparently predating hte Book of Mormon, the Book of Abraham (is that so?), would not have been a turn-off; and with ethnic connections to how it was found, and its origins (is this a stretch? read on), the compatibility likelihood rises.  And many Roma were already Christian, with an expected range of Christian-like baptism and Christian belief systems, among their own rituals. See also in France,  Fundamentalist Revival Christians have found a welcome as well, see
3.  Original texts.  A fragment of the Book of Abraham survived, see Interpretation without the original otherwise rules.
Joseph Smith's Golden Tablets; Book of Mormon; Book of Abraham 1835, later apparently disavowed by the group; and roots.  We just have the "translations"
a.  Texts. 

What did they say, apart from what Joseph Smith said they said. Texts do not define a religion.  Interpretation do. And interpretation engrained in custom makes the culture itself difficult to change. Some here raise as many hackles as similar treatment of women and blacks to in our other cultural and religious aspects.
Interpretations and customs can change with the times, however, see Mormon rituals that women found offensive were only recently removed in 1990, see
Golden Tablets were translated by Joseph Smith, into the now Book of Mormon. Do we have it straight? see The tablets
b.  Theology. What is the connection of the Book of Mormon with something called the Book of Abraham? Find that, at least as of 1970, at  Parts have been dismissed as imagined by Joseph Smith, such as the exclusion of blacks from priesthood at the time, see article (status of issue? as of 1970, it had been reaffirmed).
In 1912, the Book of Abraham was of great interest, see So, if the mummy was imagined as well, what is the status of the Book of Abraham? Who followed up on that? Old Egyptian originals, translation imagined?  This is out of our league.  All theological claims should be carefully vetted against sources and against later cultural shapings, so we forge on.
c. Given the disclaimers as to mere imagination, why should we accept that?  It is too easy.  So we ask what would weigh in on the side of Joseph Smith, supporting his claims, and not mere "imagination." There are elements, laid out like in a filing cabinet, for reference.
It was allegedly translated by Joseph Smith as far as it got (the translation is incomplete), from Egyptian papyrii, obtained through a traveling road show, with Egyptian mummies, and from an itinerant entertainment group (that in itself sounds Roma?)?  See See also an encyclopedic-type recounting at
The reference to Egypt again is interesting, and to the employment of some of them in carnivals. Gyptians? That connection of Gypsies to Egypt is apparently an erroneous one,, but a belief in it at the time would have given some credibility to the source of the text?
There is, however, credibility to the story of the origin of the papyrus: how it got there, and the letter-word forms. Since the original did not survive, we only have a "translation" and that in part, and translations always vary (that's why we always want the earliest, most untoyed-with text, of course).

d.  Ogham.

The language of the Book of Abraham, central text of Mormonism, is said to be "Ogam" or Occam.  From that, Joseph Smith did his translation. 
The word itself suggests the Ogham, the Ogham script of long ago, see of ancient (4th-6th Centuries in Ireland)  Irish, Welsh, British writing; and even from the Sinai BC, see
Runes of earlier cultures evolved into the stick form of Futhark, taking the language forms back and back and back, but also with overtones of gypsy use. See The Secret Languages of Ireland. Journal of the Gypsy Lore Society (new series). 2: 241-246.
27) Macalister, R. A. S. 1937, cited at  That is a click away from the home page at
Now somebody go back and find the original Book of Abraham and let's see what runes, Ogham, symbols are used.  How to get at that?  Or is it all trust in the "translation"? Christians trust their translations, when it serves their ends, regardless of original texts, so why not Mormons? Websites address the issue, see LDS at Satisfied?  The Bible itself contains only selected sources, a compromise of sorts. Interesting.  The original text, however, with the original script, for either set of texts in Mormonism, but at least the oldest Paleo-Hebrew is, to check against later cultural intentional misinterpretations.
Either way, Roma or Traveler roots go back to our own origins as a country; and the traveler-roma connection is not unfeasible.  Websites: American Roma at;
II.  Recognition of the past. 

Reconcile old religious and secular customs with the newer, include the more traditionally considered fringe, and find areas of common humanity.  We propose an effort to learn more of this ethnic group, and their heritage.  If Mr. Romney has a connection with Roma, Romnichal, etc.,  this would be a positive for immigration issues generally.
Given the success of Roma as laid out in New England in American Gypsy from 1917, and if Mitt Romney is of that background as the name suggests, why not take pride in it and the open-door up-the-ladder tradition of America?
It should be no pejorative to have Roma in a background, given their success in assimilation, if they assimilated (many have not) and contribution on their own. 
Question for all successful persons, especially candidates.
Ask now, in this election year, of every candidate, for the sake of others still disadvantaged, and other minorities, what has happened to the rungs. 
For those who have not assimilated, what are the health and education needs.  Many keep the low profile of groups persecuted elsewhere, and nearby, see,8599,2025316,00.html.  Do opportunity ladders now lack rungs.
From there, go back to candidate Romney, whose family has been successful, and with strong New England roots, among other places. Romanichals or Romnichals were English Roma, for example, see It sounds like solid Roma roots, building up of propertied estates, all that.
What, if any, minority group has substantially benefited from his or her largesse, whose interests he has fostered for the common good, and not through the church and not for ideology or proselytizing?
Is the business profit margin maximization, the party image, always the core belief, allegiance?  Here and abroad, look at the need:
There are always rocky parts of origins.  Own them and move on.
Origins help explain a course, but do not define it now. Turning to Mormonism may have had nothing to do with Joseph Smith.  If the Romney family was among those prosperous ones referred to in American Gypsies, they might not have been disaffected at all as a reason to convert. Needed: cultural recognition of this group, not on our census forms, but in the blood of many.
FN 1  Follow-ups, in the nature of an ongoing filing cabinet

a. We are also interested because of the surname "Romney" with its every appearance of Roma, Rom'nie, Romnichal, Romanichal, Rom origins, and someone who wants to pay to research back to the family's original conversion is welcome to do so. Remember, though, that any ancestry site puts up whatever anyone puts in - A Wiki kind of operation - so get-vet the documentation, not the mere conclusion or statement.
b. American Gypsies:
There are accounts of gypsy conversion in the online American Gypsies, at 7. Scroll down for "Mormons", see chapter 7 there. The book cites so far gypsy populations in Mt. Desert, Maine and East Somerville, and Allston, Massachusetts, Western Massachusetts, New York (I am reading it bit by bit). The woman noted at page 7 was probably in Utah, but may well not have composed that letter home, as its piety was not in her usual tone, but conversions do spur greater commitments?
c.  And, of course, the Broadway gypsy robe ceremony, see
d.  A natural fit.  Many in the Roma population -- there are many groups, and the languages also differ -- are Christian-oriented. See American Gypsy at 8, so moving to a Christian-appearing group would not be a stretch.  For overall Roma topics, see Gypsies, Roma, Romani
e. Other surnames
Try Romney.  The Rom, Rom'nie, Travelers. FN 1 Romanichal -- English Travelers.  See
Assimilation for many was not difficult. It could have been for survival. Travelers, we are told, often adopt the religion of the culture where they come to live, see this United Kingdom site,
As in Alice in Wonderland, ask the giant caterpillar, Who R U. How you respond informs us as to our vote.  So far, we see a coldly analytic approach to giving. Some people are categorized as "dogs" dragging down the system. Minorities might ask, are those among the ones where the rungs have been removed? why? obviously to protect the status who climbed those rungs and got up there when the rungs were in place. Is that so? Right or rung?
Pedigree:  So far, people only want to see the glam.  What has been left out?  See  Ancestry has a bent to the glam.
Romney, are you Rom?  If so, go to it, let us rejoice in your success, and we look forward to your helping your brethren.  America has many.  See And a film, see  Do your tax returns show giving other than to the church? Do they help gypsies? Your candidacy may well depend on compassion, not profits while overseeing layoffs. 

Monday, December 5, 2011

Tracking Warbucks. Occupy the Contracts. Is the 1 percent 99 per cent Warbucks Generated.

Tracking Warbucks.
Update boosted by Rachel Maddow's book, Drift,0,6610008.story
War Fortunes and Where They Went
How do Contracts Influence War Decisions?
Occupy the Contracts.
Inordinate War returns for the 1 percent?
 Rebate to the rest of us, or let profits dictate War.
What is a bail-out?
Can the government bail itself out
 for long-term goals, through payments to needed industries?
The influence of war contracts.  To what extent are they a push to war, just because the materiel has been contracted for. War Pearl Harbor an act that is heinous, or predictable because we ourselves put our assets there as a lure because we had all those contracts and materiel, and we asked for it. Perhaps we misjudged the total impact of a strike; but how stupid could we be, than to put our fleet in one harbor. 
What element of the current 1 percent derives from war contracts, bailouts of businesses still in depression, that coat-tailed out on grounds of "national need."  If those now holding those fortunes did not themselves earn it, why are they entitled to keep it at the expense of the 99 percent?
Ask:  Government contracts, buttressing of what it needs,  as bailout. Who is being bailed out? The nation is.  Not just a company. 
What "need" was there in April-June 1941 to justify the defense contracts.  Did those contracts in themselves make going to war a certainty.  what else to do with all those products.
A.  Companies on the contracts lists even before Pearl Harbor.
Colt as a company name did not fare well over time.  Its money went elsewhere.
Others also diminished as a company name.  But what fortunes were enabled by warfare, who amassed what, and where are they now.  Does our currently spotlighted hyper-privileged 1 percent contain mostly warbucks-derivative fortunes. No? How to find out what extent, if any. We ask because we are told that the nation's 1percent represent earners, job-creators, hard workers who put in the time to make the dime.  Is that so? Or are they second, third generations down the line, feeling entitled, who got a fine educational and cultural head start through war fortunes for their own line.
B.  We start with WWII, before Pearl Harbor.
Why before Pearl Harbor?  We thought we were taken by surprise, and were shocked, shocked? What decisions had already been made, by whom, why, and with what determinative result.
1.  June 28, 1941. 
The nation is looking for a way out of the Depression, and Washington has more on its mind, but not a different issue: a way out.  Washington is casting more than a merely wary eye to warfare elsewhere at that time.  Sudden war-type contracts: the Defense Department in overdrive.
Visit the New York Times: June 28, 1941 -- six months before Pearl Harbor.
Look at the war prep going on at that early date, in that one day alone in appropriations. Did the war department then have to look for an excuse to use it all? Was Pearl Harbor allowed to happen, gasp? Had the decision for war already been made, and only public opinion needed to be jolted to follow suit.  See Army's Contracts in Day $17,310,990, at
June 28, 1941 was not the first big appropriations day. Eleanor Roosevelt wrote about entering the war or not on that day, critical of the wording of a congressman's query to the public on the issue, see;  the US Army Bill for 1942 was passed, see; and German and Romanian soldiers kill 11,000 Jews, and Germany occupies Poland,
2.  April 5, 1941.  Earlier.
 Further and earlier defense department contracts were awarded by both Army and Navy months beforehand, on April 5, 1941, including many of the same manufacturers' names, such as the relatively small (at the time) Union Hardware in Torrington Ct,  and its cleaning rods, see list below and  See the day from different perspectives, including the government suing the AMA, see  With a URL "crooksandliars" it is difficult to even cite it seriously, but the issue is interesting. Find a more comprehensive April 1941 timeline at
And September 30, 1939 --
More, but not designated Army or Navy contracts, just "supply," see  See the day:
B.  How did those contract recipients fare in the long term.
If people made fortunes off government contracts, and are now in the 1 percent, they owe something to the 99 percent, is that so, and how to measure, if to do that.  Occupy the contracts?
Beyond the anticipatory expenses for a desired war (what to do with those products if we decided not to go to war?)  we are interested in tracking the suddenly accumulating wealth of the recipient companies.  Union Hardware, for example, finally merged with somebody else in 1960 or so, see, Were those contracts really bailouts in the context of a recalcitrant Depression, in the sense of government saving-graces regardless of the long-term reason.  Bail-out.
The government bails itself out with the bailout to the industries.
And who benefited in the long term: What of their shareholders and directors and officers -- what did the war enable them to amass in their heyday, what rolled over happily where.  Are they now part of the 1 percent.
What happened to these companies with the sudden war contracts, what is the real result of a government "bailout" even where there is the possible urgency of war  -- what else to call it. From the companies' perspectives, a bailout?
C.  What was a thousand dollars worth then, in today's measure? Which companies then bought others, or were sold to others, at a premium.  Who are the heirs?  Are they mostly our 1% now, the Warbucks generation?  Add Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq.  Who is enriched?
D.  Look up the companies.  Find yours.
We made a little list:  This is limited, as the article itself is limited, to the New York area, including Connecticut and New Jersey.  From that, we mention only Connecticut companies:
1.  Bridgeport Thermostat Co., Inc.,  arming wire assemblies.
2.  Bullard Co., turret lathes, see each word defined at
3.  Colt's Patent Firearms Mfg. Co., gun parts, small arms materiel
4.  Noble and Westbrook Mfg. Co., marking machines
5.  High Standard Mfg. Co., small arms materiel
6. J. L. Lucas and Son, Inc., steel boxes
7.  Torrington Co., surgical needles
8.  Union Hardware Co., rifle cleaning rods
9.  Waterbury Clock Co., assemblies, flare fuses
10. Waterbury Farrel Foundry and Machine Co., assembly machines

What were the other preparations for war being made?  For weapons and the pending wounded: it appears that the decisions had already been made. Only the people were left out of it. Perhaps they would have come on board, with full information.  So why all the secrecy?
  • NYT lists gauges, cable, thread-cleaning machines and fixtures and scoops, hyraulic press assemblies, drop forgings, see drop forgings at, lab equipment, hospital supplies, job presses, coolers, splint support and foot rests, fuse plunger supports, telescopes, fiber containers, head punches, cleaning brushes, machine-gun covers, lead seals, timing devices and pressure pumps, plywood, compasses, operating gowns, head drills and spindle drills, packing cartons, rifling heads, tachometers, more drop forgings,pinches and guides and plugs and sleeves and pins, starting cranks and coils and solenoids, see solenoids at, tank parts, wrench parts and crimping machines, packing containers, tools, steel, nitrocellulose, see nitrocellulose at, glass tubes and rods, fiber containers, drills and holders and bits, flexible shielded conduits, tools again, protective ointment (for protection against the other side's nitrocellulose or fiery projectiles? see!/2011/11/history-of-fiery-projectiles-timeline.html), hydraulic presses.
E.  Define bailout.
If the government is bailing itself out, it is still a bailout; and needed.  Find a new term. Why the pejorative aura to a bailout that all sides need? It is only a pejorative when profiteering for the few results over the long term. Why allow war profiteering at all? War profiteering leads to actions leading to more wars.
A bailout is a government contract or payment, either one, for a national long-term purpose, that requires no payback or repayment in the obtaining of the contract or payment. 
Government contracts that permit profiteering at its expense are bailouts, especially where the company relies on the payout.  It does not need to be "in trouble."
The April-June 1941 long term interest.  Was the nation still in the Depression, or had we bootstrapped ourselves out of the Depression by magic already?
F.  The effect of the early, even if prudent, expenditures.
With those expenditures, six months and more before December 7, 1941, we had to go to war somewhere and the opportunity arose with a bang. Can it be said that the government, in hiring these industries, paying them for things, to do things, was really bailing itself out for its long-term cultural, social and economic survival goals.
We may not want to see those prudent pre-disaster expenditures also as bailouts, but they serve as such. Now, follow Halliburton, Blackwater.  Expenditures based on national "need" such as anticipated warfare, or services suddenly privatized, are bailouts but for the nation, necessity for long-term survival.  Still a bailout.  Is then an expenditure program for long-term economic survival also not a bail-out at all, but necessary for long-term survival. 
War profiteering leads to more wars.  So cut it out.  War department contracts before Pearl Harbor were prudent, but also manipulative, and ushered in new eras of war profiteering.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Global Vocal Majority. World's 99 Per Cent OWSA. Occupy Wall Streets Anywhere..

The New Global Vocal Majority.
Global 99 Per Cent
Occupy Wall Streets Anywhere. OWSA
The issue is not economic inequality;  the issue is economic exploitation, manipulation of access to opportunity.  Will this movement, can this movement, be co-opted by the NRA, and Armageddonists, who took over the Tea Party earlier?  Join this upgraded Peasants' Revolt..
Peasants' Revolts are Newly Modern.
Revolts Seeking Dignity in Life
Rise Up Now
Globally -- Arab Spring, European Spring, Asian Spring, to American Spring
Occupy the Wall Streets
Time to Cure the Causes; Not Suppress Seekers Yet Again
1.  Yesterday.  Revolts are historically ongoing. Peasants' Revolts, revolts against feudalism, colonialism, empire. Suburbs and Teas find they are small steered potatoes, compared to the real issues of human rights: dignity, sustenance, health security, opportunity. Is it time to cure, rather than suppress?
2.  Today.  Add global revolts against economic and religious suppression, disrespect, undisclosed power plays.
3.  Tomorrow.  Can the Teas and regular Republicans of our own country see their own manipulation, and join in the broader effort for human rights, not just their own cultural "superiority?"  Operative summary for one viewpoint:  See NYT caption that the game in politics is to control people, but not let them know they are being controlled.
1.  Yesterday

Protesters against economic and cultural abuses have much in common today with those yesterday.  Historically, peasants revolted against feudal abuses:  lack of sustenance and dignity in life, serving as chattel.
See sickles against castles, at Slovenia Road Ways, Peasant Revolt, at
  • In those days, there may not have been individual aspirations for nameless peasants. That was a concept unheard of in castle days, but the seeds were there. Disrespect, exploitation leads to instability. Is it finally time to cure the reasons driving these same-issue protests that kill so many in mind and body; or will we simply suppress it one more time. We are more articulate:  protest obstructed access to opportunity, reasonable compensation for labor expended.  
    2.  Today
    Is a new meme spreading this global morning. Is there consciousness for a new 99%.  Ninety-nine percent of the world, is that possible?  Check your head, your news. Protesters take stands against the world's Wall Streets and what they represent in terms of moneymoney, at the expense of human values, the 99%. See 

    Then ask:  Is it time to cure the ills, rather than suppress the protesters.  The issue is not income inequality, economic inequality.  The issue is economic exploitation, the manipulation of access to opportunity so that those now lower than the higher cannot rise.

    Earlier protest movements like the Silent Majority in Nixon's time in this country, see FN 1,  had some factual validity:  perhaps they were overtaxed.  But that is not true now. Those who believe they are overtaxed have been lied to. Is that so?

    So the Silent Majority stewed with reason. Their tax issue now, however, has been coopted by interests other than in a majority of ordinary people, and is revived as a farce. Which other earlier-valid stands, by a silent majority or a moral majority, have been co-opted in this new corporation-media era, by the NRA and Armageddonists and other hangers-on.  Who will spill the beans? see FN 1 for the history, as that presentation was and is tilted for ongoing persuasion and coopting of earlier stands of the Tea Party.
    • Detractors describe protesters as only the unsophisticated, uneducated, unemployed; the exploited serf.  
    • That suggests the solution:  fund education, fund jobs.  
    • Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain? 
    • The protests focus on the men behind the curtains.
    • Protesters now includes the working but unable to sustain self and family; or those making it but who  just want to be okay until they kick the bucket. Some seek not profits, but a lifestyle that allows focus on arts, relationship, intellect, individualism.  The common denominator is dignity.  Without sustenance, access to opportunity, there is no dignity.  Does the equivalent of the
    What is the Tea Party response?  Their leaders diss any protest but their own.  So look back.  Does the Tea party have more in common with Occupy Wall Street than their media want them to think.  Have they already been co-opted by their own now self-serving politicians and media.
    Some in the Tea Party or Republican mode ascribe credit for their success to the line of protests from suburban "silent majority", through the persuaded "moral majority", to a new "vocal majority" now, the Tea Party.   Red State, see FN 1.
    But they also suggest that they are the end, highest point. Not so.  Even they do not know who funds them, who pulls the strings.
    • They are wrong in their assessment of the end-game as themselves.  
    Their protesters only touched upon cultural, religious issues, none of the base issues of causation that even they protested.  
    Today's protesters on Wall Street focus on an unspoken common ground between Tea Party and Occupy Wall Streeters.  Can regular Republicans and Tea Partiers step back from their handlers and vet.
    3.  Tomorrow.  

    Support the focus now going deeper.
    • All humans 
    • All humans have a right to a life of dignity:  sustenance, health security, access to opportunity, and regardless of the orientation of which political party or its funders, or a religious group and its funders, they espouse.
    • Deny that to any group at the peril of the whole.
    • Suburban silents, aging bus-people with placards, people finding the joy of relationship with new folks, gun-carriers, the unemployed, the unsophisticated, the uneducated, all have a right to conduct their lives with the components of basic dignity.

    Red State?  Thank you for an interesting overview to cheer (sis-boom) the organizing ability of people on their own, and those with hidden coaches.

    But if you remain at that stage, you miss the point.

    CONCLUSION.  Today' s global protests hit the core of a dignified life for all, not the simplistic aspects of culture that the local US groups used to tout. The earlier Silent Majority and its tax and disrespect concerns; the later Moral Majority and its Jesus interpretation and tax concerns; all co-opted by the Vocal Majority's handlers, NRA and Armageddonists.  Old over-taxation issues no longer true.  Vet. What else is not true, NRA and Armageddonists?

    FN 1  Red State looks at  Background.  No open quotes, but the framework is at the asterisk  * This is a free-wheeling paraphrase, commentary on an old article promoting the Tea Party but with interesting historical chronologies.  To be vetted. Is this so?

    Start with Richard Nixon, president January 1969 to August 1974. His term for protesters who sat back was “the Silent Majority” -- millions of Americans who worked hard, but did not protest except to vote.
    In that Nixon era, protesters were on the streets against the Vietnam way, and they were having sex (gasp!), taking drugs, engaged in "demonic" rock music, and changing America with its version of "radical political thought."  they did not just wait until election day.
    Nixon believed this:  that the Silent Majority supported him, while the media and scholarly elites hated him and hated the Silent Majority and Nixon also.  He was right at election time:  in 1972, he beat George McGovern, and the "elites" he described as the media and academia became more enraged.
    What did the enraged media do to get back?  They painted the Silent Majority with pejorative colors: "hayseeds and rubes who had no idea what was right for the nation."  The media further put out the Silent Majority as "unsophisticated, uneducated, middle-class and working-class drones who had no business trying to influence the direction of our nation."  There was more:  media attacks on "liberal socialism from Hollywood and New York" – through the media – and Washington, in its political processes.
    Nixon was on point.
    The Silent Majority of that day were regular folks who largely wanted to be left alone:  people, say, from suburbs and little towns, rural Ameria, who paid their own way, were independent, paid taxes, and wanted little from government.
    Nixon could well have been talking, with prescience, about the Tea Party, the newly vocal, previously "silent majority" kind of people;  they protest aloud their beliefs that they are taxed too much, and the government is wasting their money and risking their future, and governmental greed and corruption also will affect their children. .
    In 1984, the Silent Majority was augmented by the Moral Majority -- Reagan rode that wave right over Jimmy Carter. Jerry Falwell led, largely, that Moral Majority-entitled group who until that time, had voted for the Democrats. They were convinced, however, by Rev. Falwell, that the Democrats had abandoned them.  They were convinced as well that the country needed stronger national defense in conventional ways, walls against an ongoing Soviet threat, and economic growth instead of the standstill they experienced.  Have faith in God and in the moral goodness of the Republican party instead.
    In 2010 (the date of this Red State article),  enter the New Vocal Majority.  They see stakes as even higher then before, and it attacks a new (projected)  unholy trinity, instead of just a vague idea of differences in religion;  and that unholy trinity usurps traditional religion to become personified in the (incarnate) Pelosi, Reid and Obama. Fight PRO.
    Fight the Pro's. Fight Pelosi, Reid and Obama.  The Devil's trinity supplanting all the other ideas.
    Issues?  Perceived fiscal abuse by democrats. Perceived national security neglect by democrats (this in 2010 after nearly a decade of republican fiscal policy and national security fiascos?)

     Thus is is abuses by the democrats that

    "have caused millions of American to band together not only to to create the Tea Party movement, but all sorts of other anti-big-government, anti-tax, pro-property, pro-gun and pro-Constitution movements. These people are fed up and are speaking out against the waste, fraud and abuse that is causing the economy to slide into stasis and unemployment, and moral decay that is causing myriad social crises."

    Yet, continues Red State, the media elites still disrespect the New Vocal Majority and favor snobs in NY and Hollywood. The difference is that now the Reds can dominate the media. Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin and Grover Norquist.  (Propaganda works, not fact, is that the message?).

    Founders of our democracy warned "that electoral democracy could lead to an entrenched political class – like congressmen elected over and over for decades – and a greedy, rapacious entitled class that could manipulate elections to funnel money its way ".

    The New Vocal Majority, however, opposes political and entitled classes both; and wants liberty instead, and not just the fleeing entitlements of a particular point in time.

    The article notes that the American Revolution was supported only by some 30% of the American people. (Good point.  So? The majority is not always right)

    * With framework thanks, creative use, to Redstate, The New Vocal Majority

    Wednesday, August 24, 2011

    Economic Potato. Induced Famine. History's Ace for Power. Blight it.

    The 21st Century's Economic Blighted Potato.  
    Frederick Douglas saw truths -- people can be starved into submission.  Inconvenient, aspiring people, can be cut off at the knees, leaving power in place.

    It recurs as a power issue. Economic recession, verging on depression. An induced devastation, as in Ireland
    Economic or physical starvation for a population, or powerless sub-population, is an economic choice, not a "natural" necessity. In most cases, resources are available.  Those controlling the resources, however, often and with intention, will not share.
    Look at today's Republican "Starve the Beast", aimed against any government boost for matters that might benefit the non-donor class after the economic near-collapse caused by the Bushyears  (benefits like infrastructure, and jobs).

    What similarity is there in history?  Ireland in the 19th Century. Right out of the Rove or Tea Party, even though they may be at odds, playbook:
    There was plenty of food in Ireland while people were starving.  See Irish Food Exports, Famine Years. See also  
    .There are also money and resources in this country while jobs and cash are out-sourced, out-banked. Who are the Republicans of today.  Like those forces using Ireland for their own ends?  Look up Skibbereen, Ireland, graves and memorial.
    Go back to history.
    Compare this ongoing program to the old British-descended powers in Ireland, and their power play, inducing famine among the indigenous by refusing to release food to the starving when the potato blight hit. See the history of the Irish Great Hunger, the Potato Famine, at
    The "gorta mor" - the great famine.  Make the losers leave, or die in place.
    All ye professors out there, see how British trade practices starved so many.  See
    WikiAnswers is garbage. There was plenty of food.  The rich would not release it, lest their profits be diminished.

    Ours.  The first economic collapse has been averted narrowly, and now powers want to do it again - bring to the brink, and hit the poor. Famine, famine.  Induce it.  Win. Parallels: Starve the Beast; to Starve the Irish Poor.  Does nothing change?

    Thursday, July 28, 2011

    Haiku Meets Boehner. Jobless Alphabet Song. Chorus of the Unfunded

    Step I.  Haiku Meets Boehner at the Debt Ceiling. 
    Boehner says, Wha?

    Step II.  The Jobless Alphabet Song.
    Simplify a viewpoint.

    I.  Haiku of the Jobbed
    II.  Jobless Alphabet Song. 


    I. Haiku For the Debt Ceiling, 
    What to do when the Big Lie was Believed?

    Haiku Meets Boehner.
    Boehner says, like, what is that?
    Pithy predates Tweet.

    Republicans reap
    Disinformation's whirlwind
    Spin's Big Lie swallowed.

    Fact-free persuasion
    Seeds emotion-based dig-ins.
    Facts then matter not.

    The Mad Hatter's Teas.
    Teas follow news-slants' orders.
    Boehner can't complain.


    II.  Jobless Alphabet Song
    Chorus of the Unfunded.

    Budget Views. Aphabet by Tweet

    Sing the Alphabet Song, like Reuben and Rachel,
    to "Reuben, Reuben, I've been Thinking"

    A is for abuse of process | Appointees qualified, held up ||
    Temper tantrums. Filibuster! | None shall pass. We win. Hup! Hup!||

    B is for the next Big Lie | Feed it, swallow, say saboteurs. ||
    Consensus? Spend for productivity? ||  Only for me and mine, not yours.||

    C is for the Constitution,| Opportunity for all.||
    Access for my kind is fair chance.| Cut the rest. Non-elites crawl. ||

    D is for the dumbing-down,| Effect of cuts in schools, child care.||
    Keep them ignorant, says Tea folk.|  Then pay them less, losers there.||

    E is for old equity, | Law’s lost balance. Has gone where? ||
    Overwhelmed by lure of lucre,| Brutal sneak wins, not what’s fair. ||

    F is for fruits, nuts and veggies,|Out of urban poor folks’ reach. ||
    Subsidize instead the fats and fructose. | Add salt, then blame:  Why sick, obese? ||

    G is for guns and grandiosity,| I am absolutely right.||
    Fill my coffers, that's the spirit. | Blast objectors out of sight.||

    H is for hebdomadal, | Each week's frame: insanity. ||
    Elect a rep, get a talking-point robot.|  Hold hands with the lobbies, fists for thee and me ||

    I is for the newest -ism. | Fake a label, see it stick. ||
    Health:  a human right for me. | For you, socialism. Semantic trick. ||

    J is for the jockeying, | Of those addicted to the perk, ||
    That comes from secret cash for votes. | Privatize the legislator. Easy work.||

    K is for the Kickapoo Joy Juice, | US, now in Asia, makes a wad.  ||
    Venerable Heritage of L'il Abner, reduced to profit-dross abroad. ||

    L is for little Lolita. | Church, job, strangers with boytoy culture. ||
    Macho fixes ceiling. Scared of wisdom. Front seat stays roadhogged by the vulture.||

    M is for the money-pit | Of legislator benefits. ||
    No more self-vote for their own perks. | Voters,  say no. Use your wits.||

    N is for the phantom Numbers, | Poll dancers spin and choose at will,||
    Questions that suggest the answer,| Partisan fodder, ads and schill.||

    O is for the Oath of Evil, | Outsourced jobs from that do flow. ||
    Keep folks unproductive home here. | Then watch my portfolio grow. ||

    P is for Propped-Up Newscasters,| Reading from the owners’ script.||
    Agendas blare, opinions poison. | Facts? Not for viewers. Keep them whipped.

    R is for Robert’s Rules of Disorder,| Another R! Supreme Court tilted all amok.||
    Secret funds from voteless corpses. |Corporations mock free speech talk.||

    S is for the sour grapes girl,| Whines about her Newsweek pic. ||
    No photoshopping happened there, ducks. |  The image fits. With it we'll stick. ||

    T is for the trunk show coming,| After the election’s done. ||
    Open up, and see what’s in there. | Too late, voters. Who really won?||

    U is for the undermining, | Of democracy’s intent. ||
    Pachydermic, outside money, | Elephant trunk show! Deep in tent.||

    V is for valentine-bombs bush left us.| Add to them the glue and paste,||
    Of Forcers with their oaths and lockstep, | Selling ignorance and waste.||

    W is for Whacking Immigrants |  What if they're good and can compete? ||
    If given chance, they might. So bop them.| We, as before, will win by cheat.||

    X is for eXamination, | Of propaganda held so dear.||
    Fund a neutral, insightful broadband.|  All-day-night factcheck. Voters cheer.||

    Y is for old Yankee Doodle | New logo needed for the Teas||
    What is really being done to them | By secret funders making money? Ask them, please. ||

    Z is for zed that we call Z| American superiority! ||
    Need zed back in, the moral is: | World’s more than our mentality.||




    Hatter, Mitch Mouse, we've been thinking
    What a fine world this would be
    If you along with your Cant-Won't Minions
    Could become responsible, legislatively.

    No-name voters, we've been thinking
    What is your priority?
    We want to win! Your job is your prob.
    If the country tanks, we win electively.

    Member, the Unfunded Chorus of 2011, reincarnated from St. Catharine's Camera Club 1930

    Friday, July 8, 2011

    Propaganda Scorecard. Boaz 14; Hitler 9; IPA 7; Citizen 4. Defy Godwin's Law

    Analyze a Current Propaganda Technique List (Boaz 14)
    Match it, since it fits, against Hitler's Tactics as Propagandist (Hitler 9)
    What of his ideas echo today?

    Then: What did the WWII American Institute for Propaganda Analysis list? 

    Defy Godwin and Look Hard at What our Political Marketers Have Learned:

    No facts. Get emotions in gear first.
    No debate. Don't give the other side air time.

    1.  Examine the lists of tactics
    2.  Define the beast
    3.  Apply the definition - like birding.  Spot the boid.

    • Propaganda lists make the grade.  Here, an analysis of historical propaganda techniques by list, including Adolf, and the American Institute for Propaganda Analysis.  Reference:  The Boaz 14 -- '14 Propaganda Techniques Fox "News" Uses to Brainwash America' .  What is best and new there?  That Boaz 14 supplements the Hitler9,  the IPA (Institute for Propaganda Analysis) 7 or 8,  and the Citizen 4 and growing.  Our interest:  Tame propaganda.  Boil it down.  A Boaz one to watch:  Projection and flipping
    I.  The Propaganda Lists

    A.  The Boaz 14

    Start with the list of fourteen propaganda techniques identified as in the Fox News toolbox (list by Cynthia Boaz, Dr. Cynthia Boaz. at; here, in a different order to make comparisons easier, are the Boaz 14

    1.    Panic-monger  [see FUD, below]
    2.    Divert
    3.    Invoke Christian God
    4.    Scapegoat [Hitler's #4]
    5.    Guilt by association
    6.    Populism [Hitler's #5]
    7.    Disparage education
    8.    Rewrite History
    9.    Don't debate; character-assassinate [Hitler's #6, #7, #2]
    10.  Conflate (violence means strength, compassion and mutual consideration means weakness)
    11.  Saturate:  repeat everywhere consistently all the time
    12.  Confuse
    13.  Bully
    14.  Project, flip * (accuse another of what you already are doing - the racist calls another a racist)

    This looks new to the other lists we found.  Project and flip -- excellent analysis.


    B.  The Hitler 9

    B. Compare the Boaz 14 to the original Hitler 9 techniques, in his Mein Kampf.  This is in the 1920's; list derived from his narrative of where German propaganda failed in WWI, and how to succeed thereafter.  Paraphrase on your own, for understanding -- our sample paraphrase is at

    Do your own paraphrase.  Read  Mein Kampf. Go to Chapter VI, War Propaganda.  Here is our listing of Hitler's top nine

    1.   Instill fear  [see Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt,  below]
    2.   Spin
    3.   Sloganeer
    4.   Scapegoat
    5.   Focus on the masses; ignore the intelligentsia
    6.   Oppose fact-finding
    7.   Oppose debate
    8.   Obliterate humanitarianism
    9.   Repeat, always ignoring the other side

    Hitler's point of reference was WWI: The Germans did a poor job of propaganda, leading to defeat.  The British did an excellent (effective) job of propaganda, leading to victory.  How can Germany learn from the Brits, and succeed next time.  The list of 9 is to do that.

    C.  The Institute for Propaganda Analysis Seven to Nine (see the IPA also at

    C  Compare both lists to the 1930's-40's American Institute for Propaganda Analysis list of 7, or more like 8 at   This was created in the context of existing German propaganda,  and looming and actual WWII.  Find
    • Word Games: Like opposing fact-finding.  Spin.  Ignore intelligentsia.
    Glittering generalities,
    • False Connections:  Focus on the masses. What will convince them.
    • Special Appeals:  More focus on masses, not the intelligentsia.
    Plain Folks
    Bandwagon.  Repeat and repeat.
    and Card-Stacking.  Allow no debate.


    D.  The Citizen's 4 Amendments

    Add newer ones, like propaganda these ways --

    1)   Swiftboat.  Present a highly slanted view, with a grain of sand of truth but not as it stands alone, and repeat and repeat. Or, Propaganda: Swiftboat by Literalism;  apply a literal meaning to a metaphor, Propaganda by Abuse of Metaphor

    2)  Killer Ellipsis.  Leave out the rest of someone's sentence.  Publicize a sound bite, and leave out the rest of the sentence,

    3)  Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.  FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt). Add purposeful confusion.  How did IBM use that against a former employee?  Gene Amdahl and IBM

    4) Making Things Sound Worse, Dysphemism

    Starting points for more analysis:


    E.  The One to Watch

    The most complex, given our general familiarity with most of the others, seems to be the Boaz Project and Flip -- accuse the other of doing what you are already doing.


    II.  Tools:

    A. Define propaganda.

    Propaganda is communication to persuade.  It is a five point definition, according to the still-relevant 1954 Psychological Warfare, by Paul M A. Linebarger.  Find his work listed, beginning at 1948 through 1972 editions, at

    Parse the Linebarger definition of Propaganda.  Propaganda consists of
    • Planned use,
    • of any form of communication, including public or mass-produced,
    • designed to affect the minds and emotions, and actions,
    • of a given group,
    • for a specific purpose,
    • whether military, commercial, or political.
    Ask:  Would bullying, humiliation, for social purposes fit "propaganda"?  Perhaps not, but bullying is persuasive, and widespread.

    Content plus manner.

    B.  Spot it in the Field

    This is like birding.  Take the handbook, spot the tactic, get the boid.  Once on your life list, you are alerted and don't have to worry about it getting you first the next time.

    III.  Comment

    Defy Godwin.  To allow that prohibitive aspect of Godwin's Law to control analysis just because it has been abused, and where the reference may indeed be appropriate,  rules out one of history's prime movers.

    How to learn from history, if the skills of such a figure are considered off-limits solely becuase of earlier shallow and emotion-charged overuse and misuse.

    So, Godwin or no, we look at Propagandist Hitler, and compare a recent propaganda technique list to Hitler's own account of his techniques. What he did as a Propagandist worked.

    People were indeed persuaded, and followed. He lost not because the tactics failed, but because they worked too well.  Implementation could not measure up to what was promised. But it took a war to prove that.

    Take courage, defy Godwin, or operate within its penumbra of acceptability (the reference is appropriate, not reactive), and see what Hitler himself touted in Mein Kampf, Chapter VI.  Who else in marketing, such a benign even funny beginning, set the stage for the Machiavellis of today. See  American propaganda.  Edward Bernays and progeny, on down to current psy-ops,  Rove and neuro-ads.