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Fodderize v.t. 1. To break down individual components; to make fungible; to disregard difference; to render one easily substituted for another 2. To impose sub-quality goods or services upon, with little recourse 3. To cap role choices, hinder access to resources regardless of merit, and so avoid competition 4. To manage perception by propaganda-spin techniques, while concealing dispositive facts 5. To manipulate, lure, exploit, deceive


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Did Say No. Sexual Assault During College: Offer Verbal and Physical Defense Courses

Sexual Assault in College.
Think back.  Which of your friends, giving or receiving.
No Problem.  Just Report It, say Administrations. 

Offer Defense, Not Procedures.
Focused Verbal and Physical Martial Arts 
Man Down, Rihanna's vengeance video, brings sexual assault reaction to a lethal level. That is not advocated here, but at least makes the issue more visible -- as common as seen on TV.  See

Previously, The New York Times merrily opined a simple ABC solution for a complex problem of sexual violence.  It proposes that the seldom-reported but recurrent exploitation known as sexual assault in college years should be addressed by zero-tolerance defined as  a) post-complaint notification of results, and b) not discouraging criminal complaints, and  c) better training for coaches, residence hall counselors and others. See Preventing Sexual Assault: Making Campuses Safer.

Ridiculous.  Train girls to fight it off. Add probability of real-time consequence to the offense, so that the contemplating offender will back off. May back off. Offer independence techniques to the likely victim. This may not mean a gun - to us a gun is never the solution - but teach her well and in advance. Teach her actions. Teach her words. Teach her to scream. Beat back. Make reaction acceptable. Teach her to fend off, even if it means -- anathema to some of us, raised in an environment where no-one ever ever got obstreporous -- shouting, and kneeing.

Focus on the woman and present opportunities for her to learn to become formidable in the no.  Stop it right there.

1. Offer courses in self-defense. Push it as necessary for her own safety. Foster acceptance of women taught to defend.  Knee-work. Where does the knee go, so once will be enough. Teach effective martial arts moves. Grab the pinkie, for example. Bend it back. Break it if you have to. Self-defense. Would we dare?  Have we the right to inflict real injury, when boys are just being boys?

Yale in particular needs this phys ed course on campus for the Yale women. See Yale Frat Boys. Western Cultural Dhimmi.  At last big media is doing some reporting, see Time.  Still, Yale (our example here because it is most in the news) continues to wag fingers and say don't do that, and offers only words in courses, educating, benign nicey environment-building, see Yale Sexual Harassament Assault Resources

Turn instead to remedial direct action and self help. Call this defense approach a sport: after all, sexual assault itself is seen and treated as a sport. A game. Can you score. Did you? Would the perp think twice if she can back up her no.

2. Qualify the defense program for Title IX Beyond.

Title IX Beyond means offering, at the same time as the physical moves, the verbal martial art.

Verbal marital arts. What kinds of verbal interactions can be practiced, yes, practiced, so that the "no" is taken seriously.  And learn to yell when debate must stop. Grab an ear. Whatever is nearest.  Take the embarrassment of others hearing you yell.  It is harder if you wait to find you can't stop it, and then try to survive emotionally the consequences of victimization.  The physical strength of the other, actual or threatened, overcomes.  There are psychological issues.  What is consent.  Theft of consent. Oh, my hell. It actually happened. I now have to stay with this person? No, you don't have to stay.

Why even open the  possibility of semantics and the old boy network. Defend first. Respect the defense field. Offer it. Encourage it. To fail to teach the use of violence in the defense is to condone violence in the offense. There is a cultural swamp to fight. Go ahead. Do it. She'll get over it. Apologize later. There's no consequence no matter what she says. Change that. What if she is prepared to fight, at the time? Do damage? Sir Prize becomes Surprise. Restore the great suspended tradition.

Is the only recourse to do a quiet deathwatch over the obituaries, mildly thinking, that someday, perhaps, you might just outlive him, and then, quietly, quietly, you can say goodbye to the last shred of evidence. Riches, muscle, power, denial of the Other, the drive to Overcome.  Not just in Washington.

Further the Affiant sayeth not.

Photos: Austria,
Old album people, unidentified. Label your pictures, people.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Budget Sonnet. Ode to the Chopping Block. The Ideological Ax by the Numbers

Budget Sonnet for the Chopping Block.
Budget's On It.

Are you on it?

Republican Budget Criticism.
How the Ideological Ax Falls.

Poor Business Model.

Ode to Government's Shapers' Unjust Enrichment Wish Lists

The Folly of Freezing Government Revenue;
Then Setting Arbitrary Rich-Based Budgets,
Ignoring the Other Governed 

Ideological budget ax; finance by arbitrary numbers. *

Sonnet for Setting a Budget.
Politico-Business People Betray Us.
Deficits: The Miseducation of the Many. 

Injustice of the arrived touting "Now" -- at the expense of those still  behind.

Setting budgets. A business model lists
Objectives: say, increasing revenues,
For greater profit margins (fat exists),
For use in times of hardship, surprise dues.

Behavior goals, results, and testing where.
Who overturns that simple recipe
And starts with freezing revenue so there
Can be no extra resource for true need,

And touts: We now will match that artifice
And choose which programs to be axed. We pick.
Paint common good according to our wish
Or better: It to the common good we stick.

Debate is barred. Disinform. Folk swallow.
Instead, sell guns, slogans. Fools will follow.

Photos:  Rohrbach, Austria. (ax)
Uppsala, Sweden (some in love, religious dogma attacks, budgets and war, lose their heads).  See course of other peasants revolts against the lords, at Lords infiltrate peasant ranks