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Above: Lake Geneva, Switzerland. At Montreux.

Fodderize v.t. 1. To break down individual components; to make fungible; to disregard difference; to render one easily substituted for another 2. To impose sub-quality goods or services upon, with little recourse 3. To cap role choices, hinder access to resources regardless of merit, and so avoid competition 4. To manage perception by propaganda-spin techniques, while concealing dispositive facts 5. To manipulate, lure, exploit, deceive


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Haiku Meets Boehner. Jobless Alphabet Song. Chorus of the Unfunded

Step I.  Haiku Meets Boehner at the Debt Ceiling. 
Boehner says, Wha?

Step II.  The Jobless Alphabet Song.
Simplify a viewpoint.

I.  Haiku of the Jobbed
II.  Jobless Alphabet Song. 


I. Haiku For the Debt Ceiling, 
What to do when the Big Lie was Believed?

Haiku Meets Boehner.
Boehner says, like, what is that?
Pithy predates Tweet.

Republicans reap
Disinformation's whirlwind
Spin's Big Lie swallowed.

Fact-free persuasion
Seeds emotion-based dig-ins.
Facts then matter not.

The Mad Hatter's Teas.
Teas follow news-slants' orders.
Boehner can't complain.


II.  Jobless Alphabet Song
Chorus of the Unfunded.

Budget Views. Aphabet by Tweet

Sing the Alphabet Song, like Reuben and Rachel,
to "Reuben, Reuben, I've been Thinking"

A is for abuse of process | Appointees qualified, held up ||
Temper tantrums. Filibuster! | None shall pass. We win. Hup! Hup!||

B is for the next Big Lie | Feed it, swallow, say saboteurs. ||
Consensus? Spend for productivity? ||  Only for me and mine, not yours.||

C is for the Constitution,| Opportunity for all.||
Access for my kind is fair chance.| Cut the rest. Non-elites crawl. ||

D is for the dumbing-down,| Effect of cuts in schools, child care.||
Keep them ignorant, says Tea folk.|  Then pay them less, losers there.||

E is for old equity, | Law’s lost balance. Has gone where? ||
Overwhelmed by lure of lucre,| Brutal sneak wins, not what’s fair. ||

F is for fruits, nuts and veggies,|Out of urban poor folks’ reach. ||
Subsidize instead the fats and fructose. | Add salt, then blame:  Why sick, obese? ||

G is for guns and grandiosity,| I am absolutely right.||
Fill my coffers, that's the spirit. | Blast objectors out of sight.||

H is for hebdomadal, | Each week's frame: insanity. ||
Elect a rep, get a talking-point robot.|  Hold hands with the lobbies, fists for thee and me ||

I is for the newest -ism. | Fake a label, see it stick. ||
Health:  a human right for me. | For you, socialism. Semantic trick. ||

J is for the jockeying, | Of those addicted to the perk, ||
That comes from secret cash for votes. | Privatize the legislator. Easy work.||

K is for the Kickapoo Joy Juice, | US, now in Asia, makes a wad.  ||
Venerable Heritage of L'il Abner, reduced to profit-dross abroad. ||

L is for little Lolita. | Church, job, strangers with boytoy culture. ||
Macho fixes ceiling. Scared of wisdom. Front seat stays roadhogged by the vulture.||

M is for the money-pit | Of legislator benefits. ||
No more self-vote for their own perks. | Voters,  say no. Use your wits.||

N is for the phantom Numbers, | Poll dancers spin and choose at will,||
Questions that suggest the answer,| Partisan fodder, ads and schill.||

O is for the Oath of Evil, | Outsourced jobs from that do flow. ||
Keep folks unproductive home here. | Then watch my portfolio grow. ||

P is for Propped-Up Newscasters,| Reading from the owners’ script.||
Agendas blare, opinions poison. | Facts? Not for viewers. Keep them whipped.

R is for Robert’s Rules of Disorder,| Another R! Supreme Court tilted all amok.||
Secret funds from voteless corpses. |Corporations mock free speech talk.||

S is for the sour grapes girl,| Whines about her Newsweek pic. ||
No photoshopping happened there, ducks. |  The image fits. With it we'll stick. ||

T is for the trunk show coming,| After the election’s done. ||
Open up, and see what’s in there. | Too late, voters. Who really won?||

U is for the undermining, | Of democracy’s intent. ||
Pachydermic, outside money, | Elephant trunk show! Deep in tent.||

V is for valentine-bombs bush left us.| Add to them the glue and paste,||
Of Forcers with their oaths and lockstep, | Selling ignorance and waste.||

W is for Whacking Immigrants |  What if they're good and can compete? ||
If given chance, they might. So bop them.| We, as before, will win by cheat.||

X is for eXamination, | Of propaganda held so dear.||
Fund a neutral, insightful broadband.|  All-day-night factcheck. Voters cheer.||

Y is for old Yankee Doodle | New logo needed for the Teas||
What is really being done to them | By secret funders making money? Ask them, please. ||

Z is for zed that we call Z| American superiority! ||
Need zed back in, the moral is: | World’s more than our mentality.||




Hatter, Mitch Mouse, we've been thinking
What a fine world this would be
If you along with your Cant-Won't Minions
Could become responsible, legislatively.

No-name voters, we've been thinking
What is your priority?
We want to win! Your job is your prob.
If the country tanks, we win electively.

Member, the Unfunded Chorus of 2011, reincarnated from St. Catharine's Camera Club 1930

Friday, July 8, 2011

Propaganda Scorecard. Boaz 14; Hitler 9; IPA 7; Citizen 4. Defy Godwin's Law

Analyze a Current Propaganda Technique List (Boaz 14)
Match it, since it fits, against Hitler's Tactics as Propagandist (Hitler 9)
What of his ideas echo today?

Then: What did the WWII American Institute for Propaganda Analysis list? 

Defy Godwin and Look Hard at What our Political Marketers Have Learned:

No facts. Get emotions in gear first.
No debate. Don't give the other side air time.

1.  Examine the lists of tactics
2.  Define the beast
3.  Apply the definition - like birding.  Spot the boid.

  • Propaganda lists make the grade.  Here, an analysis of historical propaganda techniques by list, including Adolf, and the American Institute for Propaganda Analysis.  Reference:  The Boaz 14 -- '14 Propaganda Techniques Fox "News" Uses to Brainwash America' .  What is best and new there?  That Boaz 14 supplements the Hitler9,  the IPA (Institute for Propaganda Analysis) 7 or 8,  and the Citizen 4 and growing.  Our interest:  Tame propaganda.  Boil it down.  A Boaz one to watch:  Projection and flipping
I.  The Propaganda Lists

A.  The Boaz 14

Start with the list of fourteen propaganda techniques identified as in the Fox News toolbox (list by Cynthia Boaz, Dr. Cynthia Boaz. at; here, in a different order to make comparisons easier, are the Boaz 14

1.    Panic-monger  [see FUD, below]
2.    Divert
3.    Invoke Christian God
4.    Scapegoat [Hitler's #4]
5.    Guilt by association
6.    Populism [Hitler's #5]
7.    Disparage education
8.    Rewrite History
9.    Don't debate; character-assassinate [Hitler's #6, #7, #2]
10.  Conflate (violence means strength, compassion and mutual consideration means weakness)
11.  Saturate:  repeat everywhere consistently all the time
12.  Confuse
13.  Bully
14.  Project, flip * (accuse another of what you already are doing - the racist calls another a racist)

This looks new to the other lists we found.  Project and flip -- excellent analysis.


B.  The Hitler 9

B. Compare the Boaz 14 to the original Hitler 9 techniques, in his Mein Kampf.  This is in the 1920's; list derived from his narrative of where German propaganda failed in WWI, and how to succeed thereafter.  Paraphrase on your own, for understanding -- our sample paraphrase is at

Do your own paraphrase.  Read  Mein Kampf. Go to Chapter VI, War Propaganda.  Here is our listing of Hitler's top nine

1.   Instill fear  [see Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt,  below]
2.   Spin
3.   Sloganeer
4.   Scapegoat
5.   Focus on the masses; ignore the intelligentsia
6.   Oppose fact-finding
7.   Oppose debate
8.   Obliterate humanitarianism
9.   Repeat, always ignoring the other side

Hitler's point of reference was WWI: The Germans did a poor job of propaganda, leading to defeat.  The British did an excellent (effective) job of propaganda, leading to victory.  How can Germany learn from the Brits, and succeed next time.  The list of 9 is to do that.

C.  The Institute for Propaganda Analysis Seven to Nine (see the IPA also at

C  Compare both lists to the 1930's-40's American Institute for Propaganda Analysis list of 7, or more like 8 at   This was created in the context of existing German propaganda,  and looming and actual WWII.  Find
  • Word Games: Like opposing fact-finding.  Spin.  Ignore intelligentsia.
Glittering generalities,
  • False Connections:  Focus on the masses. What will convince them.
  • Special Appeals:  More focus on masses, not the intelligentsia.
Plain Folks
Bandwagon.  Repeat and repeat.
and Card-Stacking.  Allow no debate.


D.  The Citizen's 4 Amendments

Add newer ones, like propaganda these ways --

1)   Swiftboat.  Present a highly slanted view, with a grain of sand of truth but not as it stands alone, and repeat and repeat. Or, Propaganda: Swiftboat by Literalism;  apply a literal meaning to a metaphor, Propaganda by Abuse of Metaphor

2)  Killer Ellipsis.  Leave out the rest of someone's sentence.  Publicize a sound bite, and leave out the rest of the sentence,

3)  Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.  FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt). Add purposeful confusion.  How did IBM use that against a former employee?  Gene Amdahl and IBM

4) Making Things Sound Worse, Dysphemism

Starting points for more analysis:


E.  The One to Watch

The most complex, given our general familiarity with most of the others, seems to be the Boaz Project and Flip -- accuse the other of doing what you are already doing.


II.  Tools:

A. Define propaganda.

Propaganda is communication to persuade.  It is a five point definition, according to the still-relevant 1954 Psychological Warfare, by Paul M A. Linebarger.  Find his work listed, beginning at 1948 through 1972 editions, at

Parse the Linebarger definition of Propaganda.  Propaganda consists of
  • Planned use,
  • of any form of communication, including public or mass-produced,
  • designed to affect the minds and emotions, and actions,
  • of a given group,
  • for a specific purpose,
  • whether military, commercial, or political.
Ask:  Would bullying, humiliation, for social purposes fit "propaganda"?  Perhaps not, but bullying is persuasive, and widespread.

Content plus manner.

B.  Spot it in the Field

This is like birding.  Take the handbook, spot the tactic, get the boid.  Once on your life list, you are alerted and don't have to worry about it getting you first the next time.

III.  Comment

Defy Godwin.  To allow that prohibitive aspect of Godwin's Law to control analysis just because it has been abused, and where the reference may indeed be appropriate,  rules out one of history's prime movers.

How to learn from history, if the skills of such a figure are considered off-limits solely becuase of earlier shallow and emotion-charged overuse and misuse.

So, Godwin or no, we look at Propagandist Hitler, and compare a recent propaganda technique list to Hitler's own account of his techniques. What he did as a Propagandist worked.

People were indeed persuaded, and followed. He lost not because the tactics failed, but because they worked too well.  Implementation could not measure up to what was promised. But it took a war to prove that.

Take courage, defy Godwin, or operate within its penumbra of acceptability (the reference is appropriate, not reactive), and see what Hitler himself touted in Mein Kampf, Chapter VI.  Who else in marketing, such a benign even funny beginning, set the stage for the Machiavellis of today. See  American propaganda.  Edward Bernays and progeny, on down to current psy-ops,  Rove and neuro-ads.