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Above: Lake Geneva, Switzerland. At Montreux.

Fodderize v.t. 1. To break down individual components; to make fungible; to disregard difference; to render one easily substituted for another 2. To impose sub-quality goods or services upon, with little recourse 3. To cap role choices, hinder access to resources regardless of merit, and so avoid competition 4. To manage perception by propaganda-spin techniques, while concealing dispositive facts 5. To manipulate, lure, exploit, deceive


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Big Bain Trolls at Play. Auld acquaintance.

Me-Mine Capitalism Theater
Disposable Companies; Disposable People *

I.  Overture.  Bain Barbershop Sings of the Disposable Gaffney 150
Should auld acquaintance indeed be forgot?
For throw-aways. Why not?
Another one-fifty? Who cares for them.
In 20 years,
Who'll give a squat.
II. The play begins.  Enter, Narrator; Main Bain Troller; Chorus of No-Counts

Narrator (while Trolls act out scene)
Bain Trolls! Spies Gaffney.
Little shop. Guts one-fifty.
Profit! Bigger Barns!
Who cares? Front page point?
In twenty years, they still do.
Gaffney's one-fifty.
Who sums the Bain Dumps?
Bane-measure rewards Dumper.
Bain deaf. Bain Chop Shop.
Shut up, prey. I'm BIG.
Me, Big Bain Troll! Work for BIG.
Old Navy, Staples.
Chorus of No-counts.
Thank you, Bain, thank you.
Thank you for your worshipful
Bigness. When's the vote?

Bain Boar. Ne-e-ext?
*  Disposable Companies, Disposable People:  Gaffney, a company gone.  Bained out of sight. See

Fn 1.  The contest for The Year's Bain Look-Alike is scheduled to close in two weeks.  Meanwhile, here is the front-runner, with resemblances clearly favoring the image of the great soccer player, Ibrahimovic.
Any similarity to other persons (other than Ibrahimovic) living or dead is purely coincidental.  Bainistas, see

The Bain tradition.  Follow the law, get under, or over, or sit on the law, but it is time for Me.  See similarities to other economic endeavors, highly successful in their way, in other areas of the world, see smuggling at