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Above: Lake Geneva, Switzerland. At Montreux.

Fodderize v.t. 1. To break down individual components; to make fungible; to disregard difference; to render one easily substituted for another 2. To impose sub-quality goods or services upon, with little recourse 3. To cap role choices, hinder access to resources regardless of merit, and so avoid competition 4. To manage perception by propaganda-spin techniques, while concealing dispositive facts 5. To manipulate, lure, exploit, deceive


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Vulture Capitalism. I am the Vulture. Ornithology in Politics. Vulture Capitalism

Ornithology in Politics. 
 Vulturology in the Spotlight *
Vulture Capitalism.

Bain-Spawned Genus Crest and Wing Markings:
See Vulture Chart By Ed.
Cathartes Aura. How are ya?
Yeah, so I heard. Nice talkin' to ya.
Piers Plowman: The Mice Regroup, see Bell the Cat,
Predator, Scavenger, now united against: Prey
What a Sketch. Retch?
Vulture Capitalism Data Mining: Only Numbers Count
Pile them high, from 1984-1999.
Bury their balance sheets, and let me work.
I am the Vulture.  I consume all.
It took 8 years of that for 22% 
To become the carcase I sought,
To file their bankruptcies, shut their doors.
I am the Vulture; I scavenge all.
Only 8% had their revenge, with all invested lost.
But for my Investors, it took only Ten Big Reelly Beeg Deals
To make 70% of all that was made, was made
That is, the dollars that came in offset the pain of carrion in process.
Shovel the rest under and let me work.
Stayed they not under?
Of the Big Ten Big Deals, the Reely Beeg Deals,
Four (4), Quartre, later themselves filed
For Bankruptcy. See? Si!
Two years, ten years, and the Investors
Still tell the next Vulture's Conductor:
Just get us ours.
Bane of existence, is the
Spinning moral compass.
Give us this day our daily Muppety targets.
Serves them right for getting on our radar.
They're on their own.
What place is this?
Where are we now?
GM doing better after its B-ruptcy?
Some did, of course.
Vulture knows its reward:
Make the big Hit once, you're in.
The rest are out.
The weak ask, how many might have lived,
Content in their smaller world.
No matter. Grawnk!
I am the Vulture.
Let me work.
Who can challenge me now.
Even the Mighty Cats join my self-service unit.
They also should worry.
I care not whom I consume.
I ally with the Cat today, I eat the Cat tomorrow.
Pray, Prey! Cullers united!
We Probe you at will! Keep you Down!
And I have the cash. I can cover all. 
Back off and let me rule.
Reporter watches.
Hunches down on a lower branch.
Proof of the alliance is now clear, see Vulture Chart.
The Predators, once manageable, even voluntarily,
Are One with the Scavenger.
So?  Tappety-tap.

If Piers's Bell the Cat solution
Against mere Predators of Old,
Lay in a balance of realities,
And minimizing their free lunch;
Knowing the genus could not be destroyed;
What is the solution now against Scavengers
Who seek to rule, now with Predators in tow,
Ed's Chart as proof of that,
All now uncaring so long as bodies drop
To their benefit.
And now that the Scavengers have joined forces
With the Predators. What of the Prey?
The mind of a gut-wrenching Scavenger over us?
III.  Prey say:
It is disappearing fast, but we have the Vote.
How to choose one of our own,
One who will not engage in Prey Probery
As Modus Intimidati
As do the Predator-Scavenger Class
In religious, political and ethnic plumage.
Probe with votes! **
Probe the Predators
For hidden ideas harbored
In their gut, incubating.
What desired legislation is lurking, maturing, getting funds.
Allow no wiping clean of past acts. They count;
We accept real change of heart, but not Proteus.
Spare us from the Opportunist.
Probe the Scavengers,
Raiders of functioning entities,
And put into the light
How many of the once truly living were gutted
Because it pays them, the Scavengers; who
Decide which others shall die.
Root out Scavenger Profit-Worshipping Economic Death Panels.
They shake their past sideways to win: but we know what they are about.
We have a right to probe and know ideas, intentions,
For the common good.
Bain of our existence, we probe thee.
Speak of Behavior, Values.
Today's reading: Retro to Jan. 9, 2012
And the Mice also tappety tap, tweet and text.
See WSJ.
Hsssss  (No syrinx).
Sing? No! No more!  America!
Speechifying? Turn it off!
Occupy! Step up!
Probe for the Common Good.
What ideas are incubating in the Vulture.
Or is the thing really empty?
As Piers says ,
Through the Wise One among the Prey,
All you can do as Prey
Is minimize the Predators' and Scavengers' free lunch,
Then that is what you do.  So do it well!
Is that Regulation?  Education? Health?
Hush, child. They will get you.

Online WSJ Romney at Bain
1.  Turkey Vulture Calls:  hear it, bless its heart, at
2.  EEk!  Turkey Vulture!  See? It does good. Unawares, it poops clean: takes in diseased things, pathogens, vomits up fur and teeth, and poops out clean! A green machine!  Elect a vulture!
3.  Scavenger:  Some are pretty.  Meet some:
4.  Derivatively speaking:
5.  Habitat:  clutches of eggs in secluded locations,
6.  Flies in wobbly circles, An Opportunist, with eyes open.
7.  Bully Vultures teach the young. A Vulture is a bully despite no syrinx, voice box. See , fair use snippet about how our children learn bullying by watching adults. True leaders are not bullies.
Bullying is when someone keeps doing or saying things to have power over another person.
Some of the ways they bully other people are by: calling them names, saying or writing nasty things about them,
Hear the Vulture: Gutteral grwnks and hsssss. Did we ask if anyone wants to hear it sing? or speak?
8.  Is there no moral compass between the conjoined Scavenger and Predator forces.  Watch: the lure of the easy path, against weak. There is no future but theirs. Gouge out the eyes of Mary's little lamb? Why not, if she left the silly thing out there. Carrion (carry-on!). 
9.  Predators are better at spin than Prey.  The pretty ones preen, perambulate. No fear of he vulture, so long as they are not sick. Vote for the Vulture! they say. Its work is needed (100% carrion a day!) and what comes out (even through no effort on its part) is clean, whereas what went in is rotty carcass. 

Scavenger cares not. What if that now rotty carcase was something that could have gone on living?  Maybe had a family? Was Beethoven? A human with interests, skills, ideals other than profits. Into the beaky maw!  Vulture Capitalism:  Rick Perry's contribution to the common cause. Ayn Rand cheers.

**  Probery.  The State has an interest in un-fruitioned ideas federally speaking, and we have the right to force you to carry to fruition that which is incubating within you, even if you disavow it.  So we demand to know if you hold them still.  Let us Probe!
No, no!  Not the probe! Yes. To the table, the stirrups!
Relevant probes for candidates:  Got lungs?  See David Letterman and M at

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Christian Roots in Cultural Abuse: Reflected in Militarism, Personal Crusades. Architecture, Militarism.

Extremism in theology and violence against others.
Where is it reflected:  Militarism; the Individual Calling for a Crusade; leading it.
A Current Incarnation as to Militarism:  Joseph Kony's Lord's Resistance Army - In a tradition of crusades, exclusions and elimination of non-believers by a self-designated sole-protector of the Truth.

What else?
Are theologians to be held ccountable to the followers who sow their seeds? Western Ideological Violence:  see!/2010/11/westerm-ethnic-violence-timeline-put.html.

How do our buildings reflect the sudden exclusions of other thought.  For the militant, it is the movable tent center, the mobile headquarters, the sudden strikes. Joseph Kony. Wherever he is now:  he is so mobile that his whereabouts from time to time are unknown.  He was an altar boy, became the extremist prophet of sexual hate: against women, bi-gender, homo-gender. How did churches get to the point of preaching such stuff:  see Rome and Successors, Timeline of Doctrine.  Effect cannot be proven as to any individual, of course, but the climate can be tainted so as to foster compliance in the vulnerable.
Is there accountability for crimes against humanity when they kill and maim the funnel the mind, not just the body

Extremist accountability. Media silence. Cultural-religious accountability.  Again, media silence.
Nobody wants to track the root of  the problem in Uganda, Congo, other countries where Joseph Kony and other religous or political extremists may hold sway. Shareholders and advertisers may be offended. 

Joseph Kony must not represent more than an individual drive to power. But what if it really is a drive from perceived ordination to fulfill a flawed vision, a vision supported, fostered and nurtured by extremist evangelical, conservative, what-have-you group liking authoritatian rule over other human beings. Does that make a difference?  What if the exported theology said to go ahead, subjugate other, otherwise autonomous, human beings, in the name of "religion" sold to the uneducated.  How are they to know the difference?
Trivia against Kony2012. 

Does it matter of Joseph Kony is in Uganda any more,  a substantial presence today or not, or is he in Congo; or elsewhere.
No, it does not. Location is secondary. See Allegiances to Religious Cults Influencing American Legislators,   What matters is what he did, He has been indicted.  Is he guilty of crimes that led to the international warrant against him from the International Criminal Court, and, for us, what is the role of the Christianity that shaped him in its missions in Africa.  This war criminal is a suspected war criminal.  Did his theological exposure lead him to hate, kill, In The Name of religion?  Is that culture and power, using people including him, rather than "religion."  When does religion stop getting a free pass.
What do our politicians do now, to fall into theological or policy lines in advance of actual facts.  That is like Joseph Kony.  One response, as prophet, and that is to kill or maim those who disagree.

Track again the cults, the politico-religious interests that, recently and (now?) push agenda against common good.  See Transparency in Pledges, Allegiances, Political and Religious.  That inquiry started as a hypothetical: How eo we know who we are electing.  Do we have a right to know what other cult allegiances our officials put over the constituents' interests.  Are constituents merely tools for secret theological and secular ideolical agendas.  Is that why the media silence about the backdrop to Josepy Kony?  Looks like a nice enough guy.  Who fed him the tainted cheerios?
Joseph Kony's Christianity?

We know he was an altar boy.  See, again, sites at   Why can we not find information about his church, his upbringing.  Are special interests blacking out, ahem and amen, any correlation between their preachings and his acts.  Correlation is not causation, of course, but the fact of correlation is relevant, is it not. Homosexuality? Women as evil, to be subdued?  Was that part of it?
Public safety.  Global safety.  For women, homosexuals, bisexuals.  What authoritarian root decides, and what, oh horrors, if they are dead wrong.
Uganda we ask you. 
What was his church? These years may well be behind you by now, but help the next in line, in the Congo, elsewhere.
What were the teachings that influenced Joseph Kony.  Who were the people, the institutions, the corporations. What, uber alles, were the teachings.  Kill homosexuals? Women are evil, to be tamed, a threat to Man with the Dick, not a balance and guide, Mankind wisely shepherding creatures in Creation.  Exploitation is not in that equation. Does that make the NRA nervous?
How did hatred take root.  Was  the church of Joseph Kony sponsored by groups from the United States, with extremist views of theology and male sexual supremacy, the servant leader , the one ordained to do the Macho Work that the Male God ordained?  Who is throwing up now, Sanct Norum, Sans

 We need, for the sake of democracy, transparency in the allegiances of elected officials, candidates, into theological, political commitments, so that they may be bound in advance by ideology regardless of facts on the ground.  It is like BP.  What right had they to put unidentified "chemical" dispersants into our waters, without identifying.  Did they do more harm than oil, left to sink and absorb, but out of sight, would have committed to the environment.

Why did that nice little altar boy, Joseph Kony, go amok.  Does he see himself the servant leader that all people then have to obey because he is Ordained, part of the invisible army for Christ?  Is Christ weeping? Ask a theology buff.  We give up on what Christ wants, beeause only the Vatican has all the records, and other places in pots, and they won't talk.  Might undermine the Institutions that matter more, and, by the way, make lots of money.  Go to the Vatican.  Ask a guide how come all the riches when people are supposed to give to the poor.  He shrugged, and said, in effect, Hey, I have a job, what's it to me.
Right.  Very, very, right.
Have Christian extremists, who think that they, only they, know what is true and right for the world (based on claims millennia ago and now, of visions and mistranslations and lucre through the years), fostered the ultra-ersatz-Christian Joseph Kony to go amok.
Media. Silence. These people, our beloved, Advertise. 
We need their money, thosd advertisers, those shareholders, say the Media.  We are profiteers, capitalists first. 
We are no longer journalists. 
We have no public obligation.
There is no common good.
Democracy can melt. Who cares?  We get paid.
We are Lucre. 
We take their Lucre.  We will maintain

Shall we pray for Joseph Kony.  Has he been used as a tool of methodical religious indoctrination, leading to his belief that he is Ordained to kill, murder those whom, he has been told, offend God's will against deviants and sexual witches; or is he a fully autonomous human being choosing mass murder, child abduction, rape and slavery of women.  You choose. Authoritarianism to control human beings according to some Fixed Vies; or Automy for human beings, to weigh what they will do with their lives, their vision as they see it received.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Immigration Reform. An Immigrant's Guide: American Players, Immigration

Immigration Reform.
Immigrant's Handbook Update 2012.
Players Foxes and Hedgehogs; but not the Media Fox.
That is Ultimate Hedgehog.
Immigrant's Guide to Immigration Policy -
A Concept Guide.
Steps to Understanding, Management.
I. Background, analytical tool: Hedgehog v. Fox
II.  Immigrant's Handbook
I.  Background.

Immigration reform is again in the news, with roadblocks still looming large in the way of presidential progress, and lower priority or fogging on the issue in legislatures.  See  And again, to simplify issue:  the contrast between two broadly different approaches to problem-solving emerge.  One, the more flexible, imaginative, is nimble; but often spread thin.  Another, the dedicated one-way approach, works in few instances, but when it does work, it can be spectacularly successful. Hedgehog beats Fox, see John H. Bowman in the NY Review, 1980;

Hedgehog and Fox for Immigrants. On the discernment scale on the way, however, as issues arise over time, Foxes are high, appropriately successful; and Hedgehogs are at the bottom.  Their one drum only works occasionally, even if hugely when it does. Fox and Hedgehog. See Archilochus, in the New World Encyclopedia, 8th C BCE: Immigrants, find a coach, a manual, for navigating through the concepts.
Test against experience.

See in religion, families, international relations, culture and politics, including immigration, the Fox and Hedgehog, in different ways. Tech creativity: generosity; Foxes, see  Can Fox-led rollbacks of restrictions work?  Hedgehogs oppose.  See
Immigration: Old Print With Unhappy Elephant. Why am I burdened with other people, he asks 

Welcome, immigrant, to the country you entered by one means or another. To understand it, you need an Immigration Coach, and an Immigrant's Manual.
First, learn buzz-words. Buzzwords facilitate discussions by offering short-cut and short-circuited frames for complex issues, each designed to persuade, not inform. Consider the value of understanding, before taking rigid positions, see Undermining enmity: Germaine de Stael and Napoleon
As an immigrant, you need comprehension, to be informed before making decisions.  You may be in line for ultimate deportation, or you may be accepted:  the elephants in the room will decide.  You need information. Start with a timeline of the issues, 1607 to the present, at
Progress note:  By 2010, the flow of undocumented immigrants had reduced by 2/3 from levels at 2000-2005; and in 2011, business were required by law to hire only documented immigrants, or pay a fine.  Finding it harder to get work, less encouragement from employers who wanted them at bargain rates, was seen as a way of discouraging the immigration.
Second, learn The Ways of the immigration maze.
Nine-Eleven changed the national focus to catching bad people before they could do bad things.  For many, that was almost exclusively a borders issue.  For others, a dedicated person is going to get in anyway.
9-11 altered the immigration policy landscape. Dust blots.
1.  Federal Government Pre-Emption.
Here, the federal government laws take precedence in immigration, see ttp:// If States act on their own, the Federal Government can seek to overturn what they do. States want to act, because they see a Federal Government that will not tackle the issue that they believe hurts the interests of the State. There are extremes in reaction:  some states are aggressively negative, and seek undocumented immigrant hunts, with guns and tasers, and mass deportations.  Others are wait-and-see, and find merit in easing benign immigrants, into citizenship, and focusing force only on those committing criminal acts, for example.
What is happening in your state? You need a thermometer. See the Center for Immigration Studies, at; and from the National Conference of State Legislatures at Update to the current year.
Read: "A Historical View of Immigration Policy" at Then read a libertarian view - no government intervention overall - at
2.   Resources
2.1  Concepts, Groups
 Overview: point-based systems as opposed to mere quota systems, at "US Immigration Policy in Global Perspective: International Migration in OECD Countries," by David L. Bartlett, Ph.D., 2007
OECD is the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, see,2987,en_2649_201185_1_1_1_1_1,00.html. Since 1961, OECD has offered a place to pool information on common issues, find what is working where.
2.2.  Standards
a.  Quota.  Count the bodies. See
b.  Litmus Test. Inclusion or deportation by mere definition, not the person, not the reason, not whether there has been an implicit invitation for years.  Documented already? In.  Undocumented now?  Out. Simple test. Disregard permission for immigrants to enter that is implicit in open borders, other equities.
c.  Point-based systems for inclusion or deportation.  See Canada, New Zealand, Australia, with Great Britain showing interest. See  This issue is current (2012) in the US Senate, House.  Overview of countries engaging in this weighing of attributes approach, at
This approach is gaining favor. Work permits play a large role -- see

Do a tiered approach, see second tier permit idea at Law Fix, PoseJuxta, Trial Resident Permit, Red Card.
d.  Calcified Mindset.
Immigration also is a mindset issue, legalist religious or political issue. Either way, if there is a law, it shall be enforced.
1) This is like The Fox and The Hedgehog, and note the good news:

Good news, Fox and Hedgehog. There is a time and place for each.
 There is a time for the Fox and a time for the Hedgehog. The bad news is that the Fox can discern, and the Hedgehog cannot and applies its one tool regardless, see
  • Explore. The Fox knows many things, is nimble, focused when need be, flexible.  The Hedgehog knows one thing but it knows it well, and does it over, and over again.  The Hedgehog may be brilliant in applying its one tool, however, and can be formidable in that way. If the circumstance ever arises where its one tool is best, it does it and glories in its cleverness.
  • The Fox also can be better at many, many things, changing approach with the circumstance (a flip-flopper), but may not be brilliant at any one particular thing at one particular time.
For some conservatives, raised in authoritarian ways, The Hedgehog Mindset, there is an iron rule. This X has been decided.  Do it. Everyone do it. Do not question authority, do not, do not, believe what you are told, breaking a law requires punishment. 
2) How to find where the Hedgehogs are, and avoid them.
Follow the pledges.  Where are they? Hedgehogs like making people sign loyalty oaths, pledges, to bind their thinking to the Pledge ever after.  See  North Carolina. See  And South Carolina, see Some oppose, see
Hedgehogs thus require pledges and forced advance positions for lawmakers, so they can never consider changed context, is part of an old tradition among Hedghogs.
  • This Hedgehogness has a historial root. Puritans listed rules and inflicted a wide range of punishments, in order to keep people in line -- even if it meant killing them or their human spirit, autonomy. There is one way, and that way is ours!  See  Find a wrong-doer, and that wrong-doer must be punished according to Law, or breaking the Pledge, whether God's or the country's.  Stability requires enforcement of Law. Equitable factors only muddy waters.  Get the wrong-doers out first, then they can re-apply. 
Those of strong authoritarian religious views often cluster to like or not like many things, like this. Like Calvinists who remain in that early century.  Hedgehogs do not like other people's pleasures, here the Red House. A part of many pledges is never to exercise autonomy in moral decision-making, because you are absolutely wrong if you do.
All immigration policy makers, however, are not iron-bound. Some find deportation to be cruel and unusual, far outside the reasonable bounds for the "crime" of entering a country. See  Many in that group focus instead on assimiliation for those here, now, and deterrence of further undocumented entries.
Great Britain has a work-permit system, see, thinking of a "multi-tiered" program, including how to enable highly skilled immigrants to enter business.
3) Pavlovians

SWAT Teams mentality.  See a skin color, a set of features, a costume, and react. Find a security threat in what is different. This, however, is a sieve concept, because recruiters are even now probably enlisting WASP's to do their work. Meet the Aryan Republican Army.  Who is more dangerous? Militias without accountability, or immigrant families seeking stability, to take extremes. Extremes?  A matter of mindset. You decide.  See
Is Homeland Security largely a sieve concept despite all the Words, with enough enemies of autonomy within, forcing their dogma in politics and religion?  Fear:  the distraction, the motivator, the manipulator. See Maslow's hierarchy of needs,  Make people afraid and they will do little further in other areas of self-growth until they feel safe again.  So never let them feel safe.
As to immigration, we broke it, we let it break, we kept our borders open so everyone could come in, we invited them, we condoned, we broke it, we own it, we buy it. See ://
We Asked For It. See Didn't we? So we all take responsibility.
3. Read official reports to check against your other sources.
Read the US Dept of Labor reports on immigration at In other countries, the problem is also acute - the more immigrants are ignored, or deprived, the more they have no motivation to assimilate, the more polarized all sides become and remain.

4.  Keep emotion in mind. It is the linchpin for both sides.
"Hold The Fort" - William Tecumseh Sherman - see and hear that as a melody from the Civil War at  South or North, he is part of the history.  No choice seen but to fight. Go ahead. Sing along. His words became a hymn. I'm coming, sez he. But who is holding what, against whom?  Napoleon could not tolerate the idea of applying feeling to the situation:  rather, take what you can, people are mere tools, see!/2012/03/undermining-enmity-germaine-de-stael.html. Germaine de Stael gained his respect however, by promoting thinking.
Read the Statue of Liberty inscription to see the gap between the first intent, inclusion; and the current reality -- nobody else in: see, about receiving the tired, poor, huddled masses, etc.
So: for a view of your human surroundings; and the techniques used to persuade, go to Hello, Fodder: Propaganda Index of Techniques. Find buyer, corporate role, extractor, follower, government, leader, partisan, citizen, consumer, buyer, visionary, follower. Others? This is an open list here. Shall we add the thieves, the swiftboaters? Who take someone's very reputation, honor? Fair game!
5.  Learn the arts and wiles of persuasion. 
You will learn that whoever persuades, wins, and persuasion is not based on merit.  It is based on persuasiveness. And persuasion is independent of content - a matter of gut emoticon dominance, see Joy of Equivocating, Emoticon Dominance; not facts, if you can hide them enough. Regardless of merit. Welcome to America, Immigrant. See Cultural Roles Index. And if you are deported, others met another rejection, the Reservation.  White America does not change easily. Carol Grigg, artist, depicts what may be simply Native Americans, but it is easy to project change, concern, looking forward.