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Above: Lake Geneva, Switzerland. At Montreux.

Fodderize v.t. 1. To break down individual components; to make fungible; to disregard difference; to render one easily substituted for another 2. To impose sub-quality goods or services upon, with little recourse 3. To cap role choices, hinder access to resources regardless of merit, and so avoid competition 4. To manage perception by propaganda-spin techniques, while concealing dispositive facts 5. To manipulate, lure, exploit, deceive


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Feline View. Fiscal Cliff Misnomer. Fiscal Funnel Far More Apt. Update Shift.

 Feline Views: Defining Issues with Reality in Mind.
 The Outing of the Fox.
The Finding of a Voice. [* update shift]

Voter cat stays flexible.*
Labels out. What works is in.
Fox: No labels? Zounds!

Fiscal Cliff is a misnomer.
Fiscal Funnel far more apt.
Fox misfired, trumped up worldview.
Spin revealed. Fox Voter-gapped.

Fiscal Funnel is more like it.
Slow. There's time. Nothing really scary.
Ranters, outflanked, call for panic. *
Fiscal wisdom: wait for January.


Long-caged Voter-Cats are fired-up
Social jailbreak. Ready to go.
Fix the problems, but with voters' wills heard.
Seat the new to fix the old.

Voter cat finds way out. Carcassonne, France

Voter Cat
Cheer the numbers, sticking necks out.
Let Funnel happen. 'Twas agreed.
Consequences? Fix with scalpel
When new seats taken. Voters heed. 

R-SuperPACS will pour out venom
Their investors want return.
D-Voters, turn your backs around.
Coming soon: balanced upturn.

Will Fox and Voters
Ever link up? Watch one plan,
Other flail. Go, cat.

Escape voter-cat. Carcassonne, France


*  Update 12/29/2012.

Ezra Klein highlights subtleties
The more comfy did not see.
A cliff stops Unemployment
Benefits -- vital to so many.  [ -- click on right menu Unemployed]

Flexible blogger changes mind
And proud of it - life ever fluid.
No cliff-funneling, thank you,
Do the job now. Do it!

Rethink:   The now-tiresome, and transparent, fear-stirring. Nothing "prolonged" need happen at all. For the unemployed, yes, it does.  Needed:  Full information on issues at outset, not piecemeal later.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Praise the Lord and Tax the Ammunition

 Tax the Ammunition
The Guns are Already Beyond Us and Never Die

Finding consistency in ideology, when that ideology is something that a person builds his life upon; is difficult when that ideology runs counter to a particular resolution that requires shelving the ideology for the common good and even survival.  Can we, or they the ideologues, embrace the need to act out of character and role for superseding reasons, to suspend ideology while the real needs all of us as a nation, take over our rational behavior.,

The old WWII song about Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition, has roots in that dichotomy of role and belief . See  There, with a gunner dead on the plane, according to some stories, the chaplain took over. Read the song's background there,

Now,  the need is equally an emergency -- for vastly more revenue when any additional revenue at all is resisted by the self-proclaimed "right".  That need extends not only for existing societal and infrastructure need, but also the will to meet the neurological, dispositional and other differential functionality needs of all components of our population.  If we don't do that last one, we die. Or our children do.

Or untold gifted but non-traditionally socially or sexually or mentally oriented persons and intellects, are lost to us as human resources, for solutions we vitally need to survive in a new, heterogenous world..

So, go ahead and praise the Lord, if you are of that bent, and then join with everyone tax the ammunition for our cultural and children's survival.

There is no inconsistency between idealistic, artificial dogma, as institutions foster dogma to persuade masses for the institution's own survival reasons (not necessarily textual, historical truth),  in times of exigency for all them, and the rest of us.

Why tax the ammunition?

Tax it because too many guns are already out there, including assault weapons.  Morning Joe, however, noted that the supplies of ammunition are limited. And taxing the remaining ammunition, or any ammunition, is more efficient.  Tax that. Start there. Pull millions of assault weapons triggers and nary a bullet chamber-clip?  Fine.  Act out, and then go home.  Please.

 A.  While the debate accelerates on measures to protect public safety as to guns, think of this as background:  Statistics at

1.  Gun dealers in America: .......nearly 130,000 as of 2011
2.  Grocery stores:  ...................some 36,000
3.  McDonald's eateries: ............some 14,000
4.  New guns manufactured in US.......... some 5,400,000 in 2010 (yes, five million and counting)[and about 95% was for the American market]; and additional imported guns? some 3,200,000

Go to the site for stats on 16,000,000 background checks, where only .48% [point four-eight percent] were denied purchase. .48%? Everybody passed! Point 48 of one percent. Go back to 4th grade.

Pass a law that there can be no more gun dealers in a state than that state offers grocery stores. 

B.  How did we get here, where gun profits that to the top and offshore, control our decisions here?

History of the NRA and the siren song of marketing.  America the profit-seeker supersedes ideology of democracy, the common good..

Read carefully the whole site at  The poster at that site finally gave up keeping track of the mayhem, at an earlier point in 2012. The information got too big for one topic where it originated in history and added illustrative events, but she had a life to live outside and just stopped.  There were too many illustrative events. She quit.  Will she resume?  Other timelines are on line.  Go there.

B.1   History of the NRA

Unpolished as it is, the NRA Growth Timeline collects in one place basic research on the history of the NRA,  how the NRA originally began, its predecessor organization at that time, in a patriotic way:  train soldiers -- in the Civil War, soldiers were sent out there with a weapon and no training, so it seems.  
  • From that, the NRA group tried to sell the Brits on arming themselves against the German blitz -- the Brits were not interested. They were content unarmed.  Who needs everybody with guns in the bomb shelters? 
  • And that effort moved to more marketing after WWII -- expand from sustenance shooting, for your dinner, or to survive in the war field, and market guns as family fun. Then, when you do that, you develop the market to teach safety to the blokes in the woods, and that means whole orange outfits, and camo,
  • Then, the NRA moved into more lucrative markets:  it established itself as the place to go to training anybody who needs gunners (including police), then start younger and younger with the market, kids' groups and camps, foster a whole culture, wardrobe and like Mary Poppins, ride those gun-barrels to offshore accounts. See  
  • The private sector.  Looking to the bottom line.  Surely this is an area to be kept out of profits.
  • Watch the NRA arise now, with public opinion wafting against the status quo of no-regulation, after Newtown, and the NRA -- just you watch -- seeking to be the ones to train more of us to make us safer against their creation. 
  • Profits and triggers.  Did we say offshore accounts?  Follow CEO Bankers.  Follow the sites.
  • Find early photos of Wayne LaPierre, early 2000's.  I can find none now online, but recall from 2005 or so, a rather nice-appearing Wayney nerdy guy, far more convincing than the large-jawed verison I see today.  Is my recollection faulty, or have the PR Photo-Opps taken over and done some work there.  If the product can't sell, sell the purveyor of the product?
C.  Roots of Westen culture. How did we evolve into intolerance, empire, forced conformity.

Western culture's flaw:  that forced conformity.

Can tolerance be revived, once the culture has already killed off all found dissenters. Think of the Cathars, people of other interpretations of scripture.  Paratge in that area of the southwest of France, the Languedoc. Malama,  that accused "socialist mop" approach to balance, among the Pacific Islanders.  Does someone raised in Hawaii, the islands there, absorb wisdom we killed off.  Malama. 

 Knowledge, tradition, killed. by western white males.  Is that an identifiable subset yet? Are we proud yet?

Have western white males bred themselves out of the running when it comes to long term human survival.  Whoa!

Does Western culture ever value dissenters, or is our history from the earliest Christian centuries dominated by the extremists, the excluders, the dogmatists, the crusades and crusaders, inquisitions, might is right. Then did the funneling emerge into empire, the colonizer against the colonized, slaver against enslaved, indigenous hoodwinked so others get something for nothing.  Fast forward:   How do we restrict blossoming because of difference, how a person who is different, who perceives the world in other ways, function. Is medication needed.  Develop it.  Is social support, periodic time with similar individuals for support, adult life in a supported environment, an answer.  Many of the different are brilliant.

School experience can be psychological murder, as we all know to one degree or another.  Who has not been pushed down the stairs. Look at differing gender attraction.  Why not let it be?

Can we adjust how we embrace and value difference, newcomers. Can we create an environment of acceptance and tolerance.  So far, no. My child is "normal".  Yours is not, and yours is in a special classroom That proves it.  Gotcha.

What if my child is a normal ____________ name-your-difference.  Where do we or our child get affirmation, so productivity can follow for us and the child? Allow difference. Meet it. See what enrichment, and not anger and acting-out, can follow.

D.  Differing functionality needs.

What environment is needed for that person to function to the max.  That is a broad definition of all persons whose being is devalued because they are different. Same gender, spectrum and affectional disorders, social dysfunction in the mainstream, as well as the traditional mental and physical illness or handicap.

Can we foster a place of value, acknowledge community where all persons can be productive without approbation, judgment of the conforming against the nonconforming.

No longer can we ignore, leave to parents where professional training is needed, to try to force behavioral conformity upon those unable to comply. Boom.  Everyman's Child.  Without affirmation in community, how to foster productivity, a life full, not judged.

Praise the Lord and tax the ammunition.  How else to bridge the gap between a) punitive ideology against those who are different; and b) human sense and fostering community.