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Above: Lake Geneva, Switzerland. At Montreux.

Fodderize v.t. 1. To break down individual components; to make fungible; to disregard difference; to render one easily substituted for another 2. To impose sub-quality goods or services upon, with little recourse 3. To cap role choices, hinder access to resources regardless of merit, and so avoid competition 4. To manage perception by propaganda-spin techniques, while concealing dispositive facts 5. To manipulate, lure, exploit, deceive


Saturday, July 13, 2013

Congress: The Game of Stools. Lords and Knights v Smallfolk

Lords and Knights v Smallfolk
The Halls of the House, the Senate
Tradesmen buy Lords.
Lords buy Lords.
Lords buy Knights.
Lords and Knights spend on Wars
And, oh my, do they reap.
Such coffers!
Wars only deplete Smallfolk.

Smallfolk protest.
Lords yawn.
Knights hoard
Knights fall into line
And cover up their deeds with pretty murals
So Smallfolk pass by, thinking the words mean Something.

What?  Smallfolk stay hungry, too many illiterate,
Unhealthy, and blamed?

Smallfolk? Over centuries they try to rally
But their pocketbooks and
Willingness and ability
To sly matters past
Under the guise of other legislative titles
Are nothing compared to the
Once elected and now unseatable ones
Delighting in their stools,
Now theirs, gerrymandered forever,
Barring the way to all but their ilk.

What underlies these stoolies?

  • Knights In the Congress Take Oaths of Fealty:

Blah blah says the Knight seeking or holding a Stool;
To the Lord:
Then I am your liege, O Deep Special Interest.
I will Koch your books, promote your Products of the Stool,.
I will shield your back, if you open your pocketbook.
I will keep your counsel and identity secret,
Except if it pays me to leak.
I will give my financial life for yours (in your dreams, cross those fingers)
If need be (whew -- will never get to that)
"I swear it by the old gods and the new." *

  • Lords, the Secret Puppeteers, accept and reciprocate:
Blah blah then I vow you will have a place at my table
And hearth
And share my perks and hootch with kinghtly thee.
And I also do this:
Get you re-elected, and 
"(I) Pledge to ask no service of you that might bring you into dishonor.
(Except that I will pay you mightily for each such event
That is in my interest, whether or not serving anybody else.
And, of course, you shall not refuse, lest thee be primaried
By my legions of peasant-smallfolk outside the wall
And lose thy stool)." *

  • And the Smallfolk:
They talk, uneasy.
Lords seen and unseen say this and that
And repeat
Until it is believed, the Lords
And the Knights with Talking Points
Poisoning the well for the true tale.
And the Smallfolk split
Some, whether those Smallfolk believe it or not,
They delight in the attention for saying it. **

But other Smallfolk, those who did not swallow?
Each such Smallfolk quietly gets a photo ID.

  • The Tale. Who careth a whit?
So, is this the tale:
Kingmakers, highborn who coast and inherit,
And wannabe kings, care for kings,
And none care for the Smallfolk.
What does it take, Smallfolk.
To gain a voice? Que pasa, hombre?

Phat chance, while bannermen go where they are paid,
And follower-Smallfolk follow.

Accuse noone of shallow thought,
But at least, some follow the fanciest piper.

* Game of Thrones, Clash of Kings, George R.R. Martin, Bantam 2011 at p562; and then 563.
** Ditto but at p. 613

Monday, June 10, 2013

Obama Executive Order: Limit Terrorism Surveillance to Snail Mail. As Requested

Trompe News.  President Obama today noted that many in the talking classes believe that communications between terrorists and their wannabes are limited to snail mail, such that no surveillance shall cover the enormously broad media in operation today: phones, cell phones, internet, snicker, auction gesture, email.

Seeking to mollify those who put their own absolutist privacy "rights" ahead of public safety and defense, President Obama abandoned his heretofore balanced approach and issued a new executive order:  No federal surveillance of any communications media shall exceed that held within paper and put in motion by stamp. Accordingly, only snail mail shall, so far as executive order can decide, be subject to investigation, and apps.  If the Congress passes a law otherwise, fine, but until then, only snail mail shall be opened, by hand, and sent by interoffice mail to the higher up of the opener's choice.

There shall be no surveillance of the means by which people actually communicate.

If there is a serious attack that was planned and/or implemented by other means of human communication, cell phone, landline phone, email, internet, uses of recipe sites to disguise whether a bomb is ready, chat rooms, etc, such will be rule of tough. "Let it be known, that I tried," said the President. "Let the opposition have its way.  Then see.  History will tell. Hey, Dubya. Room in Texas for more duckers?"

A questioner called out this question as the President strode off.  "In the Civil War, messages were carried by women in their petticoats and hair pieces.  Will those already proven vulnerabilities be added to the surveillance list? Hair pieces, falls, bottom enhancers?"  "Let the Congress and the military attack those in skirts, as they do, or now,  those also in pants, but at this point:  let the freedom ringers ring their own bells and then see what happens."


Monday, May 20, 2013

Reformation Redux. US Reformation Issues. Catch-Up in US.

Reformation Redux. 
Today's US Reformation.

Must violent reformation precede rationality needed for co-existence.
  • Update 8.2013.  What is needed before a nation or person can progress to a supposedly higher level, an improvement over what is.  The issue is well addressed, I now see, in Mysteries and Masterpieces, by Adam Kirsch, Harvard Magazine Fan-Feb 2012 at 48ff.  We never had a medieval period; we are a product of the Enlightenment, truncated and sprung from no roots here. We can return to Puritanism, perhaps, or William Penn, but we lack the middle ages.  So what do we do? Turn to the Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Library featured in the piece, and explore. Our religion, for example, is stuck between extremes of ardent belief, and barely imaginable cruelty, as in the Middle Ages.  There is no history of on-site resolution, or pattern evolving, so conflict leading to coexistence.  We are back in the Inquisition. Yet, our tutor, the Middle Ages is left remote, its rules ignored as having little to say to us, here. Remaining: the approach of St. Benedict -- the Bible is not a whole, not a total book, but separate passages to be inserted carefully according to the Rule. In other words, cherry pick. Riches. Of a "distant, forbidding, yet strangely familiar world." At p.79. 

Must the US go through the old fires of mayhem over difference: fixed ideologies claiming all others heretic, and burning them one way or another. Watch the world's ongoing battles, cultures east and west, opposing intransigent opposites. Can the US pivot to reason; as Europe finally did, even though that may have been temporary, with old divisions reappearing.  How to foster co-existence at least on some issues.

How are we like the old Reformation, and earlier European histories of ideologies morphing into mass murder.

A. The 15th 16th Centuries, religious Reformation in Europe, reaction to institutions taking over Biblical texts, battles to disseminate reliable translations into language of the people. The continent's traditional institutions crawled through the horrors of killing heretics by tortuous means; and emerged co-existing, even uneasily, with reformists.

The era concluded in Europe with its Age of Enlightenment. America was a nation founded on the Enlightenment's coat-tails, and never went through a Reformation phase between extremist religious views.  Colonies were founded by different ideological groups, but distance and choice of where to live kept issues down.

Do we now have to go through our own Reformation to address issues of one recalcitrant view against another, when we are now in eyesight, earshot, a click, a text, away.  The Reformation era divisions re-appear, with the same kinds of opposing view conflicts as resulted in persecutions, killings of perceived heretics from one's own dogma, as in old Europe.  Is our future to be years of warfare among ourselves.

B. Principles in any Reformation

1.  Domination once experienced and in motion for a period of time is hard to modify.

Europe allowed the Roman branch of Christianity to dominate its religious and secular culture, once they won the Canon wars. See the fixing of the Old Testament cannon at; and the New Testament at The Reformation in Europe presented the spectacle of digging in of dogmatic heels in the Roman side; and persistent insistence on letting the people read the Bible in their own language, often leading to rejection of Roman dogma, and burnings, burnings, heretics and libraries aflame.  Where is Purgatory in the Bible? Asked the Reformers.  Where are saints, the worship of the same as wooden icons, details and regimens. History: worth reviewing
See Protestant Reformation

Authoritarians distrust those who accept, extend a hand, inquire, seek opportunity, understand.   Autonomy seekers distrust absolutism, exclusion, inflammatory language, ostracizers, unyielding positions.  Both use propaganda techniques to further the desired process: repetition, bandwagon, repetition, repetition.

2.  Is there a smoother path to rationality than inquisitions, divisions.

The Founders of the American democracy relied not on one group's religious precepts of received authority from anywhere, religious or secular. Instead, our Founders relied on on rationality, balance, proportion, enabling multiple approaches to the business of living without damning any belief system, secular or religious.

Literature and research suggest that the violence phase must be endured.  Is that so? Read Hilary Mantel, Wolf Hall; a portrayal of Thomas Cromwell, advisor and other roles, as to Henry VIII and his Court and era. See a review at 

A closer look at what violence is, and does, may help persuade to another path. What are the sounds, sights, smells, feelings, upon watching an institution burn its declared heretic, an old woman Lollard, who believed bread on the altar was bread, perhaps analogous but not the actual body of Christ.  Light the pyre. Kill, as by our own militia or lone-wolves, self-ordained enforcers of what they want. Back to the past we go.

C.  The Reformation Era in England.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kentucky Politics. See Losers Run. Fun With Mitch and Judd. Go, Voter. Find Dick and Jane. Run, Mitch? Run Judd

See Spot.

Find Mitch.
See Mitch run.

Find Judd.
Hope Judd run.

Go, Voter. Find Mitch.
No want Mitch? See Ashley.
See Ashley run.

See Mitch fluster..
Fluster, Mitch!
Caught! Mike-y likes!

Ashley. Real life.
Ashley! People's Choice.
Catch the Voters!

.Mitch. Caught.
Want money back.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Religious Rigidity like a Curling Stone. Takes Hordes of Sweepers. Fall of Montsegur; Western Lethal Intolerance

Riddle: How is Religious Rigidity Like a Curling Stone
Does it matter, whether East or West?

Montsegur, that great last bastion of the Cathars doomed as heretic by the medieval Roman Catholic Christian Church who wanted all the Cathar lands and treasure and domination of the religion itself,  fell in March 1244.  Compare to curling:  a peaceful, tolerant Christian group, in the path of the Great Stone of the Church, the Great Rock, and its leagues of sweepers keeping its momentum going.

Did that style, the straight line plus enforcers, fix lethal intolerance in the Western religious and political mind. See how effective is force, compelled conformity on pain of death. Much better than mere preaching, modeling behavior.  Win, Church, win!  So do we apply the chosen way thereafter, regardless of contrary merit, rationality, mutual benefits of co-existence with those of differing minds.

The drive to suppress autonomy is like the course of a curling stone -- it just keeps going of its own mass, pun, and with the aid of sweepers. See rules at  Deflect the sweepers, re-convert them, and perhaps the stone will slow. Should it? Is the course of the curling stone like, as Frank Bruni suggests, a curse. See

Course or curse. The course of the curling stone;  or the curse of the curling stone.

 I.  The Fall of Montsegur - March 1244.  The weight of the Papal Albigensian Crusades won by crude force, not merit or rationality. The Christian Cathars had applied equally meritorious interpretations of old texts. In a time (like ours) of Fixed Belief, that was heresy. So, they are evildoers, take their lands, their culture, their prosperity, and let us use it all for ourselves.

II.  Lessons of the Curling Stone:  The weighty on a fixed course will not veer, even if the course has no merit, no rationality; it can only be slowed, or allowed to slow. It would take another force from outside to knock it off. And that means war, suspending all rules, force against force, more of the same. Is there another way to coexistence, other than knocking off the Fixed ones?  Is patience weakness, or wisdom?

III.  History and Western Compelled Conformity.  The Papal Conclave

Tradition v. reform.  The great curling stone v those seeking another path.

I.  The Fall of Montsegur

This week in March marks the 769th anniversary of the Fall of Montsegur, in March 1244; and the burning of 205-255 of the devout who would not abjure their beliefs. Some 60 of those have been identified by name. Pope Innocent III's Albigensian Crusade lasted from 1208-09 until well after his death, until 1255. There had to be mop-up of those few Cathars or Albigensians left after Montsegur still hiding in caves and to be rooted out or walled in.  The Crusade against the Cathars had won:  it had reached its last major conflict point. The Cathar lands in Languedoc-Rousillion had been finally all confiscated, cash and lands to the Vatican (that soon moved to Avignon to better enforce its reign).  The Cathar Christians with their doctrinal differences, lost and the area would thereafter be uncontested as Roman Catholic in doctrine and bureaucracy, and so it was. The King of France, that little area to the north, was duly rewarded for his partnership with the Pope.

Montsegur.  This was the last of the major Cathar or Albigensian (named for the city of Albi) holdouts, a small fortress on a mountaintop, fighting for survival against the Roman Catholic Papal Crusade against them.  Pope Innocent III called for The Albigensian Crusade against Cathars as "heretics" in 1208, see They followed many of the beliefs of one Arius, on technical conclusions about the nature of deity, son, etc.

The Cathars had been coexisting peacefully with other religious groups, and all prospering. Heresy? Look deeper. The Pope needed and wanted these prosperous lands, the King of the little area known as France to the north also wanted them, and so they partnered up. An age of Papal militance, and Papal armies. Heresy schmeresy.  Politics and warfare all the way.  See, the 769th Anniversary of the Pyres, Albigensian Crusade, March 1244.

Montsegur has attracted many because of the combined mystique of courage, and steadfast adherence to autonomous belief even to the death, but not as a first resort.  Steadfastness is applied when there is no option left for co-existence.  Note the reference even to WWII nods to Montsegur on its 700th Anniversary, the Anniversary of the Pyres, see a chronology to WWII re Montsegur at Peter Vronsky, Montsequr and the Cathars. The irony there is that Cathars were a courteous, inclusive people -- paratge was the concept -- not ever bullies, imposing themselves. See

Heresy? Many of the Cathar practices were then adopted by the Church. And heresy itself is only shorthand for compelled conformity to rules chosen from among other equally viable ones. Purpose? Get the land, get the riches of Languedoc-Rousillion, to fill the coffers of the militant Popes.  What an era.  This week, the second week in March, marks the final, grisly end of the Pope's crusade against Christians in the Languedoc, France. It began with the targeting of the Family St. Gilles, whose Counts of Toulouse had ruled this prosperous area, see
II.  Lessons of the Curling Stone

The great moving stone of orthodoxy as declared by Rome kept moving like a great curling champion rock, its sweepers smoothing the way so nothing would slow other than the mass of the great stone itself, and that condition of stopping could not be swept away.  Has the time of the great rock stopping arrived now, in Rome?  Is the great stone, slowing, and will reformers, dissenters, finally be able to speak.

How did the West become so lethally intolerant of dissent? What set the pattern. Can we shift mental gears, or is the mindset too entrenched.  The lesson of the curling stone is that weak reformers, militarily weak dissenters, despite merit and rationality, will lose.  The strength of the entrenched orthodoxy will run its course right over them.  If there is only merit to oppose the course of the stone, that will lose because the sweepers do not care about merit, only process.  So, bide. Reformers can choose to exert force against the existing force, but that leads to bloodlust in return.  For some, so be it. Let the blood flow. For others, stay with merit and rationality, and carve out some dissenters from the ranks of the Stone. Deflect the sweepers. 


III.  History - and the Papal Conclave

Western Christian tradition is filled to overflowing with institutional persecutions, Crusades, and Inquisitions against autonomous thinkers -- heretics, dissenters, any who do not buy a particular package.  The idea of heresy, disagreeing with a fixed package of beliefs demanded by the powerful, remains culturally well entrenched. And once found and applied, the dissenters, the reformers, lose big.

The stronger are entitled to win, yet if they do, that only proves strength, not merit. How to reinstate merit into the discussion. Is it possible to change the strong by rationality?  History says no. Power is like curling:  once the great stone is set in motion, the sweepers then must go out in front to smooth the path, and that is that. That is the rule. Get in the way of the sweepers, and you die.  Or are otherwise excluded.

Think back to earlier manifestations of the force that Western institutional box-thinkers, the force behind the moving stone, uses against dissenters.

As many watch the Papal Conclave at work to elect a successor to Pope Benedict, headlines tout a climate of traditionalists vs. reformers (again).  Omitted, however, is context: That those benign words shield a history of militance and killing by clerics whose dedication was to compelled conformity, not to weighing whether official entrenched interpretations were indeed merited.

The stone, once in motion, will be eased on its way by the sweepers, until it stops of its own.  Are we at that point?  Should the stone stop, and is that Peter's rock idea? should it be allowed to slow, slide away the sweepers, finally, now?

Moderation, or even reform, is difficult where militant followers of a package oppose change on fixed grounds of  a) sacrilege, or  b) a constitutional interpretation. For those inside and outside the fold,think outside the package as set before you, and you are heretic. Thought-control. And we can exclude, marginalize, take your dignity, your property (participants in the Albigensian Crusade could then take property confiscated from the heretical Cathars, see and even your life from you.  If you are framed as an evildoer, we can do as we like with you and yours. FN 1


FN 1 The West traditionally has fostered no interest in inclusion of or recognition of the validity of any interpretation of the same body of texts other than the One that buttressed their ruling institution.  Neither has the West been willing to let preaching and modeling serve as the foundation for conversion to their chosen religion, as the Founder had shown the way.  No, there must be power plays, profits, and land, and overwhelm, and battles, and blood and armies. Onward Christian soldiers.  What? Now, there is a heresy.

 Accordingly, clerics framed reform efforts and alternate interpretations of the same texts as heresy.  Is that word now being bandied about at the Vatican, when Reformers want to open the Vatican books, the entire Library perhaps, the documentation of exploitation and abuses.  Heresy.  Use that trigger-word, and wholesale polarization and justification for killing "unbelievers" results.Evildoers. Use that and the same result ensues.

Unbelievers (the Evildoers of the day) included, in the Northern Crusades, many already converted to Christianity but by the Orthodox Christians, not the Roman.  In the Languedoc-Roussillion area of southern France, the Albigensian Crusade was hurled against those who were already Christian but who did not buy the Roman package. In the East, of course, are the more publicized Crusades, those centuries of rousing Western armies to do the impossible, and unjustifiable: take "back" the Holy Land.  This one set of Papal views were then buttressed, bootstrapped, by claims of "inspiration" and "apostolic succession" so none could dare question with impunity the later-applied Dogma.  Religiosity inspired cultural travail in Crusades, Inquisitions, ethnic and other minority targetings, and exploitation and abuse.  Follow the money even back then.  With Rome newly split from the Orthodox, the complex and evolved Great Schism of 1054, the Popes needed clout, cash and followers.  Let us make us a war. Loot, rapine and plunder.

This wall of unquestioning obedience has always been defied, however. Heretics were dissenters but designated as evil. Many in the fold of the Roman Church still continue to speak out, as did Father Flannery recently, see Redemptorist Priest Vets the Vatican. Will he be treated as "heretic?"
  • Call for write-ins at the Conclave:  Father Flannery for Pope.

A Father Flannery should have been speaking out 769 years ago, O fortuitous combination of numerological truth-pointers for some who thrive on occult conspiracy theories. Somebody will always find a meaning desired, see sample,  Does mere belief make it so?

Heresy.  Is Father Flannery a heretic? In earlier years, he would be in peril for his life. Heresy has lost its clout, thank goodness; autonomy is not heresy. For many.

On this, the 769th anniversary of the Fall of Montsegur, we now know that many Cathar practices were meritorious, and even adopted by the Church. The human motives overtake any claim to divinity:  Get the land, get the riches of Languedoc-Rousillion, to fill the coffers of the militant Popes.  What an era.  This week, the second week in March, marks the final, grisly end of the Pope's crusade against Christians in the Languedoc, France. It began with the targeting of the Family St. Gilles, whose Counts of Toulouse had ruled this prosperous area, see

Friday, February 1, 2013

History of Hyacinth; and Jacintha Saldanha who died for remorse, Duchess of Cambridge.

The Duchess of Cambridge. 
How do so many twains meet?

Start with the original travesty:  Hyacinth, lover of Apollo. How did the male name turn female?

Hyacinth - Hyacintha - Jacinta.  This ancient name, from old mythology, re-emerges as a name of an employee at a hospital attending to the Duchess of Cambridge.  The employee succombed to the wiles of journalists in seek of information about the Duchess.  Jacintha Saldanha, Jacintha as another form of Hyacinth, took the call and complied; and then killed herself when she realized the call to her was a hoax. *

Remember Jacintha, Jathintha Saldanha, .

1.  Jacintha is saddled with a man's flower name.

Hyacinthus. The name dates from ancient Greece, and even before. How did the cultural-mythological tale of Hyacinthus, disconnect and morph into Jacintha, Hyacintha, for a woman. An evolution is evident.

Colonial transplant. Migration of names.

The old classic name for the man had been transplanted from Greece into Europe, and particularly into The Netherlands.  With colonizing, the British and French and the Dutch, took the name Hyacintha, and it became Jacintha. Fruits of colonization:  distortions of culture as well as economic patterns. Spanish Jacinta is Jacinthe in French derivation. Look up any baby name and sites pop up, like  The name appears to be a rare derivation from the Dutch.  Dutch colonies thrived for centuries in the Eastern and Western Hemispheres.  See Also French colonies. Jacintha is not a British name in terms of frequency, by tradition.  I find no Queen Jacintha. No Princess Jacintha. There are, however, English forms of the name, see  Hyacinths.

2.  Jacintha here was the victim of the exploitative profit and publicity motivations of cruel journalism, without regard to the likely effect of their acts on others in getting the scoop. There should have been a fail-safe system to protect protect people of news-note, and their caretakers. Thje issue is lying and fraud and misrepresentation. That call should have been intercepted at the original operator level.

 Will some group please fund Jacintha's children through the best education their abilities take them, as a partial compensation for loss of this hard-working, eager-to-please-the- Queen (who wouldn't) mother.  Horoscope fans:  The qualities:  eager to please, hypersensitivity, active imagination, nervous disposition. 

3. The history of the flower association with the name.  The Hyacinth.  Hyacinth is the Easter flower in traditional Christianity, but it predates the rigid dogma forced-conformity age of the Roman version.  It goes back to traditional Christian culture folk, with that tall bloom on the stalk, phallic, aromatic, pots easily.  Look it up or search your memory: Pinks, blues, purples, whites, oh, my.

So:  the name stems (pun) from the Old Greek Hyacinth, is even pre-Hellenic. It is a male name.

4.  Who was the original Hyacinth?
a)  Hyacinth was a Royal himself, and
b)  Hyacinth was an athlete (throwing the discus),
c)  Hyacinth was a lover of Apollo, the Sun god, and
d)  Hyacinth was also admired by Zephyr, the Wind.

But Hyacinth was struck down by the very discus he threw to impress Apollo. How can that be?  The noble Hyacinth!  Was the jealous Zephyr involved, blowing the Wind at the discus. Zephyr the jealous.  Which way the wind blows.
But Apollo looked after his lover, Hyacinth.  Instead of letting the beautiful Hyacinth descend into Hades, Apollo made the flower Hyacinth, out of the spilled blood.  Do a quick search on Wiki and let your imagination lead to other searches.

5.  How did the Hyacinth, so very male, and male with male, become female? Hyacinth homosexual in Greek myth.  Are there other stories, predating Roman Christianity, that followed the exploits of homosexuals, where the church, applying its own dogma to everybody on pain of death, excommunication, crusade and inquisition, that gay is bad, had to shift one of the participants to female?  Researchers, to your computers.

*  Jacintha Saldanha: At a Bristol UK hospital, she was the nurse who took for granted that a caller, about the condition of the Duchess of Cambridge, was indeed a royal - The Queen!  Not so.  Journalists wangle in, sneak information, and leak.  Jacintha,humiliated and frightened, killed herself. Who was she, this unwitting victim of modern day media madness and cruelty?  Apparently it matters not.  The hoaxers will not be prosecuted, see

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Voter Online Access Debated, Universal Broadband, Net Neutrality.

Universal Broadband, Net Neutrality.
Truth in Labeling

News, Opinion, or Persuasion

  Computer Access for the Many: 

A Necessity in a Democracy

We have a national mandate.  Update 5/11/09; and later update -- this ongoing issue -- January 2013.

First update, 2009:  In the job description for reporters, the news industry at White House Press Correspondents' Dinner heard the admonition from the White House to   "inform the people, pursue the truth." See

Second update, 2013:  In 2013, the idea of wire the nation takes on new focus, see op-ed of Thomas Friedman,

How to implement the mandates for journalists to inform the people, pursue the truth. Centralization of media ownership is not the answer.  That merely blocks alternative viewpoints.  At least wire the nation.

Can we try these:

1. Sources and labeling.  Inform the people. Truth in labeling.  Who owns your legislator.  Who pays for his re-election campaigns, perks.  Transparency. Who is that person, really. Follow the money.

Government sponsors, and disseminates, a basic objective complete news reporting service for all the facts.  A clearly labeled outlet.  Optional.  Individual papers and reporters then may investigate further, spin and opine about as they wish, but in delineated sections of the news paper or media reporting. Propaganda can then be spotted, if we are lucky. And focused.

2.  Net neutrality and national or universal broadband. Push back at monopolization.

Get more birds on the wire.  That means all of us, on the wire. Wired.

How else to counter the push of some to monopolize the media with one viewpoint.

Wire the country. People isolated are weaker. We strong voters, with independently validated information available all the time.

3.  Access.  Everyone. Computer dissemination, like those bikes. A computer for every household, for basic word processing and internet. Repairs and exchanges for free in neighborhood storefront easy-drop in geek spots employing anybody who can learn the skills. All yellow, in substance that cannot be altered (attempts to spray paint will blister, for example. Use anywhere in the United States.

4.  The idea here is that neutral and complete information is absolutely necessary to a functioning democracy, and that computers have become the only way to approximate it and offer a comparison to what the local paper (owned by the national glom and tilting accordingly) offers so sneakily. FN 1 for rant.


FN 1 Rant.
  • Newspapers. Sam Zell and his minions could not save the Tribune Co., and that includes the Hartford Courant here and others. So, in bankruptcy, he joins forces with Fox, sharing building space, executives do both sides. We opted out. Now we are at the NYT but grieve for our old newspaper's now-tainted brand.
  • Fox News - on the air but with what. It fires its remaining liberal balance person, who used to a little bit offset the bombast extremism of Rush Limbaugh on WTIC, see
  • Privately owned Radio Stations. Often Owned by the Same Media Private Shareholders. A sore thumb. They also are firing columnists not in sync with the shareholder interest, as though there is no public interest in full information as implicit in the privilege - right- of voting.
  • Libraries. Spooks in disguise? Have to put your name and card number manually in the computer hard drive before you can access a public computer at a library? Avoid Farmington. See Sassafras Tree, Library Exposure Week, Privacy.
  • Only computers fill in truncated quotations. Find the full statement behind the truncated one offered on the news. Example: Joe Biden, saying Obama will be tested, as was John Kennedy. Omitted, however, in the media hype, is the conclusion - that Obama will prevail as did Kennedy because he has a spine of steel.

Common media ownership. Are the woods safe any more?

Even Biden noted that a President Obama would be tested, as President Kennedy was tested. All presidents are.

But how was it reported: that Obama would be tested because he was inexperienced.

That is misleading and propaganda. How would Citizen Fodder know that?

The full statement was that Obama would be tested and that he would prevail in his testing as did Kennedy because Obama has a spine of steel. See A simple search on News will produce the same thing. Broadband access. For everyone. Bridging differences. Showing where other bridges are.  Wire the nation.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Fight of the Fiscal Pipers. American Social Contract, and ABC's for Ways and Means. Fiscal Pipers Piping.

Welcome to the Fight of the Fiscal Pipers, luring public opinion with merry melodies. Time to bring back education before the bout (rout) proceeds:  The American Social Contract is embedded in our Constitution. See  Keep that in mind as you, the voter, consider social goals in fiscal responsibility.

I.  Here is one warring Camp, one piper piping.

Ask, ye curious, does he have a leg to stand on?

The esteemed Representative states that

“Many of our Democrat colleagues just don’t seem to get it,” he said. “Throughout the fiscal cliff discussions, the president and the Democrats who control Washington repeatedly refused to take any meaningful steps to make Washington live within its means. That position is irresponsible and fails to acknowledge what every family in America already knows: when you have no more money in your account and your credit cards are maxed out, then the spending must stop.”  Obama and GOP Gear Up for Next Fiscal Fight, New York Times. 

Nay!  Neigh!  No leg to stand on!

Spending without revenues is the problem.  And, of course, waste-correction.

Fiscal Piper will need revenues to get anywhere. Hellbrunn Palace, Austria
II.  Analysis:  Camp.  Sir.  So --  Who controls Washington?  Democrats do not control Washington.  The House and the Filibuster do, did, and intent to continue. Who refuses to take meaningful steps to live within means?  Everybody knows some mistletoe, no, everybody knows that a family has to add to revenue, somebody gets a job, a second job, as well as spending on waste has to stop. Simple. And if somebody got undue advantage, a free ride while others paid the bills before, equitable clawback.

III.  Remedy.  Revenues, Equity.

With the obvious need for revenue considerations in any budget discussion, home-family or nations, consider this correction to the Camp Piper:

 When you have no more money in your account and your credit cards are maxed out, then

A.  Spending on waste or narrow special interests must stop,

B.   Revenues to further the social contract must go up  (in a family, somebody has to get a job or a second job; in the public setting, taxes are increased; and 

C. Taxes must be reformed to prevent unjust enrichment in the future.  Hoards enabled to be hoarded by malfeasance (laws counter to the social contract, for example) or waste of government funds (pocketing) shall be subject to equitable remedies, Fiscal Regurgitations, including from Blackwater or whoever they call themselves now, proceeds to add to revenues.


Remedies.   See