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Above: Lake Geneva, Switzerland. At Montreux.

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Friday, February 1, 2013

History of Hyacinth; and Jacintha Saldanha who died for remorse, Duchess of Cambridge.

The Duchess of Cambridge. 
How do so many twains meet?

Start with the original travesty:  Hyacinth, lover of Apollo. How did the male name turn female?

Hyacinth - Hyacintha - Jacinta.  This ancient name, from old mythology, re-emerges as a name of an employee at a hospital attending to the Duchess of Cambridge.  The employee succombed to the wiles of journalists in seek of information about the Duchess.  Jacintha Saldanha, Jacintha as another form of Hyacinth, took the call and complied; and then killed herself when she realized the call to her was a hoax. *

Remember Jacintha, Jathintha Saldanha, .

1.  Jacintha is saddled with a man's flower name.

Hyacinthus. The name dates from ancient Greece, and even before. How did the cultural-mythological tale of Hyacinthus, disconnect and morph into Jacintha, Hyacintha, for a woman. An evolution is evident.

Colonial transplant. Migration of names.

The old classic name for the man had been transplanted from Greece into Europe, and particularly into The Netherlands.  With colonizing, the British and French and the Dutch, took the name Hyacintha, and it became Jacintha. Fruits of colonization:  distortions of culture as well as economic patterns. Spanish Jacinta is Jacinthe in French derivation. Look up any baby name and sites pop up, like  The name appears to be a rare derivation from the Dutch.  Dutch colonies thrived for centuries in the Eastern and Western Hemispheres.  See Also French colonies. Jacintha is not a British name in terms of frequency, by tradition.  I find no Queen Jacintha. No Princess Jacintha. There are, however, English forms of the name, see  Hyacinths.

2.  Jacintha here was the victim of the exploitative profit and publicity motivations of cruel journalism, without regard to the likely effect of their acts on others in getting the scoop. There should have been a fail-safe system to protect protect people of news-note, and their caretakers. Thje issue is lying and fraud and misrepresentation. That call should have been intercepted at the original operator level.

 Will some group please fund Jacintha's children through the best education their abilities take them, as a partial compensation for loss of this hard-working, eager-to-please-the- Queen (who wouldn't) mother.  Horoscope fans:  The qualities:  eager to please, hypersensitivity, active imagination, nervous disposition. 

3. The history of the flower association with the name.  The Hyacinth.  Hyacinth is the Easter flower in traditional Christianity, but it predates the rigid dogma forced-conformity age of the Roman version.  It goes back to traditional Christian culture folk, with that tall bloom on the stalk, phallic, aromatic, pots easily.  Look it up or search your memory: Pinks, blues, purples, whites, oh, my.

So:  the name stems (pun) from the Old Greek Hyacinth, is even pre-Hellenic. It is a male name.

4.  Who was the original Hyacinth?
a)  Hyacinth was a Royal himself, and
b)  Hyacinth was an athlete (throwing the discus),
c)  Hyacinth was a lover of Apollo, the Sun god, and
d)  Hyacinth was also admired by Zephyr, the Wind.

But Hyacinth was struck down by the very discus he threw to impress Apollo. How can that be?  The noble Hyacinth!  Was the jealous Zephyr involved, blowing the Wind at the discus. Zephyr the jealous.  Which way the wind blows.
But Apollo looked after his lover, Hyacinth.  Instead of letting the beautiful Hyacinth descend into Hades, Apollo made the flower Hyacinth, out of the spilled blood.  Do a quick search on Wiki and let your imagination lead to other searches.

5.  How did the Hyacinth, so very male, and male with male, become female? Hyacinth homosexual in Greek myth.  Are there other stories, predating Roman Christianity, that followed the exploits of homosexuals, where the church, applying its own dogma to everybody on pain of death, excommunication, crusade and inquisition, that gay is bad, had to shift one of the participants to female?  Researchers, to your computers.

*  Jacintha Saldanha: At a Bristol UK hospital, she was the nurse who took for granted that a caller, about the condition of the Duchess of Cambridge, was indeed a royal - The Queen!  Not so.  Journalists wangle in, sneak information, and leak.  Jacintha,humiliated and frightened, killed herself. Who was she, this unwitting victim of modern day media madness and cruelty?  Apparently it matters not.  The hoaxers will not be prosecuted, see