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Monday, June 10, 2013

Obama Executive Order: Limit Terrorism Surveillance to Snail Mail. As Requested

Trompe News.  President Obama today noted that many in the talking classes believe that communications between terrorists and their wannabes are limited to snail mail, such that no surveillance shall cover the enormously broad media in operation today: phones, cell phones, internet, snicker, auction gesture, email.

Seeking to mollify those who put their own absolutist privacy "rights" ahead of public safety and defense, President Obama abandoned his heretofore balanced approach and issued a new executive order:  No federal surveillance of any communications media shall exceed that held within paper and put in motion by stamp. Accordingly, only snail mail shall, so far as executive order can decide, be subject to investigation, and apps.  If the Congress passes a law otherwise, fine, but until then, only snail mail shall be opened, by hand, and sent by interoffice mail to the higher up of the opener's choice.

There shall be no surveillance of the means by which people actually communicate.

If there is a serious attack that was planned and/or implemented by other means of human communication, cell phone, landline phone, email, internet, uses of recipe sites to disguise whether a bomb is ready, chat rooms, etc, such will be rule of tough. "Let it be known, that I tried," said the President. "Let the opposition have its way.  Then see.  History will tell. Hey, Dubya. Room in Texas for more duckers?"

A questioner called out this question as the President strode off.  "In the Civil War, messages were carried by women in their petticoats and hair pieces.  Will those already proven vulnerabilities be added to the surveillance list? Hair pieces, falls, bottom enhancers?"  "Let the Congress and the military attack those in skirts, as they do, or now,  those also in pants, but at this point:  let the freedom ringers ring their own bells and then see what happens."