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Friday, November 28, 2014

Ferguson People's Grand Jury, Ad Hoc: Absolve Michael Brown on grounds of gross negligence in collecting evidence, non-preservation.

The Name of Young Michael Brown.
The Police, Prosecutor: Gross negligence in collecting evidence, bias in its presentation.

Shall It Be Tainted by the Malfeasance of the Ferguson Police, and Prosecutor 
Directing the Dance of the Grand Jury Related Thereto
Resolution of Ferguson issues:  A New People's Grand Jury, not to indict a shooter, but to absolve the name of the one shot where evidence has been subject to malfeasance.  For personal viewpoint, ask Chief Justice Roberts as a declaratory judgement type opinion inquiry, non-binding, whether such is appropriate as a check and balance; as Justice Scalia oft expresses his views, ask M. Roberts.

  • Update:  Whether there has been a miscarriage of Grand Jury justice is gaining traction, see National Bar Association: some members speak out/.  And, the common sense question:  Shall a shooter, any shooter, be allowed to make no statement at all at the time, nothing recorded, and so be able to frame his later position according to what witnesses (who have made statements) said, and that that the shooter then adopts as the viewpoints most favorable to him, on which to base his own narrative.

I.  The issues:  Was there obstruction, prevention of collection, nobody interviewing bystanders for hours at the time, until immediate witnesses were long gone as the body lay there for hours, no timely measurements, photos, gross negligence in avoiding collection of evidence, mishandling, failure to preserve and denial of evidence, support The People's Grand Jury's determination of Inculpability as to the State-caused deceased Young Michael Brown; and was this presented to the official Grand Jury.

II.  If there was such malfeasance, even if the shooter cannot be indicted, should Michael Brown's name be cleared as inculpable due to said official malfeasance.  Yes, says and signed, the Missouri Ferguson People's Grand Jury Ad Hoc.


III.  Media comment:  Morning Joe minimized its own professional, expert guest observation as to how young offenders should be approached and handled, in order for Joe to opinionate solo again.  Bring back the expert, as how to handle the young is confrontational situations is already explored and tested, but apparently not taught to police.  Decelerate a situation instead of accelerating and bumping them off in the name of Police Control, learn something.

The expert on Morning Joe on handling teens in confrontational situations cannot be found easily on the website, see, but she had important information denigrated by Joe who wanted none of it.  Teens different from adults, communications differences that a white cop could misinterpret, all that?  cut off.  Go back to it, viewers who can stand it, find the expert.   


I.  A. Legitimacy.  Apparently this grand jury had been convened before the incident, so the Grand Jury itself and its selection appear to be according to law. 

II.  Next logical step.

Convene a People's Grand Jury, Ad Hoc, to examine released official and observed Other evidence.  The agenda:  even if a shooter cannot be indicted, did the victim deserve to die. This is different from the determination of who can convict a policeman, ever.

 This People's Grand Jury Ad Hoc, without reference to the state-determined "probable cause of a crime" as to  the state-supported shooter, could effectively clear the name and exonerate the dead as inculpable:  not able to be found guilty of anything related to the shooting, the teen Michael Brown.

III.  Media and the Expert C. J. Roberts.

Can this kind of Grand Jury, a People's Grand Jury, get traction itself. Ask a boss. The alternatives open to a policeman confronted by a young belligerent are many, and why these were not part of training is culpable in itself, so the time is ripe. 
  • Other Grand Juries assess evidence chosen and presented with discretion by the prosecutor to address "probable cause".
  • Let this People's Grand Jury address probable cause that evidence was so mishandled, uncollected, unrecorded, and so given to the policeman over time so he could manipulate his own story accordingly, as to render null and void the adjunct idea to absolving the policeman, that the victim was guilty.
Conclusion. Convene Inculpability Grand Juries.

*Artful Dodger, illustration by Kyd, Charles Dickens novel, Oliver Twist